Chapter 49.2 [Master-disciple story 7] The one who should apologize, is you (2)

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On the north peak of KunLun Mountain, there was a massive slab of rocks forming a stony hill also known as Cang Huan. Cang Huan Hill didn’t have any peaks and the summit only had four corners. It was shaped like a vase as its bottom was narrow and its top was wide whereas the center was depressed, forming what was known as the Yin Yang Stage.

The Yin and Yang Stage was measured to be around several hundreds of square feet, all cut up into tiny blocks. Chu Jiao and Su Ruizhi each stood on one of them on the battle stage, holding their swords.

“Junior Apprentice Chu, it seems that your sword doesn’t have eyes. If you’re willing to admit defeat right now, and say your sorries, I will forget this competition had ever happened.”

Seeing the people gather below the stage, Su Ruizhi stroked the hair on her temples wanting to exhibit a tolerant and magnanimous attitude, putting on a gentle facade. 

“Heh, apologize?”

Chu Jiao was wearing red clothes and her expression at this moment was extremely akin to her cold and frost-faced master. She couldn’t stand seeing Su Ruizhi putting on such a moral act so she recited in a clear voice.

“Senior Apprentice Su opens her mouth and decides the good and bad of people, claiming them as rubbish and scolding them until they turn blind! Although Chu Jiao isn’t talented, Chu Jiao will not let anyone insult my master! Senior Apprentice Su, the person who should apologize, is you!”

In a few words, she was able to deliver the meaning of the competition origin clearly. She unsheathed her long sword, emitting a sharp sound, and put out a hand towards Su Ruizhi with an expressionless face. “Please!”

Su Ruizhi saw that the people watching them had started to point at her, following Chu Jiao’s words and she abhorred Chu Jiao even more so. She didn’t continue speaking and only threw away the scabbard of her sword. She then lifted her sword up and charged towards Chu Jiao.


Two long swords clashed against each other, causing the metal sound to ring loudly. The red and white figures immediately intersected on top of the stage and separated again in a split second, both flying back to their own positions.




The lights of their swords were reflected along with the movement of their figures as they clashed swords mid-air. The two seemingly delicate girls oozed with bloodlust. Everytime they collided, it was only to probe the other person, and every time they probed, there was a hidden implication of confrontation. For a while, specks of bright silver sparks could only be observed on stage along with the sounds of wind and thunder.

Most of the people surrounding them were disciples of the same realm. They stared at the figures of the two people intermittently clashing swords on stage. They originally thought it would be a duel with a definite winner, however, upon observation, it was actually difficult to identify who had the upper hand!

Su Ruizhi only felt extreme shock while she was engaged in battle. She originally wanted to end this duel quickly and teach Chu Jiao a lesson, yet even after putting in all her efforts, she was still on par with her. Ho-How could this be! Hadn’t Chu Jiao failed to break into Foundation Establishment Stage several times?! How was she able to parry her attacks without difficulty when she was above her in level! They were a realm apart! A realm!

Nevertheless, the current situation didn’t allow for her to think much longer. Su Ruizhi spared no energy as she put her life on her sword and rigidly resisted Chu Jiao’s ruthless attacks over and over again.

This Chu Jiao! How could she be this difficult! Why is her zhenqi so thick? Was she really not in Foundation Establishment Realm!?

Su Ruizhi was unaware that Chu Jiao had sharpened herself exhaustively through multiple trainings. She didn’t know how many times Chu Jiao had gotten hurt nor did she know that whenever Chu Jiao failed to get into Foundation Establishment stage, she would always continue to cultivate night and day without a care for her life, gritting her teeth in staunch 

Su Ruizhi was clueless that if it wasn’t for the fact that they were just a realm apart, she would’ve been thoroughly defeated by Chu Jiao sorely!

Even if their difference in level was only a realm apart, she was currently fighting back with all her might. Chu Jiao had only been sending out probing attacks but after 10 exchanges or so, she had already paved the sequence of her attacks. Whenever she delivered an attack, she was able to block Su Ruizhi’s route of retreat.


Finally, after failing to evade once again, Su Ruizhi was ruthlessly struck with the hilt of Chu Jiao’s sword and she fell down heavily on the edge of the platform, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Chu Jiao panted really deeply and suppressed the burst of blood that was about to spill out of her throat. She walked to Su Ruizhi with hair that had already been turned into a mess from the fight and clothes that were similarly in tatters. However, this didn’t seem to have affected her imposing manner. Chu Jiao towered above Su Ruizhi as her eyes glowed exceptionally bright like stars in the night sky.

“Senior Apprentice Su, apologize!”

“You!” Su Ruizhi covered the pit of her stomach in acute pain, bitter resentment flashing through her eyes.


Chu Jiao pointed the tip of her sword at her, She could almost feel the burning, scathing heat that was being transmitted from the person in front. She gnashed her teeth feeling extremely unreconciled yet she couldn’t summon the courage to open her mouth.

“I’m sorry……I take back my words!”

“What words!”

Chu Jiao raised a brow. She wouldn’t accept such an insincere and vague apology.

“…..For calling you trash.” Su Ruizhi clenched her hands into fists. “……For saying your master was blind!”

Having gotten a satisfactory answer, Chu Jiao no longer wanted to be entangled with Su Ruizhi any longer. If Sui Ruizhi hadn’t tested her bottom line today, she would’ve been too lazy stir up trouble.

“This situation proves that….”

“My master’s eye for things had always been praiseworthy….and also…”

Chu Jiao withdrew the sword in her hand and looked down on Su Ruizhi. Her voice calm and rippleless.

Her figure was slender and elegant, it stood naturally straight. Her face retained the same atmosphere when she spoke yet her tone wasn’t filled with pride from having defeated an enemy who was above her but was of a tone that was elaborating a fact.

“The one who’s trash isn’t me…” It was somebody else.

After having gotten the apology she wanted, Chu Jiao turned around and prepared to leave.

It was right at this moment that something had suddenly happened.

Chu Jiao felt a blast heading straight towards her from behind and she was unable to avoid it in time!

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