Chapter 44 [Master-disciple story 2] Casting a disrobing spell

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When Ling Yue saw the moment the blood-covered youth fell, for some reason, he felt his heart squeeze slightly and in a flash, he quickly transported to the stairways to heaven and caught her mid fall.

Perhaps it was because the youth’s pair of eyes brimmed with vitality or perhaps it was because of her absurd claim of climbing higher than the trial given.

He thought to himself, since he had no disciples, there was no harm in taking one now..

Yet everybody in Tai Xuan Palace looked at each other in dismay. The always cold and cheerless Highest Heavens zhen jun who usually didn’t care about other people’s lives, actually personally went to rescue a doll child who was only in Qi Condensation Stage. Moreover, he even claimed that he wanted this person!

Did they hear it wrongly? Was red-colored rain going to fall any moment now?

Only the Sect Leader smiled with with benevolent mirth. “Looks like Highest Heavens is finally going to have a disciple. Very good, very good.”

Ling Yue had never regretted any of decisions he made in the past..

Although he was a bit unsure as to why he had this sudden impulse today, why he had rescued a complete stranger who had not the slightest bit of relation to him, but since she was his now, then he would bear all responsibilities of her.

He stood on his flying sword, carrying the person back to his own home and laid the unconscious person on the bed. Seeing the child tremble all over, her blood flow became even more turbulent.

That’s right, he had a variation of ice spiritual root so he slept on a cold ice bed that was carved from a thousand year old ice pond. On the contrary, this child had a fire spiritual root so it naturally wasn’t appropriate for her to come into contact with the ice cold bed.

Ling Yue knit his brows. He inserted his godly sense into his storage bag and fumbled for something before finally taking out a seventh grade firefox skin that he had looted in a hunt before and spread it on the bed.

The seventh grade FireFox was equivalent to the level of a Nascent Soul Early Stage. Every part of its body was considered a treasure and its value was priceless yet Ling Yue didn’t think much of it and only threw it carelessly into a corner of his storage bag. Now that it finally saw the light again after a long time, it was now heartlessly being used as a blanket to lie on. If the Firefox source knew of this, it would probably be so furious it would crawl out of its nest to give Ling Yue a bite.

The color and luster of the Firefox skin was deep. Its fur was soft and glossy. The pure red color was without a motley as it was spread out on the ice cold bed, painting a tint of warmth to Ling Yue’s ice cold dwelling. When he once again placed the person atop the firefox skin, the youth’s wrinkled eyebrows slowly began to unfold in comfort as she even unconsciously rubbed against the soft fur.

As expected, she was still a child. Ling Yue’s face was expressionless as he made this conclusion in his heart.

He glanced at the youth’s scarred face and blood-stained body. When one went up the stairways to heaven, not only did the pressure increase incrementally, the astral winds were unceasing. If you couldn’t endure it in time, the violent golden might of the astral winds would remain in the zhen qi, hindering the zhenqi’s regular circulation.

As a zhen jun, he didn’t like to be attended to. Within the gigantic peak of Highest Heaven, aside from him, there were only two little servant boys who were responsible for carrying out miscellaneous jobs. At this moment, only he was capable of handling this kind of injury.

Ling Yue once again dipped his fingers into the storage bag and took out a few medicines. Then, with a wave of his hand, he conveniently did a disrobing skill, removing the clothes of the youth, he then casted a cleaning spell and washed off the dirt on the youth’s body clean.

However, when his gaze shifted once again from the bed to the naked body, Ling Yue stopped in his tracks.

And that usually calm and cold charming face of his finally had a tiny crack.

After maintaining a pure heart devoid of desires for a hundred years, no girl had ever successfully approached Highest Heavens zhen jun. At this moment, he had a stiff expression on as he slowly took a step back.

Can anyone please tell him why his disciple suddenly turned from a young boy into a young girl?

Right at this point, Ling Yue’s eyes received a critical hit from the scene before him.

On the spacious ice bed, a snow white naked body laid on the fiery red blanket. Her brows were knit slightly and her lashes were slender and long. There was even a faint red birthmark on the corner of her eyes which was hidden under the shadow cast by her eyelashes. Below her tall nose bridge was a pair of colorless cherry lips, the pretty face looked extremely pale due to the amount of blood lost. There was even a small gash on her cheeks, making her look quite pitiful.

Shifting his line of sight to her upper body, that place was the most attention grabbing. It was completely different from a man’s body as they had a full ample pair of bosoms. Originally they were bounded by a bandage, however, his disrobing spell had cast it aside along with her belt and clothes. Those smooth and round impressive breasts seemed to have been restrained for too long because now that it had attained its release, it quivered slightly, and turned into a delicate shade of pink.

Down further was an unbearably attractive waist and a bright and clean, hairless and flat abdomen, as well as……a pair of slender long legs. 

In Ling Yue’s hundred year long lifetime, his thoughts were only filled with the word ‘cultivation’ so the number of times he had come into contact with a girl’s body could only be counted with one hand. Moreover, because his own body was a variation of ice spiritual root, complemented with his original cultivation method that required a pure heart devoid of desires, “Nine Days Xuan Ice Secrets”, He would rarely feel a throb and furthermore, his primordial yang(1)  was tightly sealed. Although it was beneficial to his cultivation, he still put on a cold face, and couldn’t care less about showing any goodwill to the opposite sex, and so as time passed, he became unapproachable to any living being.

  1. Primordial yang: Guys are full of yang and girls are full of yin, the theory states that if one wants to enhance their zhen qi, they must balance the yin and yang in their body through dual cultivation.

At this moment, Chu Jiao was currently undergoing a torturous time on the bed.

Although she learned the path of cultivation from the original owner’s memories, she still stifled her breath to pass the trial because, the reality was that, she still hadn’t personally experienced cultivation and was incapable of controlling her body causing her to fall unconscious. Her zhenqi was scattered in disarray with the astral winds, inflicting her with unspeakable pain. 

Ling Yue watched as the girl curled her body. The air surrounding her was also turned haywire so he couldn’t leave it be and promptly went forward to press her shanzhong point and qihai point (2). He then reached out a big palm to cover her dantian below her navel, inserting his godly sense into the girl’s body.

2. Shangzhong and Qihai points are acupuncture points on the navel

Chu Jiao was a wood and fire dual spiritual root whereas the astral winds leaned more to gold and coincidentally, wood as well. The originally balanced wood and fire qi had already become unsteady. Adding on to the inner cultivation circulating in her body, she continuously absorbed the fire type spiritual qi of the seventh grade firefox underneath her. Her entire body felt like it was placed on top of a grill, it was hot and scalding. 

It was initially an extremely insufferable period yet Chu Jiao suddenly felt an ice cold hand sweep across her entire body, gluing close to her fiery hot skin.

She appeared like she was clutching onto her last ray of hope as she followed her instinct and leaned her body forward towards the ice cold feeling, tightly hugging the hand and absorbing the exuding chill from the person.

Little author’s note:

In the cultivation world, once you passed Core Formation Stage, you are given a Dao name. The male lead is called Ling Yue and his Dao name is Highest Heavens.

People in the Core Formation Stage are called Daoist Spiritual Masters 

People in the Nascent Soul Stage are called Zhen Jun.

People in the Ascension Stage are called Venerables.

T/N: Well author, I hope I don’t forget that and come up with new terms for it. _(:3」∠) Hope you guys were able to somewhat understand what was going on in Chu Jiao’s body! Let me know if it’s confusing and I’ll try to explain it XD

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