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  • Chapter 40.2 Uncle, stop scaring my classmates (2)

    Chu Minshen waited until everyone had left the room before closing the doors. He walked to Chu Jiao’s side and seeing the little flower covering her mouth and restraining her urge to laugh from Xiao Mei’s ridicule, his face darkened as he asked.

    “An old man huh?”

    Chu Jiao shook her head in haste. “Of course it’s not true. My family’s second uncle is the most handsome guy. He’s not old, not one bit at all!”

    Chu Minshen’s complexion turned better however. “Can’t even stand kissing him? hm?”

    Chu Jiao continued to shake her head. “How could it be possible! I’m only ever willing to kiss second uncle!”

    After she said this, she immediately obediently leaned forward and puckered to plant a kiss on Chu Minshen’s mouth. The man took advantage of this and opened his mouth to stretch his big tongue out and sweep the inside of Chu Jiao’s mouth, kissing the girl until the corner of her eyes turned red before magnanimously releasing her.

    Chu Minshen kissed until he felt better. He shifted from sitting on the chair to sitting on the bed and began to feed Chu Jiao.

    “Second Uncle, I’ll do it myself.” Chu Jiao reached out, wanting to seize the bowl and chopsticks. “It’s not like I sprained my hands, let me eat by myself la~”

    Chu Minshen nimbly dodged her and scooped up another spoon before stuffing it in Chu Jiao’s mouth. He feigned anger as he chided her. “You still dare to talk! I see you haven’t learned any lessons from your injured foot! Tell me the honest truth from beginning to end about what happened with that Li Menger!”

    Chu Jiao saw her second uncle getting angry for the first time since forever and pouted. She cutely opened her mouth to allow him to feed her. While chewing, she recounted the matter of what had happened with Li Menger from start to end.

    “So that’s what happened.” She swallowed the very last spoon of rice. “Hmph, in the end, wasn’t it still the calamity you provoked!”

    Chu Minshen never would have thought that the person at the neighboring toilet that day was Li Menger, that the girl would even trap his family’s niece just because of an overlooked undergarment. He was usually strict and unapproachable so nobody would discuss these gossips that were currently discussed by students around him. As a result, he had been out of the loop regarding the matter of Chu Jiao’s name being tarnished.

    What made him more furious was that a group of adolescent boys actually disseminated this matter around. He simply had a tough time imagining how hurt his Jiao Jiao must have been to have been wronged.

    “Be good. Stay here and have a good sleep tonight. Leave this matter to your uncle to settle.”

    Nobody was allowed to hurt his little flower. He restrained the darkness seeping into his pupils as he vowed this in his heart.

    Chu Minshen always handled matters quickly, accurately and ruthlessly. Aside from the way he treated his family’s little flower, he was always firm about everything else at all times.

    The next day, class 2’s students realized their instructor was replaced during their morning drill. The original tall and strong instructor was gone and was instead substituted by another shorter and skinnier instructor.

    Everybody felt that this was weird but their doubts were answered once they saw the notice that was posted on the canteen doors announcement board during lunch.

    That notice was evidently advertised with the general idea that a certain instructor was found to have engaged in a dereliction of duty during working hours and had inappropriate working manners and was hence dismissed.

    Inappropriate working manner….This phrase was very subtle and many students started whispering to one another. They all simultaneously figured that the male lead of the widely rumored boys’ toilet incident must have been this certain instructor. As for what “inappropriate manner” referred to, it goes without saying.

    The male lead was finally identified, now the female lead was left.

    Chu Jiao’s relationship with the Head Instructors was finally brought to light under Xiao Mei’s unbridled publicity, causing everyone’s eyes to drop and the dirty water that was splashed on her was also finally wiped clean.

    At the same time, the dialogue between Ah Fei, Brother Dong and Li Menger en route the mountain hike was also spread out quickly like a dandelion that was blown by the wind, it fell into several people’s ears.

    The instructor who was sacked was in charge of Li Menger’s class. Many students had also often seen him and Li Menger interacting very happily. Everybody began buzzing around and it seemed like the truth was about to come out into the open anytime soon.

    In the afternoon, the head teacher who was supposed to be at school appeared at the base and after discussing with the head instructor in a low voice, under everyone’s public gaze, his face sunk as deep as the water as he brought Li Menger away leaving the base.

    At this moment, the entire matter was made clear. Everybody let out a gasp of surprise in their heart. They never imagined that the usually pure and kindhearted Li Menger secretly had a malicious and obscene character. It was really an eye opening event.

    This kind of discussion continued on even when military training ended and they had all returned to school.

    And the female lead, Li Menger, who supposedly was to pass three years smoothly as a current of water then marry the male lead Chu Minshen upon graduating university, had her fate completely reversed. Now, in this world, she was plagued with such a scandal in just her very first year of entering school. This completely wrecked the image she had built in everyone’s heart.

    That day she was brought back by the head teacher to school, she immediately received disciplinary action of getting a major demerit in her record. Although the exact reason wasn’t clearly stated, everyone shared a tacit understanding.

    Li Menger was originally planning to wait until everyone had gradually forgotten about this matter. She was going to strive to wash herself clean and didn’t think that an erotic video would suddenly be posted on the internet. It was of a junior high school student engaging in promiscuous activity. That was a part of Li Menger’s preposterous history in junior high. She never would have thought there would be a video record of it and that it would even come to light into the internet!

    And because this video involved a minor, with such a large yardstick, it had spread widely across the entire internet in just two days. Senior high school students who always paid close attention to new exciting matters naturally did not miss this.

    After this matter was exposed, a netizen had sold the female lead, Li Menger’s, information online. She was derided cyberly and also suffered from pointed fingers at school. In the end, she chose to withdraw from school, walking an entirely different path from the original story. 

    T/N: What goes around comes around~ Moral of the story. DON’T BE A HOE ಠ◡ಠ Also, one last chapter left for the first worlddddd. Are you guys ready for the waterworks?! Do you have your tissues ready?!

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