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  • Chapter 4.1 Uncle, give Jiao Jiao a bath please! (1)

    T/N: Hey guys! Today’s as well as next Thursdays chapter length will be half the usual length. I haven’t had the time to translate at all during the week because school had just started and I’m currently taking up two part-time jobs. Plus, I just recently picked this up so I still haven’t adjusted quite well yet. But next Friday’s chapter should be back to the usual chapter length. Sorry again and hope you enjoy!

    Chu Mishen stood in the center of the living room, dazed.

    Although he had already known that a single adult man taking care of a little girl would have its difficulties and nuisances, he had never put it to heart. Jiao Jiao was older brother and sister-in-law’s only daughter so he would do his utmost best to raise her.

    It was only a bath.


    “Jiao Jiao, can you take a bath by yourself?” Chu Minshen held this very last hope.

    Chu Jiao shook her head in confusion.

    “I can’t. Mommy always helps me bath at home.”

    “Mommy said. Jiao Jiao is too young so she can’t clean up very well.”

    Alright. It looked like it was up to him. 

    Chu Minshen came to a compromise, he pulled up his sleeves, took off his socks and carried Chu Jiao into the bathroom.

    The washroom had its own bathtub. Chu Minshen turned on the hot water and adjusted the temperature to one he felt suitable. 

    “Jiao Jiao, it’s time to wash up…”

    When Chu Minshen turned around, he realized that Chu Jiao had already taken off her clothes and was charmingly standing before him.

    Chu Jiao’s body grew up very nicely.

    Having inherited her parents’ excellent genes, she had thick and long eyelashes, big black grape eyes, long and arched shaped eyebrows and a small cherry mouth. One look and you could tell that she was a beauty in the bud. What was even more wonderful was that, under her right eye, there was a tiny little red mole, looking very lovely and alluring.

    And her little body was as white as snow just like a soft white glutinous rice ball.

    Chu Minshen coughed before reaching his hand out and carrying Chu Jiao into the bathtub.

    “Hehe, so tickly.”

    Chu Minshen had accumulated many callouses on his palm over the years from holding guns and training in martial arts. When he touched Chu Jiao’s tender skin with his coarseness, there was an itchy feeling.

    It was like peeling the shell of an egg.

    Feeling the sensation on his palm, Chu Minshen secretly thought this,

    Chu Minshen pumped a few drops of shower gel and kneaded it into the shower puff until it produced a lot of bubbles before smearing it all over Chu Jiao’s body.

    Chu Jiao let him raise and lower his hand, playing with a small floating duck on a basin at the side, while secretly wavering in her heart.

    She didn’t know if the male lead had any “interest” in the underaged. As a person without any experience in having sex, Chu Jiao was actually unconfident and she didn’t know how to seduce people, or rather how to make people like her.

    But what she didn’t know was that.

    Sometimes, the most innocent things, are the most titillating. 

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