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  • Chapter 45.1 [Master-disciple story 3] Healing an injury (Slightly H) (1)

    Ling Yue’s godly sense probed inside Chu Jiao’s body and he didn’t realize how dubious the two people’s current position looked.

    The girl’s head was pressed on his shoulders, her scarlet face sticking close to his deltoid muscle. Along with her entire body leaning forward, her two breasts also followed. Her two white bunny beads squeezed against his arm. 

    Even though she was only 16 years old, Chu Jiao’s body developed superbly. Her chest moved up and down, fitting the image of a young girl with big breasts. Without needing to squeeze the two mounds, they would naturally spread open, the cleavage was also distinctly seen. At this moment, the two huge tits pressed up against the man’s skin and without even needing to use much strength, they firmly enveloped Ling Yue’s thick and strong arm.


    Originally feeling impatient, Chu Jiao suddenly felt a stream of water qi flowing into the dantian on her lower abdomen. It swept her insides like an ice attack, causing her to moan out unconsciously.

    That spiritual qi suddenly collided with the flame that was stirring restlessly in her meridians, intertwining in an instant. The excess fire qi residing within her slowly coiled and melded together with the continuous pour of water qi, transforming into a muddled zhen qi that circulated in Chu Jiao’s dantian and giving comfort to the dry heat in her body. However, soon after, an indescribable numbness took place..

    This numbness wasn’t specifically the itch of the skin but it spread out from her four limbs along the meridians and caused a shiver of the body.


    Chu Jiao immediately felt the muddled zhenqi slowly start circulating in her dantian and she couldn’t help but cry out in alarm when a gentle call suddenly rang inside her head.

    “Pull yourself together!”

    That calm voice cleared her mind and allowed her to take back the control of her body, making her immediately feel the collision of four different spiritual influences in her body.

    “Ah….Where….nggh…..what happened?”

    The numbness that flowed forth from her abdomen made Chu Jiao’s question become disjointed. Yet she didn’t realize that she hadn’t made a sound all along and that her question had only resounded in her own mind. 

    “Gather through the rendu, crossing tianshu and condense the spirit!” (1)

    1. Rendu and Tianshu are different meridian/acupuncture points. 

    That cold voice resounded once again in Chu Jiao’s mind. At the same time, she felt someone quickly pressing on the several acupuncture points on her body. She immediately maneuvered her zhenqi, gathering the trickling spiritual influence together and following the instructions of that person and directing it towards the points..

    At this moment, Chu Jiao didn’t know what was happening outside, she only felt a pair of eyes sweeping over her body like a laser. She felt a bit of shame and shrank yet those eyes seemed to have seen through her thoughts as his cold voice once again resounded.

    “Do not be afraid. I am only using my godly sense to enter your body.” The voice appeared to be similar to the one she had heard right before she fainted. Even though it was cold and unfeeling, it carried a persuasive power to it. “Do not resist as you are injured by the astral winds. We need to expel the gold demon inside your body.”


    Chu Jiao calmed down for some reason as she felt the cold air coil around her spiritual power, like he was holding her hand. From within each acupuncture point of her body, it moved and guided her, slowly getting rid of the gold demon that had invaded her body via the astral wind. The cold air was like a sharp sword. It slashed and killed ruthlessly without missing a strand yet it was also extremely accurate as it left her completely unharmed.

    This process was quite long as Chu Jiao struggled to control her wood and fire spiritual qis, maintaining a clear mind but whenever that ice qistreaked across her meridians, her entire mind couldn’t help but feel numbness, and it was a numbness that seeped into the bones.


    Her mind couldn’t help but tremble, even influencing the other godly sense inside her body to quiver and feel numb as well. Ling Yue’s godly sense detected the suppressed yet charming moan wrapped around him and a heat that was unfamiliar to him slowly arose within him.

    He immediately removed himself from Chu Jiao and retracted his godly sense. Without even opening his eyes, he could feel a strange sensation coming from his arm.

    He shifted his gaze towards that direction and in an instant, shifted them away again. Without them, without those soft pillows clamping tightly on his arm, his first reaction was to remove his arm from it yet he didn’t expect Chu Jiao to latch on tighter. He wanted to pull his hand back yet her breasts rubbed even more against his big arm and even quivered from it. Then, the two tender red beads unexpectedly came into his view.

    T/N: *sees 16 year old* *cuffs Ling Yue* Hol’ up, mister. You’re under arrest for underage molestation, you can go join your buddy Chu Minshen in the pedo jail. XD

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