Chapter 45.2 [Master-disciple story 3] Healing an injury (Slightly H) (2)

“Hot….it’s so hot….”

When the ice cold feeling inside her body pulled away, Chu Jiao was once again engulfed in a heat wave. Although the gold demon had already been flayed, she still didn’t know how to control the absorption of the remaining fire qi and could only glue herself close to the source of cold air to feel slightly better.

The source was naturally Ling Yue who cultivated The Trade of Black Ice.

The young girl at this moment, seemed to firmly believe him and regardless of how Ling Yue tried to evade her, he wasn’t able to avoid being caught by her. The girl’s pair of lotus arms let go of him after much difficulty and in the next second, circled around his neck, pressing the two soft pillows on the girl’s chest close to his own chest.

“Ngh… feels so good….”

Finally hugging the ‘ice block’, Chu Jiao revealed a satisfied smile with her eyes still closed. She felt quite content. Since the fire qi inside her chest was very rich, she fumbled around and managed to capture a block of ‘ice’ so she stuck it close to her chest.

Ling Yue’s right palm had been unguarded and suddenly came into contact with the girl’s smooth and round bosom.

His fingers were slender and long and because he trained with a sword all year, there were thick calluses under the belly of his fingers. At this moment, the slightly spread out palm stuck close to the girl’s snow white skin and the girl’s small red pearls on her chest coincidentally poked out in between the seams of his index and middle fingers.

With a cultivation base of Nascent Soul Stage, he could easily avoid the girl’s powerless “attack”, but for some reason, the girl’s charming moans continued to play over repeatedly in his head, distracting his attention. Moreover, the heat that surged in his abdomen had dulled his movements greatly. 

“Ahngg… hurts….”

The tender call beside his ear pulled him back from his reverie. Ling Yue realized that his hand had been strongly gripping the soft pillow, squeezing it into a different shape. The tender meat overflowed from the gaps of his fingers, allowing him to fully feel the soft satiny feeling on his palm. His index and middle fingers moved slightly and the milk pearl that was clamped in between followed as well. Within just a few seconds, it turned into a shade of bright red and quivered.

“Ice cold for all eternity, All living things especially quiet.”

“The mind is proper and the air is calm, see me as your lone god.”

“The minds are united as one and the qis follow each other mutually.”

“Once in harmony, a thousand number of changes do not bring shock.”

Unable to continue looking, Ling Yue shut his eyes and recited an incantation to clear his heart. Afraid that removing his palm would stir the zhenqi that still hadn’t settled in the girl’s body, he straightforwardly brought his left hand to the girls’ left bosom, converging the zhenqi towards his palm and slowly inserting them into the girl, combing out the fire qi in her chest one by one and sending it into her dantian.

Cloud Gate, Spiritual Void, Fu Zhong. Realm Doors, Weak Abdomen, Shen Que. (2)

2. Fu Zhong and Shen Que are acupuncture points

Collarbone, throat, breasts, slender waist, navel, lower belly.

His hands moved from top to bottom using suffice strength as he kneaded the girl’s body. Along the movements of his palm, the girl’s harmonized zhenqi also gradually flowed down, ultimately converging into her dantian.

Ling Yue once again stuck his hand onto the girl’s dantian and felt the zhenqi return back to normal. Just as he was about to retract his spiritual qi. he didn’t expect the zhenqi to suddenly pull back with strength, snatching away a strand of his ice qi, before reluctantly letting go of him and leaving.

Once Ling Yue withdrew his hand, he hadn’t seen the strand of ice qi melding into the girl’s dantian, causing the muddled zhenqi to become more rich as it rotated into something akin to a vortex continuously. It slowly shrank down in size and in the end, the shape of the zhenqi became a milky white drop. It slid into the dantian and floated in the depths of her uterus like a seed, slowly taking its root there.

Ling Yue hadn’t noticed the strand of spiritual qi that he had lost. To him, that was just a drop from a vast body of water he possessed. He could refine it back in the blink of an eye.

The girl at this moment had resumed a peaceful state as she laid quietly on the bed. Ling Yue took out medicine to feed her from his storage bag and not too long after, the injury on her body gradually healed at a speed visible to the eyes, recovering the color of exquisite white skin.

Ling Yue stood at the bedside looking at the young girl. His eyes were crystal clear. A flash of suspicion flashed through his deep dark blue pupils before it quickly disappeared.

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