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    After the military training came to an end, Chu Jiao never paid any more attention to matters related to Li Menger. She didn’t even realize how much effort her second uncle had put in all of this. To her, since second uncle had already told her to leave the matter to him, she wouldn’t worry about it any longer.

    Instead, she was much more concerned about how much time she had left in this world.

    Ever since she had made love with Chu Minshen for the first time, she could always hear the system’s pings, notifying her of the increase in progress of her mission.

    Even though, she still hadn’t felt any sense of urgency from the beginning and even had a lot of time to accompany Chu Minshen, the more the two people’s feelings intensified and the frequency of their bodies coming into contact increased, the more the fear and sadness gradually grew within her with each passing day.

    She didn’t know when the system would eject her out of this world so as time passed, she put more and more effort into sticking onto Chu Minshen. Whenever they ate or slept, she couldn’t stand being half a step away from him. Even Chu Minshen could sense that something was wrong so he pinched her nose and called her a “little sticky elf”.

    “You actually dare call me a little sticky elf!?” Just after the two people rolled in bed again, Chu Jiao laid atop of Chu Minshen, her nose flaring in anger. “Hng! Hng! Are you already starting to get tired of me!”

    “How would I dare ah.” Chu Minshen bit back his laugh as he planted a kiss on Chu Jiao’s pouting lips and he sincerely told her. “I’m actually quite worried that my family’s little Jiao Jiao would tire of this old man.”

    Chu Jiao giggled. “Then that would have to depend on how you perform~”

    “Looks like I still need to put in more effort ah….”

    Chu Minshen insincerely moved his lower body, scaring Chu Jiao into promptly pushing him as she angrily told him. “My waist is almost about to snap in half being done by you, you’re not allowed to move!”

    The two people were on their bed stuck to each other. They emitted a greasy atmosphere and exchanged terms of endearment. Chu Jiao really wished that this moment would last forever, however, an ice cold voice suddenly emerged, breaking her wishful thinking.


    [World: ‘Soldier Uncle fucks me inside out’, Goal completion rate: 100%]

    [The capture of male lead Chu Minshen is a success.]

    [Preparing system….]

    [The 10 minute countdown will now begin.]

    Chu Jiao firmly shut her eyes and inquired in her mind.

    [419, after I leave, what will happen to Chu Minshen and Chu Jiao of this world?]

    [Once the amendment of the story is complete, the world will achieve stabilization. The characters and events will continue to follow the track of amended plot.]

    Did that mean that Chu Minshen would no longer have any entanglement with the female lead again and would continue to live with the original ‘Chu Jiao’?

    This…..was also good.

    She was originally a little thief who shamelessly occupied more than 10 years of what belonged to the original ‘Chu Jiao’ as well Chu Minshen’s love…

    After she left, these will all be returned to ‘Chu Jiao’….and everything would go back to normal.

    Apart from that, only her existence would be gone in this world.

    Chu Jiao embraced Chu Minshen’s waist, burying her head into his chest and her melancholic voice travelling to Chu Minshen’s ears.

    “Second uncle…if….if there came a day, I wasn’t by your side anymore….would you forget me?” Chu Jiao didn’t know if there was any meaning to asking a question with the intention of deceiving herself and the other person but she still couldn’t help but wish to hear an answer.

    Although Chu Minshen was clueless as to why Chu Jiao would suddenly ask this kind of question, it didn’t affect his answer.

    “Never, I would never forget you.”

    He tightened his arm and lowered his head to kiss the little flower’s earlobes in his arms. “As long as Jiao Jiao is willing to want second uncle for a day, second uncle will always be by your side…” His pupils then deepened again. “If there came a day…..that Jiao Jiao wants to leave….”

    Chu Minshen was somewhat unable to continue on. He didn’t want to think of such a day at all but he hardened himself and continued in a sour voice. “Second uncle will let you go. As long…. As long as you let second uncle know you’re happy… would be enough for me….”

    Chu Jiao who was buried in Chu Minshen’s embrace violently shook her head. She didn’t want to go anywhere! Not a single bit at all! She didn’t even want such a day to come either!

    However, the moment she made that deal with the system, she had lost her right to choose from that point forward.

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