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  • Chapter 47 [Master-Disciple Story 5] How to become a good master

    Ling Yue brought Chu Jiao to meet the other master uncles and ancestors. Without the need to describe the entire process according to Chu Jiao’s words–

    She felt like a little puppy that was being walked.

    Because in their entire journey, Ling Yue did not say anything and only threw her into the main hall while he sat down and closed in his eyes, leaving Chu Jiao alone to face the strange zhen jun cultivators by herself.

    Everybody was simply extremely curious about her. Curious about how special this little child is that she was able to gain Highest Heaven zhenjun’s respect. Chu Jiao displayed her behaviour of selling meng and allowed the curious elders to knead and pinch her cheeks to observe her, as if she was simply a little mascot.

    However, despite Chu Jiao ridiculing this situation in her heart, seeing the storage bag she carried being filled with treasured pills that would probably last for more than 10 years, she didn’t mind going along with this ‘walking’ behaviour regardless of the number of times it took.

    After this, the two people once again returned to Lang Feng Mountain and stared at the bountiful harvest they had. Seeing Chu Jiao smile like a little mouse that had stolen some honey, Ling Yue’s heart also brightened up a bit for some reason.

    His master raised him entirely by himself. Aside from pointing out the problems in his cultivation, the master and disciple could be said to not have exchanged a single sentence for several years which he didn’t think to be strange at all so when he came of age to be able to receive a disciple and saw the close relationships shared by other masters and disciples, a strange confusion arose in his heart.

    If Chu Jiao was a guy, then it would be fine. There was nothing else he could do aside from teaching him to walk the path that he had chosen to tread on, however, Chu Jiao was clearly a girl. Ling Yue, who had never frowned in contemplation, even when he encountered the staggering 30,000 man army of the demon world, became extremely serious about this matter and felt that it was inconceivably difficult.

    How does one become a good master.

    This was the biggest problem that the famed sword genius of the three worlds, Highest Heavens, was ever confronted with.

    Compared with her master’s worrying, Chu Jiao was actually comfortable and happy passing every day as she quickly got used to her new identity and life.

    Ling Yue helped her open up a new room in his cave and treated it as her own cultivation area. Cultivators didn’t treasure external objects and only needed a place to shelter from the wind and rain. However, Chu Jiao was different. As a modern person who was used to enjoying such trivial things, she couldn’t stand to live in an empty stone room. She ran to the sect’s tool refining room and retrieved all sorts of home goods over and placed them in her and Ling Yue’s dwelling, giving it a furbishment.

    Even though these were only some furniture and ornaments, these weren’t tools to be underestimated. They were effective tools that had all kinds of properties that have been refined in the tool refinery room. Once she bought them all, Chu Jiao had used up a significant amount of soul stones. However, who told her to have such a nouveau riche elder as her master. The Ling Yue who was still learning how to become a good master naturally felt he couldn’t treat the little disciple unfairly in terms of wealth and so with a wave of his hand, Chu Jiao’s little wallet was full and bulging, so she never needed to worry. 

    And just like this, Chu Jiao started her life of cultivating in the Noble Spirit Sect. 

    Ling Yue could be said to be indulgent on her in a lot of matters with the exception of cultivation. During cultivation, he would become really harsh. Fencing, arrays, incantations, these were all divided in Chu Jiao’s time and every section of it was filled to the brim.

    Chu Jiao never whined about the hardships she faced because she clearly knew for a fact that this was a world where the strong preyed on the weak. If she didn’t have enough strength, then what awaited her was an ending even more miserable than the original. Taking the Heaven Reach Trial as an example, she relied only on her sheer willpower of not wanting to lose, to persevere but her body’s level was really low compared to the rest of the participants. Chu Jiao simply didn’t know which aspect of her was able to catch Ling Yue’s respect but she was very grateful and hence, treasured this hard-to-come-by opportunity.

    She was only in the sixth stage of the Qi Condensation Stage and could easily crush any person and do any missions at any time. However, her top priority right now was her own strength. With such a serious responsible master by her side, if she didn’t properly hug this golden thigh properly and quickly elevated herself, she would be considered a fool. 

    “Master, Master, I don’t understand this part!”

    “Master, Master, why can’t I get this style right!”

    “Master, Master, why do I always fall from the flying sword ah?~”

    Chu Jiao would always ask several thousands of whys and would wind around Ling Yue asking this and that questions.

    She was originally worried that Ling Yue would become annoyed with her but everytime she secretly observed his noble face, aside from the usual expressionless face, she didn’t see even half a sign of loathing. Instead, she could occasionally see the patience and tenderness he had hidden within the depths of his cold eyes and so as time passed, she became immune to Ling Yue’s cold face and instead would always take the opportunity to be around him.

    She didn’t only do this for her thirst for knowledge. Another important reason was because staying by her master’s side was simply too comfortable!

    She didn’t know whether it was due to her own fire spiritual root causing mischief but regardless of the season, Chu Jiao would feel extremely hot all over, all the time. The way she spent winter was different in her previous world. Electric blankets or hand warmers that could be used to evade the winter cold, now only a thin blanket would suffice. It felt really comfortable during winter but when summer came, it was like death. Even though she could just use an ice type array to support her and the dwelling itself was quite cool, Chu Jiao still felt that her entire body was like a hot stove, it was unbearably hot and the ice cold surroundings were unable to bring her a sliver of comfort.

    On the other hand, perhaps due to the reason that Ling Yue cultivated ice-type magic, Chu Jiao felt that being near him everyday was especially comfortable, so much that the internal heat inside her body would calm down, causing her feel satisfied and refreshed. Hence, the reason why she loved to linger around Ling Yue.

    And because of Chu Jiao’s existence, the entire Feng Long Mountain was imbued with a bit more spirit and vitality.

    Ling Yue had initially cultivated alone at Long Feng Mountain for almost 10 years and was used to the solitary life, however, ever since he had taken in Chu Jiao, his ears were filled with tinkling chatters everyday and the previous tranquility he felt was now long gone.

    Ling Yue resolutely justified to himself. The interference from the outside world rarely affected him so this little noise wasn’t comparatively a bother at all. 

    Moreover, he had been cultivating the ‘Ninth Heavens Black Ice Trade’ for 10 years and had cultivated for full seven rounds. However, he had been continuously stuck in this stage without seeing any signs of a breakthrough. He didn’t know what he was lacking so cultivating everyday was just a way to consolidate his strength. He put in a large amount of time everyday to teach Chu Jiao and eventually, he became more familiar and discovered a lot of things about this disciple. 

    She loved to eat and was addicted to spicy food.

    She was naturally weak to heat yet her body constitution was cold.

    She loved flying swords yet she was quite afraid of heights.

    She had superb talent for arrays yet her drawing skills were like scribbles.

    Unawaringly, Ling Yue’s empty and cold heart was invaded stealthily by a little person and he himself, had no knowledge of it at all.

    T/N: This chapter is so friggin’ adorable and touching. uwu (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)

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