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  • Chapter 39 Uncle, let’s feel good together (H Forest Play)

    T/N: Extra chapter for Merry Christmas Special! Merry Christmas everybody!!!

    Chu Minshen’s fingers were still buried inside Chu Jiao’s little hole. As Chu Minshen quickened his pace, Chu Jiao had almost been thrusted into until she had lost her senses and could only cry out lewdly as a natural response repeatedly. She didn’t even have the slightest idea as to where Chu Minshen was taking her.

    Although the barren hill wasn’t too tall, the vegetations were lush. Aside from a few footpaths that were opened up artificially, the rest were surrounded with shrubbery and the like. The two people deviated away from the main road and arrived at an area surrounded by trees. The surrounding trees all looked to be at least several hundred years old, their trunks were thick and their leaves lush green, hiding the sky and covering the earth, sheltering the sun and sky completely. Even if it was bright as day outside, that of the inside was definitely dusky and dark like the nightfall.

    Chu Minshen arrived at a flat land and using the strength in his arms, he shifted Chu Jiao from the back to the front and proceeded to press her against a thick tree trunk.

    “Ohh huh…..nnnn Second uncle?”  When Chu Minshen’s fingers left her cave, Chu Jiao felt an emptiness down there. She opened her eyes and stared at the man in confusion.

    Chu Minshen’s manly face was no longer wore the strict and proper expression it had on during the day. Sweat continued to trickle down his forehead and temples like he had just finished a 50 kilometer marathon, as he panted for breath.

    “Little hussy….” Chu Minshen captured Chu Jiao’s lips at once and strongly sucked on it. His hands agiley disrobed his pants. “Seducing your second uncle without any regards for the place……you’re really…..such a bad little egg…”

    “Nggghhh……that’s not truee….” Chu Jiao’s cherry lips ambiguously retorted. “It’s obviously…..ngghh…..obviously second uncle…..who can’t resist….”

    Chu Minshen thought to himself. If he could resist, he was afraid he was going to turn into a saint. His hands dropped to release the huge object constrained in his pants. He lifted Chu Jiao’s injured leg and placed it on his shoulders. In the next moment, his huge dragon had entered a cave.

    “Ahhhhhh……” Chu Jiao cried out half in joy and half in pain. Her flower hole’s void had been filled in an instant and she raised her head. “Ahnnnn…..second uncle……go slower…..uhhhnnn mmmnnn…oohhh… little hole is so full…..”

    Even though he had just gone through the passage plenty of times, Chu Jiao’s tunnel was still as tight as ever. When his meat stick penetrated her, it was closely wrapped inside. 

    “Huff………relax a bit…..” Chu Minshen slowly moved further inside. “How….How can it still be this tight….after being fucked by uncle so many times?”

    “Wuuuu…..mhhhmm…” Chu Jiao bore the force of the invasion and did her best to loosen herself. “Ahhnnnnn….. How….how would I know….. Aren’t… the one…..who’s feeling good…..from the tightness……whereas….I’d be suffering….ahhh….”

    Chu Minshen was finally able to thrust until the base and had started to swing his sturdy waist, pounding her.

    “Nngg….. How can you say you’re suffering….” He said as he thrusted. He slipped one hand in Chu Jiao’s clothes and kneaded the little nipple that turning erect on her chest. “It should be us…….feeling good together…..ohhh…..”

    Needless to say, the man’s words of love was also sometimes titillating. Chu Jiao raised her head and enjoyed the pleasure his big hands gave her. Seeing Chu Minshen’s appearance of sweating and putting in effort, she couldn’t help but stick her little tongue out and licked the sweat dripping on the corner of his forehead. “Ahnnnnn……Jiao Jiao also wants to…..feel good together….with second uncle….ahh….second uncle…be gentler…ohhh….uhnn…”

    The lick made Chu Minshen’s head numb as his lower body used more strength to pound her. Pa Pa Pa! The sounds of flesh slapping against flesh reverberated in the silent forest. They made love taking the sky as the canopy and the earth as a mattress (1). This made them feel a new kind of stimulation.

