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  • Chapter 40.1 Uncle, stop scaring my classmates (1)

    Chu Jiao was able to properly ‘relieve her itch’ within the forest and was entirely spent without an ounce of strength. She allowed Chu Minshen to dress her as her entire body felt sore all over and was even carried by the man all the way back to base.

    Although the two people made trouble in the middle of the journey, there was still some time before everyone who was in the middle of the drill would arrive back to base so the base was still empty without a single person. Chu Minshen bounded Chu Jiao’s injured foot and the two people took a simple bath before she was brought to the infirmary.

    “En, the soft tissue is slightly injured and the ankle is swollen.” The infirmary doctor carefully observed Chu Jiao’s foot before giving this verdict. “The ankle joint ‘s damage isn’t considered especially serious.”

    She said while looking through medical cabinet. “I’ll give you an ointment to apply. Even though there’s no fracture, you still shouldn’t stand or exert yourself too much during this period. Be good and stay here.”

    Chu Jiao sercretly laughed inside. The fact that she could skip the rest of the training in the following days was also considered a profit from disaster.

    Chu Minshen could guess Chu Jiao’s thoughts accurately as he turned his head to glare at her before continuing to carefully listen to the doctor’s advice.

    Both parties were thoroughly informed.

    When nightfall came, the new students who had undergone a day of training had finally returned to base.

    Xiao Mei and Ah Fei rushed to the infirmary the first moment to visit Chu Jiao.

    Xiao Mei utilized both feet and hands to describe what had happened during Ah Fei and Li Meng er’s confrontation. In the end, Brother Dong dealt the final blow, letting Chu Jiao feel touched and also amazed.

    “That Brother Dong is …..the tall person from class 10?” Chu Jiao rummaged through her memories and asked.

    “That’s right.” Xiao Mei nodded and said in regret. “It was a pity the timing wasn’t right. In the end, the instructors came to maintain order. Brother Dong wasn’t able to take out the piece of evidence out at the end. But seeing Li Menger’s terrified expression, I can definitely tell there was something fishy going on.”

    Chu Jiao nodded with a pensive face.

    Ah Fei hated iron for not becoming steel (1) and once again raised the matter of Chu Jiao getting hurt. “Chu Jiao, you already knew she harbored malicious intentions yet you didn’t have your defenses up at all!”

    1. Hated iron for not becoming steel: to feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement.

    Chu Jiao also felt helpless. “I never would’ve imagined that she would directly take action right in front of everybody ah!”

    “Ah! So she really pushed you over!?” Xiao Mei banged on the table and angrily said. “She even continued to persist in explaining to us, saying that you stumbled down yourself and that she felt guilty for not having caught you! What a big fat liar!”

    “Because she knew I didn’t have any evidence to hold her accountable.” Chu Jiao smiled bitterly shaking her head. “At that time, there was only the two of us there. She used her feet to stumble me when I wasn’t paying attention. She could have totally lied saying that I stumbled and fell over because of a rock.”

    “Yeah yeah yeah, that’s what she did!” Xiao Mei nodded at once. “Also, she really was too much. Even after you fell down and got hurt. She didn’t even forget to smear your name and claimed that you were having an affair with the head instructor!!!”

    Xiao Mei was complaining with such great fanfare that she didn’t notice the meaningful look Ah Fei gave her as she continued speaking.

    “Just thinking about it, it’s obviously impossible ma!” She felt indignant at the injustice. “Even though the head instructor is hot, he looks to be around a 30 year old man! God, you guys are like more than 20 years apart. How can my Jiao Jiao even stand kissing him! It’s simply just too…”


    While Xiao Mei was shaking her head, she caught a glimpse of a tall figure standing at the doorside. He had been standing there this whole time, listening for god knows how long.

    “He…….Head instructor…”

    Xiao Mei wanted to cry but lacked the tears. “Instructor. P-please listen to me….I..I didn’t mean…..that…..” Oh my god, can lightning come and strike her dead right now please. She had just been been speaking badly about someone and was heard entirely by the same person… Will she be punished to run 20 laps ah wuwuuwuwu.

    “Puchi!” Chu Jiao looked at Xiao Mei’s embarrassed expression and simply broke into a smile. However, it was still a restrained smile as she assisted her out of trouble. “Cough, uncle, come on over and stop scaring my classmates.”

    Chu Minshen was planning to get Chu Jiao food from the canteen. Who would’ve guessed that he would hear such a thing when he returned. This also solved the question of how Chu Jiao had gotten hurt. He hardened his face and walked inside the room, placing the food on the small table at the side.


    Xiao Mei and Ah Fei exchanged a glance. This term of address exploded in their minds. In the end, Xiao Mei was the first who couldn’t hold back her curiosity to ask. “That…..Jiao Jiao ah…”

    “Hm?” Chu Jiao put on a face of composure despite the chaos she caused them to feel.

    “Head…..Head instructor is your…..uncle?” Xiao Mei didn’t dare to look at the man she had just spoken badly about a while ago and only anxiously looked towards Chu Jiao.

    “That’s right. I previously didn’t let you know before because I was afraid it would only stir up unnecessary misunderstandings.” Chu Jiao reached her hand out to pull Chu Minshen, signalling for him to bend down. She stuck her face right next to his cheeks and beamed while saying. “Don’t you think we look incredibly alike?”

    No! We don’t feel that at all!!

    The two people screamed that loud in their hearts. One was a coarse man, the other was a dainty flower. How was it the slightest bit the same!

    “That’s right! The Head instructor’s surname is also Chu…” Xiao Mei knocked her own head. Feeling the man’s ice cold gaze on her, she fidgeted for a while before promptly lifting her bottom up and stood. She pulled Ah Fei while hurriedly informing them. “Haha….Head instructor…then we won’t be disturbing Chu Jiao from resting….bye bye….bye……”

    The instructor’s gaze were simply like an icy knife. Even though it was currently summer, she actually felt a shiver down her spine.

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