Chapter 48.1 [Master-disciple story 6] Jiao Er, don’t cry (1)

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Time drew slowly and in the blink of an eye, five years had passed.

In these 5 years, Chu Jiao didn’t slack off, not even for a single day. With each passing day, she would work harder and would put more effort into cultivating than the previous day. However, for some reason, after her realm had finally reached its peak, she didn’t make a breakthrough. 

She continued to build her foundation 3 times in a row yet each time, it wounded up in failure.

She slowly watched as her fellow disciple brothers who had entered the doors at the same time she did, became Foundation Establishment cultivators. Pei Xiu, who had gotten first on the Heaven Reach Trial, even got as far as Foundation Establishment Middle Stage. Yet, she, who ranked second, had trailed behind becoming the last of the group. This kind of taste was unpleasant to take.

According to logic, Chu Jiao had a solid foundation. Moreover, she also had dual wood and fire spiritual roots. Although her talent wasn’t considered the best, it was still considered superior, so breaking into such insignificant Foundation Establishment Realm shouldn’t be considered a problem for her. However, the truth presented itself as such. Ling Yue also investigated his disciple’s body and couldn’t discover anything out of place.

Chu Jiao’s repeated attempts to advance failed miserably and the naturally silent Ling Yue was unable to provide any words of comfort. Instead, he would dryly confer a pile of medicinal pills and the Chu Jiao who was unable to break past her current realm, would obediently receive them, gratitude filling her heart.

Dawn broke. 

On Langfeng Mountain, a slender and quick figure was carrying out sword-dancing.

The brandished sword formlessly swivelled mid-air as her movements appeared lithe to the eye.

Cold light danced along with the breeze forming a colorful rainbow that painted the blue sky.

The great ravine slowly loosened into waves with mist surrounding the skies.The girl’s red clothes made her appear graceful like a fire phoenix that came from a foggy mountain. She carried the sun and moon as she plodded on cold snow. Her sleeves fluttered with her sword as the reflection of her sword appeared like a rainbow cutting through and illuminating the vast sky. 

Chu Jiao didn’t know how terrifyingly elegant she looked like, at this moment, dancing solely by herself. She was immersed in the profoundness of her swordplay, replaying the pose Ling Yue had taught her, in her mind, while refining her sword skills and continuously improving her movements.

The sun and moon shone with splendor advancing forward along with with her swordsmanship. The zhenqi inside Chu Jiao’s body also circulated swiftly. Unbeknownst to her though, the morning breeze around LongFeng Mountain was also being stirred into a mad hurricane.

Chu Jiao didn’t seem to have detected any changes in her surroundings as she drew her sword faster and faster, surrounding herself with the light of her sword and the sounds of the wind that resonated like shooting stars.


Suddenly, a cold light flashed and the girl’s long dancing sword was obstructed by another sharp one. The two swords collided emitting a crisp sound that pulled Chu Jiao back to her senses.


The force brought about by the blade caused Chu Jiao to recoil back continuously. Ling Yue had drawn his sword from its sheath and pressed it against Chu Jiao’s waist before lightly putting it back. Chu Jiao was then able to stabilize herself.

“Jiao er, you must calm down.”

A cold and clear voice that had always carried a calming effect like before rang out. Chu Jiao lowered her head as she stood before him. She looked like a little doll who had committed a mistake, feeling crestfallen and dispirited to no end.

“My apologies, master. I was too…..impetuous …”

Although she previously hadn’t seemed to be too affected by it, but the worries of being unable to advance realms continuously lingered in her heart. While sword-dancing, she was unable to dispel the glum feeling and if it weren’t for her master obstructing her, harboring such dark thoughts could have caused her to potentially undergo qi deviation.

“Those who persist will go far but those who are impatient will decline early.”

Those who can persist for a long time are bound to soar and reach into the clouds but those who bloomed early would wither and fall just as quickly.

A big palm stroked head in comfort as Chu Jiao listened to the man’s simple yet effectively comforting words in a daze. She blinked her eyes and blinked again but she still couldn’t hold back the tears that were welling up in her eyes.


Why do you treat me so well?

This disciple failed to live up to expectations and shamed you yet you never blamed nor chided me.

Chu Jiao buried her head as sobs spilled out of her mouth in place of words she didn’t know how to say.

“Do not cry.”

His dry palms still carried the usual iciness to the touch as he stroked her hung face and wiped her tears away.

Chu Jiao raised her head as she looked at Ling Yue with trickling tears. Her eyes were filled with self-blame and unease. “Master, I don’t want to disappoint you..I, I’m really of no use…”

Ling Yue looked at the girl’s bright red eyes and nose and an indescribable feeling arose in his heart. His fingers ran through the girl’s hot tears, the heat passing down slowly from his fingertips to his chest. He knitted his brows slightly, His usual expressionless face turned into a rare face of disapproval.

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