Chapter 48.2 [Master-disciple story 6] Jiao Er, don’t cry (2)

“Why do you undervalue yourself?”

“You shouldn’t cultivate for my sake nor should you cultivate for the sake of others.”

“Think clearly about what you truly want.”

“If you always cared about other people’s opinions and words then Jiao er, you would’ve made this mentor of yours disappointed.”

It turned out…..she had been worrying for nothing at all.

Ling Yue’s words were like a clear spring. It immediately awoke Chu Jiao from being unable to breathe due to other people’s opinions. That’s right, the only person who she should care about was her own self. Even if she was a realm apart from other people, why does it matter to them! She didn’t believe that she wouldn’t be able to catch up to them!

“Thank you Master!”

The girl’s charming face broke into a smile. While sniffling, she took the tall man in front of her for a hug and rubbed her head in his embrace. “I just knew that Master treated disciple the best!”

Behind her where she couldn’t see, the man’s hands were suspended mid-air. He hesitated for a long time before finally placing them on her shoulders gingerly. 

“Oh! Isn’t this Junior Apprentice Chu?”

One day, while Chu Jiao was at the Job Hall retrieving her mission as usual, she heard the voices of several eccentric girls reverberating in her ears. She didn’t pay much mind to it and took her amulet, preparing to leave.

The Noble Spirit Sect was the biggest sect among all so their cultivation resources were naturally among the richest as well but in order to receive a part of it, you needed to contribute to the sect and this was through carrying out missions. Every disciple could receive missions in the mission hall. The seniors could go and explore the boundaries while the juniors could hunt demons. When they finished their mission, they would be able to obtain an appropriate amount of points and the points could be used in exchange for the multi-variety types of cultivation resources in the Hundred Treasure Hall.

Although Chu Jiao had a nouveau riche master, the things that Ling Yue gave, that was suited for her, was still limited in number. Moreover, doing these mission helped develop her self esteem in cultivation so Chu Jiao had never once complained. It could even be said that although her realm didn’t rise in the past two years, her combat experience had accumulated bit by bit.

However, even if she didn’t want to look for trouble, trouble still came knocking on her door.

A sword appeared right before her chest causing Chu Jiao to stop on her heels as she threw a glance at the several people who appeared to block her path.

Several charming female disciples appeared, led by a young girl whose face was like a plum peach, round and small.

She, was the female lead, Su Ruizhi.

She was a senior apprentice sister who had stepped through the doors the same year she did and worshipped Scarlet Sky zhenjun as a junior apprentice sister.

Su Ruizhi only had a single water type spiritual root. Ever since she had heard of stories of Highest Heavens zhenjun growing up, she had always wanted to pay his respects and enter under him. She originally thought that with her talent and cultivation method, she had the best chance of becoming Highest Heaven’s disciple yet she didn’t expect Chu Jiao, who was without a foundation at that time, to forcibly take away Highest Heavens zhenjun’s attention, replacing her in becoming the only disciple to be taken under zhenjun.

Although she was also admired and envied by everyone as the disciple under Scarlet Sky zhenjun but as the common saying goes, what was unattainable was always the best. Ever since she had laid eyes on Highest Heavens zhenjun, she had constantly kept him in her mind and thought that Chu Jiao had stolen the destiny meeting with the master that belonged to her.

The cultivation world was a place where the weak are prey to the strong, commonly using strength as a dividing factor to identify your place in the hierarchy. When she entered the doors, everybody was still at Qi Condensation Stage and all appeared to utilize their master’s strength in name. Highest Heavens zhenjun was considered one of the strongest among the elders so Chu Jiao also logically became the senior amongst them. It was also because of this that Su Ruizhi still had to treat Chu Jiao with a bit of respect on the surface.

But now that it had been a month since Su Ruizhi had broken into the Foundation Establishment Stage. Looking at Chu Jiao who still remained in Qi Condensation Stage, she couldn’t help but feel proud and arrogant.

“What? Didn’t Uncle Master teach you etiquette? Why are you ignoring your senior instead of greeting them properly?”

Su Ruizhi raised a brow and asked in a mocking tone.

“Senior Apprentice Su.”

Chu Jiao halted in her steps and raised her head. “Do you have any advice to impart?”

She would have complied with her wishes if it meant glossing through the trouble, however, Chu Jiao hated it the most when someone dragged her master’s name into her mess just because of her.

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