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  • Chapter 46 [Master-disciple story 4] My name is Ling Yue, epithet Highest Heavens

    T/N: Hey guys! I’d like to give a shoutout to Eman for being such an awesome contributor to the glossary section of the second world. I’ve just recently updated the glossary so feel free to check out the new stuff. Also, do you think I should put in a glossary link in each page or not? Let me know in the comments below!

    In this chapter, I put the author’s note first as she has done a slight revision on the plot of the second world. Plot lines that have remained the same are italicized and underlined whereas revisions and additional plot are not. Hopefully this’ll help if you just wanna quickly scroll through the plot.

    Author’s note:

    Let me do a huge overhaul of the second world’s original settings!

    I’m sorry to the little angels who have been following the story. I’ll be troubling you to refresh and cover up your memories. If I didn’t change the story, it would’ve affected everyone’ reading experience after it so I’ll add the edited story here and then delete it afterwards~

    Originally, the world she transmigrated into was a cultivation world.

    The cornerstone of this world was a book called ‘Master, no more’, a melodramatic smut story. This story talks about the feelings of adoration the female lead had for her cold and unfeeling master so she constantly harassed him to no end. One time, the male lead was struck with the joyous union poison and the female lead took the initiative to ‘sacrifice’ and devote her physical body. This ultimately left a mark in the male lead’s heart. After that instance, the two engaged in a contrived entanglement, experiencing all kinds of intertwining. The male lead originally used her for the purpose of sating his lust. He couldn’t leave her body as he constantly thought of her yet he continued to humiliate her. The two people engaged in an oppressive tyrannical relationship. In the end, the substitute finally obtained tenure as in the end, the female lead was able to use love to reform the male lead.

    The male lead was a genius sword cultivator of the number one biggest sect, the Noble Spirit Sect. Before even passing a hundred years old, he was able to step into the Nascent Soul Realm and had even surpassed his current realm during the great war between immortals and demons. He fought off and won against the revered head of the demon world and was able to easily spread his name far and beyond at such a young age. The female lead was a single spiritual root genius. Having been nurtured by her clan’s excessive squandering on resources, she was able to enter the Noble Spirit Sect and was even allocated to be under the male lead’s guidance just by winning the sect leader’s favor. Growing up, she had heard countless stories about the male lead so she had always adored him and was fortunate enough to salute him as her master. From then on, she launched an offensive relentless pursuit of him and in the end, was able to attain her wish.

    And the ‘Chu Jiao’ in this world was pitiful, because she was the existence that the people had wanted to beat up.

    She originally lived in a town that was under the Noble Spirit Sect’s jurisdiction. Although her parents were rogue cultivators, there was nothing that they lacked and her family had passed every day with bliss. However, her constitution served as a huge burden for the family. She not only possessed a variation of dual wood and fire spiritual roots, she even had the furnace constitution that could only be encountered once in a century. When this constitution was leaked carelessly to the public, her parents could only go into hiding. However, her parents had concealed themselves a step too late and as a result, they were slaughtered by the demons. Fortunately, she was able to avoid being taken away and was able to join the Noble Spirit Sect.

    In the original story, she was just a little supporting character used to further stimulate the feelings between the male and female lead. The female lead’s jealousy was incited causing her to be at loggerheads with the male lead. In the end, the two leads made up and she was thrown onto the back of the head.

    But in reality, while the female lead was jealous, she had also stumbled upon the secret of her furnace constitution and ‘carelessly’ revealed the secret. In the end, while Chu Jiao was in a secret area practicing, she was taken away by the head of the demon world and became a ‘furnace’ in reality, no longer hindering the view of the female lead. 

    Chu Jiao snorted in her heart. Her revenge wasn’t complete and in the end, she even fell into her enemy’s hands just because of a harmless and socially acceptable interaction with the male lead. It really was an absurd disaster for the original owner to have encountered the female lead. 

    When Chu Jiao woke up, a day had already passed.

    When she got up, she discovered that her wound and her internal injury had completely disappeared, yet she couldn’t, for the life of her, remember the events that had transpired while she was in a stupor yesterday. She was also unaware of who had healed her injuries. Her attire had already been changed into a light blue long gown. She got up to observe her surroundings but before she could, the person who was sitting on a straw mat not too far from her had attracted her line of sight.

    An elegant and god-like bearing with a glowing jade face.

    These words promptly floated into Chu Jiao’s mind yet at the same time, she also felt that these words were unable to fully capture the shock in her eyes as she was completely at a lack for words to describe how good-looking the man was.

    She carefully measured him. His sword eyebrows slanted until his temples, like remote mountains and rivers. His lips were slightly pursed without a sound, analogous to the pure heaven and earth. He wore a set of white clothes without much ornaments and his demeanor was matchless against mountains and rivers, entirely devoid of haze.

    “Have you awoken?” Chu Jiao hadn’t taken long to stare when the other person opened his eyes and she was met with a pair of limpid eyes like frost.“Then let’s go.”

