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  • Chapter 38 Uncle, Jiao Jiao is h*rny (H)

    “Oh? A slight itch? …..”

    Chu Minshen asked back in a raspy voice. Even though he was carrying the girl on his back, his eyes stared straight at the road. The hands behind his back seemed to have grown its own pair of eyes as it gradually came together along with his words. His fingertips slowly advanced towards the honey butt to probe the two petals.

    “Where does it itch?” His fingers slid smoothly along the round arch and slithered to the tightly closed chrysanthemum hole before pausing for a moment. “Is it here?…” 

    “Wuuuu…..It’s not there…..” Chu Jiao promptly denied. 

    Feeling the fingers being clenched tighter, Chu Minshen laughed and his fingers shifted forward, going to a much deeper place. “Then… it this place?….”

    He left one hand supporting the girl’s butt and the other was like a lively little snake, slipping into the tiny crack between the two glued bodies. Separated by just two layers of clothing, he accurately touched Chu Jiao’s secret place.

    “Ahnn……Hnghh uhh….”

    Fondling that soft little protrusion, Chu Minshen reached out his index and middle finger and gently clipped the girl’s flower lips separated with just a piece of clothing, He twisted his fingers in a slight grinding motion.

    “Nnn…..Second Uncle….haa……ngh……” Having her petals pressed by the man’s slender fingers, the itch Chu Jiao felt from having her panties wedged inside her, eased a bit but thereupon, the numbness started to gush from within a deeper part of her.

    “Looks like second uncle’s found the right place…” Chu Minshen chuckled, increasing the strength of his fingers and rubbing with more force. “Seeing that you’re injured…. Second uncle… will personally help you relieve the itch….”

    In the rugged empty mountain path, a tall robust man was slowly walking down the hill. On his back was a young girl whose face was flushed red. Her eyes were like water gems, while her mouth would occasionally spill out moving moans.

    “Ahhhh…..Second Uncle….Hah..hmm….”

    “It feels so good….Hmmm… it stronger…..ahhnn…..”

    The girl’s voice was melodious like a yellow oriole bird. It echoed within the deserted mountain, sounding pleasant and attractive to the ear.

    The man took stable and steady steps. His body slightly leaning forward. The biceps on his arms bulged, appearing very thick and strong. As you trailed down the arm, one of his hands was supporting the girl’s bottom, the other hand, was clamped between his and the girl’s body shaking slightly, without a clear view of what they were doing.

    Chu Jiao was already very aroused being teased by Chu Minshen. She laid atop his back and swung her hips along with his movement. Yet, she felt slightly dissatisfied with Chu Minshen’s ineffectual teasing.

    Seeing that there was not a soul in sight and that they were entering into a lush forest, Chu Jiao grew bold and tightened the hold of her right hand that was circled around Chu Minshen’s neck. Her left hand slid down and hauled Chu Minshen’s hand that was wreaking havoc. She pulled him forward slowly until they reached the waist of her pants.

    “Nnn….Second uncle..” Chu Jiao hinted in a small voice.

    Chu Minshen’s back was to her so he couldn’t see the girl’s expression but at this moment, he could imagine her hard to endure and lovely pitiful expression.

    “What does Little Jiao Jiao want Second Uncle….to do?….” His hands stopped by the girl’s waist without making a single move.

    “I want….I want second uncle’s hand….Hngg… to come in…” Chu Jiao bit her lip and shyly told him.

    “Come in?” Chu Minshen swiftly undid the button of the girl’s camouflaged pants. “Come in….and do what?…. Chu Minshen clearly knew the answer yet he still viley wanted Chu Jiao to speak the words herself.

    “Come in….” and touch Jiao Jiao…” Chu Jiao lifted her body and grinded twice. She could already see through the thoughts of this mensao second uncle so she thickened her face urged in a spoilt tone. “Quick…… I want….Uncle’s fingers…mmhhhh…. To touch Jiao Jiao’s…..little sister….”

    Chu Minshen heard the words he wanted to hear and his fingers that were itching for action immediately invaded the girl’s trousers. Following the girl’s flesh down, he probed into a deep valley and arrived at a wet and soft place.

    Without the cloth separating them, Chu Minshen’s fingers stuck close to the warm petal. The petals were already sopping wet for an unknown period of time and when his hands roamed around, he collided against his other hand.

