Chapter 36 Uncle, I’m fine

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“Ah!” Li Menger retracted her leg and pretended to shout in worry as she covered her mouth. “Chu Jiao! Be careful!”

The people who were going up the stairs turned around when they heard this and was only able to catch the figure of Chu Jiao slipping down.

“Oh my god!”

“Chu Jiao!”

“Quickly rescue her! Call the instructors!”

Chu Minshen who was following at the very back of the group heard that someone had slipped down due to carelessness. His heart tightened as he quickly hurried to the front. He moved extremely fast and arrived at the site not a moment late.

“Wuuuwuuu.. Instructor, please save Chu Jiao….” At this moment, Li Menger sat paralyzed on the ground, tears wetting her cheeks.

“Who did you say!?” Chu Minshen’s eyes looked like they were about to pop out as he gripped Li Menger’s shoulders tightly inquiring once more.

“Chu-……Chu Jiao…” Li Menger became ice cold all over seeing the terrifying expression on Chu Minshen’s face that she was unable to speak properly.

Chu Minshen released her and leapt down the next second under everybody’s gasps, and slid down the slopes.

“Jiao Jiao! Jiao Jiao!”

He suppressed the restlessness and terror in his heart and called the girl’s name out loud, even forgetting that his intimate form of address was taboo. He wholeheartedly wished that she was all right.

“Se-…..Second uncle….right here…..”

His ears twitched as he followed the direction of the weak sound. He pushed away the ravines and the branches in the surroundings and was finally able to find Chu Jiao sitting in the middle of the dead leaves.

“Jiao Jiao!” Chu Minshen ran over and carefully lifted her up. “What happened, where does it hurt? Is your head in pain? Did you get any scrapes?”

Chu Jiao obediently shook her head. “I’m fine. The slope was full of dead leaves and it wasn’t too high. I landed right here when I slipped down so I wasn’t hurt…..It’s just…I sprained my foot.”

Chu Minshen pulled the hem of her pants up and without a doubt, her right foot was swollen like a ball. She had absolutely no way to continue walking.

“Be good. Second Uncle will carry you up in a moment.” Chu Minshen made a cursory inspection of Chu Jiao’s body and seeing that there was only a faint scratch on her arm and no serious injuries, Chu Minshen let out a breath of relief. Only the heavens knew how scared and uneasy he felt the moment he heard that Chu Jiao fell.

His little flower met with danger, right in front of him.

If something really did happen, he would never be able to forgive himself. 

Chu Minshen drove out the other instructors who came down to help and ordered them to continue to lead the group. He himself, picked up a branch to use as a cane and let Chu Jiao crouch on him as he slowly carried her back up the slope.

He was originally a part of the marine corps and had fought in the wilderness all year round so Chu Jiao’s weight wasn’t that different compared to the baggage he had to carry for his training which means he could easily climb back up but Chu Minshen didn’t. He silently carried the little lady, leaving foot tracks from each step behind as he walked back up. 

Chu Jiao’s hands were placed around Chu Minshen’s neck as her cheeks stuck close to his wide yet strong back. Her ears listened to the steady heartbeat coming from within his body and she felt incomparably at ease.

Aside from the frenetic she had felt the split second she slipped, she didn’t worry about anything after that. Because she knew and believed that Chu Minshen would find her. No matter where she was, he would always be able to find her. 

“Aiiii. Did you see that? The head instructor was too cool!”

“Yeah, he jumped down with a ‘whoosh’ and wasn’t even scared at all!”

“I heard our instructor say that they’re all from the marine corps and that the head supervisor is their leader so it’s no wonder he’s amazing!”

“Wow, I previously thought they were all literary soldiers!~”

After everybody heard the instructors confirm that Chu Jiao didn’t meet any harm, they continued walking forward and were now in the mood to continue gossiping. Li Menger’s eyes drooped, somewhat regretting Chu Jiao’s good luck. However, having stopped her from exposing her also allowed her to have a breath of relief.