    1. Taking the sky as the canopy and the earth as a mattress: lofty sentiments of fearing no hardships in the open.

    Chu Jiao’s back was propped against the tree trunk. The bumpy surface of the trunk rubbed against her skin and because she still had clothes on, it didn’t hurt, instead, it felt faintly itchy.

    “Ngh…..Jiao Jiao…….you’re so soft……”

    “Ahhhhh Hahhhh……….oohhhhh…..hnnnggg…..second uncle………’s too deep…..hahhh…….your cock is too thick…..”

    “Huff.. is my cock making you feel good…..Jiao Jiao….”

    “Yessss……it feels good……it feels so fucking good….”

    “Do you like…..getting…fucked by uncle’s fingers more…Haahh nghh..or…do you like….getting fucked by…Uncle’s….big cock?”

    “Hnnnnnghhhh……Ohhhhhh ohhhh…..I….I like both…..haaaahh… as long as it’s  second uncle……huff….annnn…. Jiao Jiao will like it…..”

    Chu Minshen really loved Chu Jiao’s little mouth to death. Every word  caused him to lose his soul to temptation, filling his heart with sweetness. He planted another kiss on the girl’s lips like a bear that was greedy for honey and ruthlessly absorbed all the sweet liquid in her mouth, causing Chu Jiao’s cheeks to turn crimson from the kiss as she panted for breath repeatedly.

    After pounding for a while, Chu Minshen still remembered Chu Jiao’s injured foot and simply turned her over, letting her hug the tree with her knees on the floor as he stuck close to her back, changing their position into a doggy style.

    This kind of position made Chu Jiao raise her little butt high. Her tender hole was still gaping widely, leaking the water that was fucked by the cock as it spasmed in the air, looking extremely captivating.

    Chu Minshen held Chu Jiao’s waist and ferociously penetrated her hole once more. Chu Jiao also leaned forward from the force and she embraced the tree trunk tightly. The erect pearl on her chest rubbed against the coarse surface of the tree.

    “Ohhhh uhn….ahhhh…” The milk ball came into contact with the rough tree skin and the constant grinding made Chu Jiao feel a stinging itch. 


    Chu Minshen fucked her with interchanging gentle and heavy thrusts and every time he thrusted in, Chu Jiao’s soft chest was chafed by the tree surface. The hundred year old tree’s bark had deep longitudinal marks and the trunk also had mastoids and hallowed surfaces. When the soft chest pressed against the top, it felt like it was glued to nature’s very own dildo. Even though it didn’t vibrate like how some dildos did, it massaged Chu Jiao until she was soft and feeling good. Her nipple very quickly turned extremely swollen.


    Chu Jiao stuck her lower body out, enduring the man’s unceasing attacks. Displeased with the intermittent friction, she simply hugged the tree bark tightly and unconsciously started to take initiative in stirring her own chest by rubbing her upper body against the tree bark.

    “Uhnnn… feels so good…..ohhh…hahh..hngg…”

    Seeing Chu Jiao’s licentious little appearance, Chu Minshen very quickly discovered the movements of her upper body. His pupils deepened and the cock that was buried inside the little hole also started to swell more.

    “Looks like uncle…..can’t satisfy you….” He reached two hands out to the front to grab Chu Jiao’s breasts, squeezing the smooth and round tits into pointed shapes. “Since you’re so thirsty…..let….uncle help you….” He added a bit more strength in his pounding as he continued to knead and brought Chu Jiao’s chest to the tree bark to grind and would at times use his hand to tease the two inflamed little milk pearls.

    “Ah……Nnnahhhh…..Nghhh Mhhh… second uncle….hahh.” The intense stimulation at the front and the rear pleasured Chu Jiao causing her to lose her senses as she very quickly reached climax, screaming loudly as she clenched her flower hole.

    “Ahhhh….I can’t…..ahhh..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

    Chu Minshen at this time also fucked her until his eyes turned red. He put all his energy into his waist and quickly rammed in a few more times before finally shooting out his rich essence in the very last thrust with a low growl.

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