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  • Chapter 35 Uncle, someone is slandering me

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    Chu Jiao harbored no knowledge about the scheme Li Menger was cooking up. She was still enjoying making secret eye contact with Instructor Chu that was so flirty it made people curl their hands. At night, she would even occasionally have secret rendezvous with him. Unlike the other girls who thought that the military training was unbearable, having her second uncle right here with her made her feel joy with each passing day.

    However, one day, she suddenly felt the guys look at her with a strange gaze.

    Some looked at her with disdain, some looked in curiosity but for the most part, they had on malicious smiles and lecherous gazes, making her feel uncomfortable all over.

    And this situation became more and more serious. A few days had just passed and she felt more and more students who she didn’t recognize, secretly observing her, gossiping about her and pointing fingers at her back.

    “Fuck! It makes this old lady so angry!”

    Finally, during one night, Ah Fei kicked the dorm door open. Gloom was spread across her entire face. Xiao Mei walked behind her wearing an aggrieved face as well.

    “What happened?” Chu Jiao had just finished taking a bath and currently had a sheet mask on. Seeing this situation, she turned her head and asked.

    “My foolish little Jiao Jiao. Aiiiiii, someone has been spreading so much shit about you and you still have the heart to put on a face mask!” Xiao Mei made a huge fuss about this little matter.

    They had already sensed everybody’s odd attitude towards Chu Jiao. And so to sate their curiosity, the two of them had gone out tonight to seize an insider with much difficulty to inquire what was going on and they finally discovered the reason why.

    “Fuck, someone started a rumor saying that the black bra that was found in the boy’s toilet was yours!!” Ah Fei said. “We don’t even know who started spreading that, they even said they personally saw you coming out of the toilet! And it’s spread throughout the entire batch!”

    “This is really too malicious!” Xiao Mei clenched her fists. “We all know that you don’t even have any black lace undergarments. Ho- How can these people spout such bullshit!”

    So the situation turned out to be like this.

    Chu Jiao finally understood the reason but she didn’t become as furious as they were. This was because she had already figured out who the perpetrator was and roughly understood the dark way of thinking she had.

    “It’s fine.” She comforted the two, saying. “I think I know who started it.”

    “Ah? You know?!” Xiao Mei became curious at the sound of this. “Quickly say it, who is it, who is it!?”

    “Of course, it’s….the owner….of the undergarment…” Chu Jiao slowly took off her face mask in a calm and composed manner.

    “Aiyooo, stop teasing me to death, quickly reveal who it is ah Jiao Jiao!” Xiao Mei was about to blow her top off.

    “……Why don’t you take a guess?” Chu Jiao teased her.

    “How am I supposed to know! So many people tried guessing for so many days that they could probably turn that scene into a book of porno!” Xiao Mei pouted.

    “…..Li Menger.” At this time, Ah Fei who was standing at the side, brought up this name.

    It wasn’t that nobody suspected Li Menger. When they did, they would always be beaten up by the group of guys who worshipped her. They strictly prohibited any gossip that would vilify their goddess. On the contrary, Chu Jiao who was usually hard to approach, had nobody to help stop the rumors from starting, so when she finally noticed it, it was already being spread widely.

    “Ah Fei is really smart~” Chu Jiao gave her a thumbs up.

    “Wah! It’s really her!?” Xiao Mei exclaimed in surprise. “Jiao Jiao, what did you do to her that she had to set you up like this?”

    Chu Jiao patted her own face. “At that time, I was in the neighboring…ehem….toilet….” En, this wasn’t considered a lie. Chu Jiao felt herself blush a little. She indeed was at the neighboring toilet at that time, only she wasn’t doing business, she was doing her family’s Uncle Chu.

    “What the fuckk….She must’ve known you were eavesdropping then!” The visualizing king Xiao Mei immediately started to imagine the entire scenario. “She must’ve been afraid that you would expose her so she made the first move!”

    “Pei! Pei! Pei! What do you mean eavesdropping!” Ah Fei knocked the back of Xiao Mei’s head and corrected her. “Jiao Jiao was the one who became coincidentally involved in this matter. It was her extreme misfortune!”