Hearing everybody talk about Chu Minshen right now, her eyes turned as she inserted herself into the topic and ‘carelessly’ brought it up. “Ai, did you guys hear them? Why did the head instructor call Classmate Chu ‘Jiao Jiao’?”

What she obviously implied was that, this form of address was too intimate.

Several girls by her side exchanged glances.

When Chu Jiao encountered an accident, they didn’t think it would be appropriate to say bad words behind her back so they never cared about Li Menger’s words but now, hesitation arose in their hearts.

Li Menger was about to add something when she was suddenly received a violent kick from the back sending her straight to the ground.

“Ah!” Li Menger was caught off guard and landed on the floor. She turned her head and saw a fuming Ah Fei and Xiao Mei.

The two people had previously gone to the toilet so they were unaware of what had happened. When they returned, they heard about the matter of Chu Jiao slipping down the hill and felt incessant terror. Hearing that Li Menger was by her side at that time, the two people made their way over and without even getting the chance to ask questions, they heard Li Menger adding more oil to the fire by splashing more dirty water at Chu Jiao.

“Are you, are you guys crazy? Why did you push me!” Li Menger sat on the ground, red-eyed with a wronged appearance.

“You’re the crazy one!” Ah Fei exploded. “Setting up Chu Jiao was one thing, now you want to hurt her?!”

“Yeah, you actually pushed her down the hill, Li Menger, don’t you think you’re too malicious!” Xiao Mei continued.

The classmates at the side originally wanted to support Li Menger up but when they heard these words, they stopped themselves.

“You…You….Stop babbling nonsense! I didn’t do anything! Chu Jiao obviously slipped down by herself!” Li Menger hurriedly quibbled. She was convinced that nobody saw her make the move.

“Ptooey! It was obviously you! You were afraid that Chu Jiao was going to expose you as the owner of the undergarment that was in the boys’ toilet that day, weren’t you!” Ah Fei questioned.

“No……..No, that’s not true….” Li Menger secretly hated that Chu Jiao actually revealed this matter to them and could only feign ignorance and deny it.

“That day Chu Jiao was coincidentally in the neighboring toilet. She didn’t expect to hear things that shouldn’t be heard!” Ah Fei spoke in a loud voice, attracting a lot of people’s attention over. “A certain girl named ‘Menger’, was even dubiously getting together with an instructor! This is a fact! This is the real truth you wanted to cover up!”

Chu Jiao originally didn’t plan to reveal this matter and also told Ah Fei and Xiao Mei not to do so, saying that she herself would just warn Li Menger about it. But when Ah Fei heard about the matter of Chu Jiao getting hurt, she couldn’t hold it in. She held extreme suspicion that Li Menger played a dirty trick on Chu Jiao so she bluntly dropped this bomb.

The story about the undergarment in the males’ toilet was simply with many twists and turns. Ah Fei’s words were like a bomb, igniting the fire in many people who were initially secretly observing and guessing to start gossiping.

“Youu…you’re lying…what evidence do you have, bring it out for everyone to see!” Li Menger lifted her head and sneered with hatred. “If you can’t produce it, then stop spouting lies!”

Ah Fei indeed didn’t have any evidence. She was about continue disputing when she suddenly heard a boy’s voice from behind.

“She can’t give you evidence, but I can.” A tall boy wearing a camouflage uniform walked over with his hands in his pockets. He stared at Li Menger with a cold smile. “Li Menger, do you really want me to let everybody see it?”

“Br-Brother Dong….”

Brother Dong could be considered the leader of the group of delinquents. His family had considerable power and might but he still used a lot of effort to chase after Li Menger in the past. To spin him around her fingers, Li Menger didn’t let him wholly succeed but….he had still seen Li Menger wear that black lacy bra before….and even had a video of it.

Li Menger finally started panicking at this moment.

The thing she was most afraid of, had still come in the end.

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