Chapter 42 The second world: ‘Master, no more ’

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When she opened her eyes once again, Chu Jiao hadn’t had enough time to contact the system when she almost tripped.

She felt like she was being crushed by a heavy stone that weighed a thousand catties. Swaying as she tried to maintain her feet, her entire body perspired with sweat and even breathing became very difficult. She originally wanted to collapse under the pressure but gave up on this thought as soon as she noticed her current situation and surroundings. She tried her best to maintain her balance as fear continuously crept in her heart.

She was actually hovering mid-air at this moment!

As far as she could see, she was surrounded by a sea of clouds and aside from where she stood, there was nothing else visible in the surroundings. So if she were to fall over, it wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to claim that her skeletons would not even be found.

[419, come out right now!] Chu Jiao gnashed her teeth in anger.

[Host, please calm down.] A tranquil voice appeared in her head, driving Chu Jiao mad.

[How do you expect me to be calm in this situation! I almost can’t hold myself any longer!!] Chu Jiao had never sincerely felt the meaning of the words ‘bearing the weight of Mt. Tai’. At this moment, she relied on all her willpower to brace herself and did not let the intense pressure push her down.

[Host, please calm down. According to the system’s observations, your current body can completely withstand the current pressure. As long as the host gathers energy and mobilizes zhenqi.]

[…….Can you just scram.]

Chu Jiao didn’t have the energy to continue cursing. She didn’t even know what zhenqi was, not to mention how to mobilize it. But now was not the time to be puzzled about these matters. Getting through this obstacle was the topmost priority right now so she closed her eyes and quickly received the original host’s memories. After she did so, she finally knew how to mobilize the so called zhenqi.

She immediately imitated how the original owner moved and pressed down on her dantian. A stream of air gradually circulated around her four limbs, propping her body up as she finally was able to relax a bit..

[Alright 419, you can come back now.] Chu Jiao at this moment finally had to strength to call the system back.

[Quickly let me read the plot.] Her two eyes had blackened at this point. She needed to complete the current mission before she could decide what her next move would be.

[Alright. Understood. Transferring the plot….]

It turns out that the world she had transmigrated into was a cultivation world.

The cornerstone of this world was a book called ‘Master, no more’, a melodramatic sadomasochistic smut story. This story talks about the feelings of adoration the female lead had for her cold and unfeeling master so she constantly harassed him to no end and devoted her physical body to him. Yet the male lead only treated her as a substitute to sate his lust. He couldn’t leave her body as he constantly thought of her yet he continued to humiliate her. The two people engaged in an oppressive tyrannical relationship. In the end, the substitute finally obtained tenure(1) as in the end, the female lead was able to use love to reform the male lead.

  1. to obtain tenure in this case means she was promoted from being just a substitute to an official lover. 

And the ‘Chu Jiao’ in this world was pitiful, because she was the existence that was being substituted.

Most of the time, she would be in the male lead’s memories until the latter half of the story. She would only appear for the purpose of furthering the male and female lead’s affections for each other, unceasingly courting disaster and when she finally completed her calling, her reward was a boxed meal(2), it could even be said that she used up her life to become a supporting character in this smutty story.

2. Receive a boxed meal: (for actors with a short part) used by movie viewers to refer to characters who died 

Chu Jiao felt a bit of a headache. The body she had transmigrated into was the male lead’s first disciple and the person who had hurt the male lead the most. And this time, she wasn’t the supporting character, instead, she was the villain.

The male lead was a genius sword cultivator of the number one biggest sect, the Noble Spirit Sect. Before even passing a hundred years old, he was able to step into the Nascent Soul Realm and had even surpassed his current realm during the great war between immortals and demons. He fought off and won against the revered head of the demon world and was able to easily spread his name far and beyond at such a young age.

Whereas the original ‘Chu Jiao’ experienced a tragedy from start to end..

She originally lived in a town that was under the Noble Spirit Sect’s jurisdiction. Although her parents were rogue cultivators, there was nothing that they lacked and her family had passed every day with bliss. However, her constitution served as a huge burden for the family. She not only possessed a variation of dual wood and fire spiritual roots, she even had the furnace constitution that could only be encountered once in a century. When this constitution was leaked carelessly to the public, her parents could only go into hiding. They originally wanted to depend on the Noble Spirit Sect, however, the sect had closed their mountains off for a long time due to the great war between immortals and demons. Coincidentally, her parents had concealed themselves a step too late and as a result, they were slaughtered by the demons. Fortunately, she was able to avoid being taken away and had secretly slipped into joining a small little sect.

Her parent’s tragic death caused Chu Jiao to hate demons bitterly but she hated the Noble Spirit Sect even more so.

She lived her whole life for the sake of revenge and aimed to infiltrate the Noble Spirit Sect. While she waited for an opportunity to kill the male lead who was responsible for carrying out the closure of the mountains for a long period, she didn’t expect that she would fall in love with him in the process. She couldn’t bring herself to harm him yet she couldn’t forget her hatred so she revolted and joined the demonic sect. Within the sect, she used her own furnace constitution as her object of trade and sold her body, slowly climbing up the ranks. By the time, she finally had the difficult chance to kill the demon head to exact revenge for her parents, the female lead had arrived and foiled her entire plan. In the end, she died at the hands of the male lead who had misunderstood her to be a spy the entire time.

Chu Jiao mocked the story inside. The people close to her had died a tragic death and she wasn’t able to carry out her revenge plan. In the end, she was even killed by the person she loved. This original owner had really lived a wretched life. In her opinion, she shouldn’t have swept this need of revenge on the male lead’s head. The original owner’s thoughts and plans were too incomprehensible. She not only hurt herself but also others.

Since she was going to help counterattack on behalf of the supporting female, then she had to make sure these events wouldn’t repeat. Her goals were to capture the male lead and also to enact her revenge.

But the first thing she needed to do was to follow the original owner and infiltrate her way into the male lead’s side.

And the only available opportunity to do that was to go through the Heaven Reach Trial she was currently in right now.

The Heaven Reach Trial was the Noble Spirit Sect’s method of accepting numerous new blood. They selected the most outstanding people and gathered them to go through this trial. It would occur only once every hundred years and was especially designed for youths who were in the Qi Condensation Stage. The contents of the trial was simple but cruel. The only thing she needed to do was — to climb the stairways to heaven.

The stairways to heaven totalled 9,999 steps. Starting from the very first step, you would only be able to move forward without going back. With every step you take, the pressure you would feel will also increase exponentially and whoever lasted the longest and reached the highest step would be considered the victor of this trial.

The Heaven Reach Trial’s first hundred ranked youths could join the outer doors of Noble Spirit sect and the top 10 people would be specially admitted to become the inner door’s core disciples. They would be able to have the chance to worship the Sect Leader and various other elders of the sect.

[Host, the step under your feet is going to disappear soon.]

While she was still pondering about the plot, Chu Jiao suddenly heard 419 give out a reminder. As she looked down according to its words, she received a fright.

The original one square meter step had already shrunken down to one-tenth of its size and now only a tiny chunk remained that even her shoe tips started to be exposed in the front. She was suddenly able to connect the dots. This must be the stairways to heaven. There wasn’t only pressure felt on the body but also a time limit. If she didn’t continue walking forward, then the step where you couldn’t hold on, would be your last achievement.

Chu Jiao wanted to cry but lacked the tears. She wanted to get through the inner doors and capture the male lead so she couldn’t stop and had to continue walking forward.

She lifted her heavy leg and the next step appeared right before her. She grit her teeth and placed her feet on it.

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