    “That’s right, you were just extremely unlucky!” Xiao Mei changed her tune, feeling indignant at the injustice.

    Chu Jiao laughed seeing the two people’s tomfoolery. She thought to herself, meeting such good friends that care for her made her realize that high life wasn’t too bad at all.

    The next morning, everybody gathered at the sound of a whistle. The instructors announced that today’s training was composed of hiking on foot. Everybody needed to carry equipment and hike the barren hill at the back of the military base and return before sunset.

    Ignoring the wails of the students, the instructors quickly formed them into groups and the grandiose hundreds number of people set off under the welcoming rays of the morning sun.

    Chu Jiao’s physical endurance was very good. She led the Class 1 at the very front. From time to time, she would even help out her female classmates climb up steep inclines.  On the other hand, in Class 2, Li Menger could be said to be the revered leader. All her weight was completely shared by her male classmates as she leisurely sauntered up the mountain like she was here on a trip. From time to time, she would even fix her hair and makeup.

    The mountain road was ragged. Adding on to the weight on their backs, everybody’s physical strength and endurance received an immense ordeal. Without having walked for long, the group had already started to pull its distance. Some people who were physically weaker had to stop to take rests whereas the more energetic ones went up as fast as the wind.

    Chu Jiao took care of her female classmates without making her pace too quick. Very gradually, they were overtaken by the people from Class 2.

    At some point, she didn’t realize that Li Menger had arrived by her side as she looked down on Chu Jiao’s sweaty appearance.

    “You’re close with an instructor who could’ve cut you loose. Why do still want to struggle so badly?” Li Menger tilted her head as she smiled and spoke to her. She sounded like she was making a joke but the meaning of her words were ambiguous and stirred people’s imagination.

    “I really don’t know where Classmate Li’s baseless words come from.” Chu Jiao narrowed her eyes. “Some words should be processed through the brain before you speak them….”

    Li Menger was so annoyed by Chu Jiao’s ridiculing tone that she blurted out the story she had secretly spread with edited facts.“Actually, someone said they personally saw you coming out of that toilet!”

    Chu Jiao nodded, acknowledging this matter. “That’s right. I went to the toilet at that time…”

    The two people’s voices weren’t low at all so when they heard Chu Jiao acknowledge this matter, everyone’s eyes turned wide.

    “But….” Chu Jiao suddenly made a turnaround. “The toilet I went to was the girls’ toilet…..The only mishap was that….I definitely heard a man and a woman’s voice… the neighboring boy’s toilet…..ugh….I won’t say anything anymore……..because it dirtied my ears anyway….”

    Everybody sucked in a breath of cold air. Their previous guess was actually true, someone WAS doing unspeakable things in the boy’s toilet! They all exchanged meaningful glances, secretly raging to start gossiping. Hearing Chu Jiao openly and candidly admit to being on the site without nothing to hide, this made people have faith in her words. So in reality, Chu Jiao was actually a witness who was wrongly slandered.

    Li Menger didn’t think that Chu Jiao would actually admit to the random lie she had spread. No, it wasn’t possible. She couldn’t have been there. Li Menger secretly tried to deny this on the inside, not daring to believe.

    However, in the next moment, she felt herself in a perilous situation when she heard Chu Jiao’s following words.

    “That girl was even calling the guy…..’Instructor gege’….”


    It was actually with an instructor!?

    The male lead of the story had finally been revealed, causing everyone to be surprised to no end.

    No, she had to stop her from speaking.

    Li Menger grit her teeth in silence. She didn’t expect this girl to have actually been on site!!

    Seeing that Chu Jiao could expose her at the next moment, Li Menger was filled with unceasing anxiousness. At this time, everybody was climbing up a precipitous rock step, Chu Jiao held her words for a bit and was helping carry up each girl from her class so she remained at the very end.

    At this time, Li Menger saw that there was still quite some distance before the next group of people came and the people at the front of the slope wouldn’t be able to see their positions clearly so with a malicious heart, she took the opportunity where Chu Jiao was inattentive to secretly reach out a leg to trip her over. In a blink of an eye, Chu Jiao’s step became unstable and she fell over down to the other slope.

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