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  • Chapter 34, Uncle, there’s an erotic gossip floating around

    After another round of release, Chu Minshen calculated that time was almost up so he carried Chu Jiao into the washroom for a cleanse and broken-heartedly sent her back to the dorm.

    On the other hand, the pair inside the neighboring boy’s toilet was still in the throes of their passions without a regard for their surroundings. They didn’t realize that the students who had arrived late for the emergency gathering and were punished to run laps had gradually started dispersing. Now, a group of people who had been holding their urge to pee were now heading towards the toilet.

    “My god, this lousy military training is going to kill this old man of fatigue soon.”

    “Yeah, let’s quickly finish our business and head back to sleep! I’m so fucking annoyed!”

    Their footsteps came in thick and fast so Li Menger who was being done on the bathroom sink started to go on panic mode. She was entirely naked right now. If people pushed the bathroom door’s open, her lascivious state of being done by someone on the sink would be exposed to everybody.

    She hurriedly pushed away the man who was plowing her and picked up her clothes to hide inside one of the stalls. The instructor also heard the noise coming from the outside and hurriedly went in with her. After they locked the door, Li Minger gave a sigh of relief yet she suddenly noticed that amidst the pile of messy clothes she picked up, there seemed to be missing something.

    Her bra wasn’t there in her hands!

    At this moment, the group of boys had already swaggered inside, taking off their pants and releasing their pent-up bladder so Li Menger had no way of going out.

    She kept praying in her heart, praying that her undergarment was thrown into a dark corner, praying that nobody would ever discover it.

    However, reality was always a joke.

    “What the fuck!”

    “Fuck, David, what the fuck are you hollering for, my dick was almost about to shoot somewhere else!”

    “Brother Dong….if you see this, i bet that your dick is probably going to get hard!”

    “What the heck, David. Are you saying that something in this toilet can make Brother Dong hard? Then you’re basically implying that our Brother Dong is gay!”

    “Ahhahahahah! David you fool! Brother Dong, let’s beat this stupid cunt to death!”

    A group of guys laughed whereas “Brother Dong” who was a tall sturdy guy reached out to grab the short one in a rage of humiliation. David hurriedly avoided him and scolded the others. “Aiyo, can you guys stop twisting my words, I obviously didn’t have that kind of meaning!”

    He bent down and picked up the surprising thing that had fallen onto the ground ——it was a black lacy bra!




    The group of guys forcibly took it from each other in an instant. After all, they were all guys in the middle of puberty. Even if many people never had the experience of sex, everybody had a mutual understanding coming from the knowledge of watching porno that they usually passed around in private. They knew what a women’s undergarments looked like so when they saw this, they felt surprised. This was the boy’s toilet. Why was there something like this here!

    A skinny and tall guy forcibly took it away first and placed his nose on it, taking a deep whiff. “Ahh, it smells so good….”

    “Fuck, Ah De, you’re disgusting!”

    “Aiii, it’s just a smell. Quick. Give it to me. I wanna smell it too!”

    Several guys smiled mischievously, snatching the bra away yet they didn’t think that the small group’s leader, Brother Dong, would come up to them and snatch it from their hands, looking at it carefully with both eyes.

    Seeing Brother Dong make a move, the group of boys didn’t dare to cause a ruckus any longer. When Brother Dong measured the bra with his own eyes, his complexion became more and more gloomy.

    He looked around the toilet and saw one cubicle that was tightly shut. He gnashed his teeth in anger. “If you’re finished with your business, leave quickly. Fuck, we still have training tomorrow morning! There’s nothing worth fighting over this stuff that looks like it obviously belongs to a whore.”

    After he finished, he threw the bra into the trash and stuffed his hands into his pockets and left. The remaining guys had a look of ineffable dismay as they exchanged glances due to their leader’s sudden outburst and hurriedly followed him and left. 

    Hearing the men finally leaving far away, Li Menger who was inside the cubicle still did not feel entirely relieved. That Brother Dong was also one of the servants under her feet. She didn’t know if he had discovered that the bra was hers…..hopefully he didn’t…..

    Still worrying about this matter, the instructor behind her had already finished putting on his clothes and opened the cubicle door.

    Li Menger hurriedly turned around. “Instructor gege….”