    “Didn’t you have an itch….” Chu Minshen prodded the lips with his hands and grinded the little meat’s inside. He asked in a smiling voice. “Why is Jiao Jiao’s little sister…..leaking water?”

    “Uhhnnn…….Hngghh…..Because…because….” Chu Jiao’s entire focus was placed on the fingers Chu Minshen was teasing her with. When she felt the intermittent soft and heavy kneading, she blurted out the words in her heart.

    “Because….ahhhhggn……Because Jiao Jiao….is h*rny….”

    Chu Minshen’s desire was originally stirred already yet when he heard these words, the sleeping dragon underneath his crotch immediately stood up erected. It pressed against his pants and was so hard, it caused him a bit of pain.

    He used his index finger and middle finger to separate the soft petals and position them towards the place Chu Jiao was disgorging sexual secretions. With a “puchi” sound, he inserted his fingers into the flower cave he hadn’t visited for several days.


    The foreign object’s entrance caused Chu Jiao’s little hole to tighten, clamping on Chu Minshen’s two fingers. But it didn’t expect that the two thick and slender fingers would be very lively, it disregarded her resistance and thrusted inside forcefully.

    At this point, Chu Minshen had already reached halfway down the road. In front of him was about a hundred meter step of stone stairs. While he was thrusting his fingers, he warned the little person he was carrying. “These steps are a bit steep. Jiao Jiao, you have to hold onto Uncle tightly and not move around.”

    Chu Jiao opened her blurry eyes and peered through her shoulders before tightening her arms at once.

    “Wuuu…Then uncle, you should quickly take it out..hnn..and hold Jiao Jiao properly.”

    “Hehe.” Chu Minshen laughed in delight. He patted Chu Jiao’s little butt and said with confidence. “Don’t worry. Uncle can’t bear to throw you over….Moreover…” He looked towards his own already erect meat stick making a tent in his camouflage pants. “How heartless. You’re here feeling good…yet uncle can only stifle his erection….”

    Chu Jiao stretched her head out to take a look. Chu Minshen’s loose pants were stretched taut by a swollen object, the upright member had formed a little tent inside. Moreover, the pants seemed to be seeped in a dubious liquid.

    She giggled as she lifted her other uninjured foot and gently prodded the tent. “Ah. Looks like I’m not the only one who’s leaking… Uncle’s big meat stick….is also leaking.”

    Chu Jiao was so spoiled by Chu Minshen that she didn’t even know the principles of “How to not go overboard and seek death”. She vigorously teased the man whilst conveniently forgetting the fact that the man’s fingers were still inside her.

    Chu Minshen was so angry from her teasing. He gnashed his teeth and took out the fingers he had buried inside Chu Jiao’s little hole. With the ring finger now added, three fingers once again thrusted into the passage. This little hussy actually still had the spirit to provoke him, looks like he hadn’t put in enough effort.

    “Ahhhh……Nghhh ahhh….Second uncle..Mmmhhhhhh…It’s so thick……”

    Hearing the cute moans from behind, Chu Minshen took one step at a time going down the stairs. Every time he reached a foot out, the girl behind would also jolt along and the fingers that were buried inside her privates would also part with it. And every time he landed on a step, the body behind him would fall back again, her chest and her lower body would once again stick close to him and her little hole would also once again gape open, containing his fingers closely within.

    “Oohhhh..uhhhh….It’s so deeppp…..hahh….”

    “Nnhhhh…Hhaaa….Second uncle….Can you walk slower…. Uhhhhhnnn….”

    “Jiao Jiao’s going to break …..from being thrusted…..Hnnn…Second uncle’s fingers…ahh…are so long…..and so thick….”

    “Ahh….Second Uncle….don’t jolt…ahhhh ohhh…Jiao Jiao’s little hole…nnhhh.. Can’t take it…”

    The girl’s lascivious voice cut intermittently due to the bumps on the road and lingered beside Chu Minshen’s ears, causing his Adam’s apple to repeatedly bob up and down. And in his eyes, a layer of deep desire arose.

    He quickened his pace and skipped several steps along the way to head down the stairs. On the left was a thicket of a lush forest. He carried the girl and sprang towards that direction, leaving no trails in his path. 

    T/N: That’s right Chu Minshen. Go get that ass \(^O^)/

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