    That person had not spoken much and agiley got up. Seeing him walk out, Chu Jiao hurriedly followed him.

    As soon as they stepped out, Chu Jiao realized that she was actually at the apex of the lofty summit at this moment. When she looked down, the wind shook, creating blue waves. Green clouds also twisted and turned, forming a clear and open landscape. 

    “This is Langfeng Mountain, where my humble abode lies”

    Chu Jiao heard a clear and bright voice resound and tilted her head to look at the man standing beside her with his hands behind him.

    The person also turned around, staring at her directly with a pair of eyes as cold as the deep pond.

    “My name is Ling Yue, epithet Highest Heavens.”

    “From now on, I am your master.”

    As it turns out, he was, Ling Yue – Highest Heavens zhenjun, the male lead. 

    For some reason, she had actually replaced the female lead and became the male lead’s disciple!?

    Her heart moved slightly as Chu Jiao welcomed the morning mist. A smile brighter than the morning sun graced her face as she lifted her long clothes and knelt straightforwardly.

    “Senior Master, please accept disciple Chu Jiao’s bow!”

    Ling Yue received her gesture and acknowledged Chu Jiao as his disciple.

    He waved his hand slightly and Chu Jiao immediately felt wind under her knees, slowly feeling her entire body lifted back up.

    As expected of an immortal’s techniques!

    After Chu Jiao was able to stand straight, her eyes glimmered as she stared at Ling Yue.

    “Master, where are we going now?”

    After the Heaven Reach Trial ended yesterday, there was supposed to be a disciple accepting ceremony, however, Chu Jiao was directly taken away by Ling Yue in her stupor so it wasn’t a necessity to repeat it.

    “Let’s go. I’ll bring you to meet your master uncles”

    Ling Yue hadn’t taken a disciple in all these years but he had many martial nephews. Remembering the gifts he had sent out for their first meeting, he at first, didn’t feel any distress. However, now that he had his own disciple, he thought that whatever others had, his disciple must not have any less.

    The current Ling Yue right now, had not realized, that deep in his bones, he was actually extremely protective, especially towards this little disciple in front of him.

    Chu Jiao was still hesitating. Standing at the summit surrounded by clouds, how was she supposed to leave?

    She was still deep in ponder when Ling Yue mobilized the flying sword. The imperial sword floated mid-air standing right in front of her. 

    Chu Jiao lifted her eyes and saw a big palm reached out right in front of her. 

    The frosty faced yet extraordinarily beautiful man stretched his hand to her without any extra words nor any urging and calmly stood on the sword waiting for her.

    She foolishly raised her hand and placed her little warm palm into his and was shocked by the ice cold sensation. Without even getting the chance to retract from the cold, her hand was tightly gripped and with a bit of a tug, she found herself standing atop of the flying sword right in front of him.

    “Stand properly.” She heard him say.

    Before even waiting for Chu Jiao to react, she felt him move his feet and the sword instantly soared above, causing them to pierce the skies.

    She was flying on a sword!

    Clear wind swept past her ears yet the mist didn’t soak her body. It was like she was chasing clouds on an average day. The scenery before Chu Jiao’s eyes quickly retreated as the magnificent view from afar entered her line of sight. The sword underneath her feet then promptly dropped down like the rolling autumn river’s large ripples which at times, flew up to meet the heavens. It was like drawing a beautiful arc around Kun Lun Mountain. Heaven and earth was taken into view and Chu Jiao felt shock seeing the vast and mighty scene. A sense of heroism surged in her chest. 

    This, was truly cultivation!

    This, was simply a new world!

    The rivers and sky were inexhaustible. The mountain colors were rich and endless!

    The universe was wide and vast. She felt fortunate to be able to transmigrate into a world that was several millenniums old, seeing views that other people could never have a chance to see and enjoying the experiences this world has to offer that other people could never have the chance to.

    Chu Jiao’s heart that was paralyzed by the beauty of the peace and happiness of this world once again thumped heavily. Welcoming the wind on her face, she revealed a bright smile.

    You couldn’t chase the dead back but it wasn’t bad welcoming a new period. 

    The lingering thoughts she had about Chu Minishen that she had been suppressing ever since she arrived in this world burst forth loudly and was swept along with the welcoming wind from the swift movement of the sword. It slowly dissipated within the heaven and earth before slowly assimilating once again into the depths of her heart.

    A new world, a new journey.

    She took a deep breath in and closed her eyes. When she opened them once again, her eyes were clear.

    Feeling the body that felt slightly chill behind her, she took advantage of the instant the sword changed directions. She smirked as she staggered backwards, landing on the person’s arms.

    In the next second, her lower back was supported by an ice cold palm. Chu Jiao’s little hands held the man’s fluttering sleeves tightly and her eyes curved.

    Master, I look forward to receiving your guidance.

    T/N: As always, I am left breathless.

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