    The instructor patted Li Menger’s little face and bantered. “Classmate Li, looks like you have a lot of intimate friends ah….”

    Li Menger pitifully reached her hand out towards the man’s lower body before she was stopped by him. “Forget it. You still have training to do tomorrow. I don’t dare do you to a sorry state.” He measured Li Menger’s alluring naked body once before teasing. “Next time, let’s continue it at a place where nobody would find us.”

    Li Menger also wasn’t a naggy person. Seeing the man having lost all desire, she could only drop the subject and pull out a tissue to wipe the messy liquid on her body. Her eyes trailed after the man’s heartless departure.

    “Men are fucking useless….”

    “Sooner or later, I’ll make it so that you all can’t leave me….”

    Because of the additional training the previous night, all the instructors bestowed benevolence the next day and announced that it was free time in the morning so they could all take a rest. Naturally, it was unknown whether head instructor Chu felt distress for making the students practice during the middle of the night or he held selfish motives as he felt distressed for the little flower he had been making love to the entire night. Only he himself clearly knew his feelings.

    Chu Jiao got a headache the next day and slept without worries the entire morning. She was only woken up by her dorm mates by the time lunch came around.

    On the way to the canteen with her friends, her expression changed subtly when she heard several people discussing about the latest gossip.

    A bra was found in the boy’s toilets?

    And it was a black lacey one at that?

    Is there any reason why a girl would feel the need to take off her bra in the guy’s toilet?

    Who would be this bold and brazen?

    Several girls became exhilarated guessing the identity of who could’ve owned that undergarment and the reason why it appeared inside the boy’s toilet. And after several days had passed, the entire batch of students was unable to stop gossiping about this topic every time they had a break in between trainings. If you needed to know, to guys and girls in puberty, this was an erotic yet secretly meaningful topic that always made people’s imaginations run wild.

    Even though she was another “brazen and audacious” one, Chu Jiao felt extreme schadenfreude. Even if she had left her with her second uncle, she didn’t know how the neighboring illicit lovers fared right after her tryst. Just by checking their own belongings, it goes without saying who that bra belonged to. 

    However, even though she took delight in other people’s misfortune, she was not one to throw stones at a person who was down. Even if she knew that the main character in this gaudy affair was Li Menger, she didn’t make a peep nor a sound. After all, this was still someone else’s private business. Li Menger had no grievances nor grudges with her. Even the original relationship she had with Chu Minshen didn’t happen at all so she had no reason to kick her down on purpose.

    However, just because Chu Jiao wasn’t willing to become a vile person, didn’’t mean that other party would be as straightforward and upright as her.

    Li Menger experienced a hellish time these days suffering under the tortuous rumors. She was originally very bold, having been familiar with sex at a young age due to the circumstances of her family household. She enjoyed the feeling of being coddled by men and felt extremely confident whenever she was surrounded by all types of men. Yet she never imagined that one careless move would turn her into the leading character of an erotic story that was widely gossiped about by everybody.

    Before she entered high school, she decided to change her previous unrestrained ways and was finally able to get into City One with much difficulty. The her who lived a mundane life wanted to snatch a wealthy husband so her own image had to be good. Hence, she walked the route of a gentle and kind white lotus. If it was exposed that the undergarment belonged to her, then the image that she had worked so hard to build would have turned into foam.

    The military was strict about their work and rest times so she practically had no opportunity to look for Brother Dong and ask him questions. Because of this, she felt unceasing restlessness in her heart. However, she had never been a person who would just sit and wait for death, in fact, she specialised in turning the tides to work in her favor.

    Since the matter was already leaked….Li Menger narrowed her eyes, an idea gradually forming inside her head. 

    Why not let another person pick up the role of the female lead….After all, didn’t she just have to pick a person to fill in the role?

    She cast a glance towards Chu Jiao who was just promoted to become a leader by the instructor for her good performance and also recalled the current identity of her handsome boyfriend. Then, the corner of her lips slowly hooked up into a smile.

    Well well well…..what a good candidate we have right here.

    T/N: Biiiiiiish, don’t you DARE even think about it. Chu Minshen is gonna whoop yo ass. 
    Also a small question for readers, are you seeing any adults ads on my website? I’m trying to keep it family friendly but I guess google doesn’t like anything too mature since it started restricting/stopping ads from appearing on certain chapters :'(

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