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  • Chapter 33 Uncle, do Jiao Jiao for an eternity (H Bathroom Play)

    After Chu Minshen finally shot out, Chu Jiao’s eyes were slightly squinted as she languidly laid on her second uncle without any desire to move.

    Her little hole was still wrapped around Chu Minshen’s half limp penis that was twitching slightly. The white goo that Chu Minshen shot inside her flowed out of the place the two were joined together and trickled down on the bench. However, Chu Jiao didn’t care at all. She played with the little meatball on Chu Minshen’s chest and kissed and licked it, stirring up the fire that had just died down to once again be reignited.

    The two people were still silently enjoying the post-climax lingering pleasure when footsteps approaching from the hallway interrupted their lovey-dovey time.

    “Nnnghhh ah…gege…Menger wants you….”

    “Don’t worry…little baby…..gege will give it to you soon….”

    Chu Minshen patted Chu Jiao’s butt signalling her to quickly get up. He didn’t want his little baby to be seen by anybody else.

    Yet Chu Jiao’s little hole tightened seeming like it wanted to detain the manhood that Chu Minshen was about to pull out.. She hooked her arms around Chu Minshen’s neck and wrapped her legs around his waist, leaning nearer to his ear as she whispered. “Let’s hide for a bit…”

    She could actually guess their identities. Wasn’t that voice from the female lead Li Menger who had been finally become quiet without stirring any trouble recently, did she….change targets after failing to seduce her Uncle Chu?

    Chu Jiao secretly felt somewhat relieved and gleeful. She thought, as long as this person wasn’t concerned with her second uncle in anyway, who cared who she fooled around with.

    However… she still had a feeling of wanting to show off. If Li Menger caught this sight of her and her uncle, would the female lead become more miserable and give up?

    The changing room only had two doors. One was the main entrance to the hall, the other was connected to the bathroom side door. Only by walking into the bathroom were you able to walk into the shower room.

    At this moment, the main door’s lock was already being twisted and turned by the people outside. Although Chu Jiao maintained an indifferent expression, the shame of being discovered still made her clench her little hole, causing Chu Minshen to suck in a cold breath.

    “(Click, click)”

    “Why is it locked…..Nghh…. Let’s….let’s go over there….”

    The main doors were actually already locked by Chu Minshen from the very beginning. It was no wonder the man was calm and composed. Chu Jiao glared and used her lower half to rub on Chu Minshen, “Quick~”

    The member that Chu Minshen had buried inside Chu Jiao raised its head for a second time. He looked at Chu Jiao who completely knew no fear and even had a gutsy expression on, completely unafraid of being discovered by people. He really wanted to ferociously slap her little butt.

    However, he still couldn’t bear to.

    “You naughty girl!” He bit the girl’s nipple, eliciting a kiss from the giggling girl.

    Chu Minshen moved his waist with effort. He easily carried Chu Jiao as he stood up the next moment. Leaving the long bench, with his meat stick still buried inside Chu Jiao’s little hole, he held her while walking forward.

    Chu Jiao was like a small wombat tightly hanging on to Chu Minshen. Even when he stooped down to pick up the clothes the two had thrown to the floor, she still didn’t slip down. However, the four limbs that held onto him became tighter and the little hole that contained the member, also unconsciously tightened a bit more, firmly biting down on the big object inside.

    Chu Minshen enjoyed this sweet torture as he took steady and slow steps towards the side door. With every step he took, the rod he had inside of Chu Jiao slid in and out along his pace. Chu Jiao hung onto him as gravity spurred her body to continuously sink down and Chu Minshen’s moving thighs continued to collide against her sinking bottom, making her body feel a constant rise and fall. The thick meat stick rubbed her tender little meat hole in this circumstances, doing her until her eyes almost turned over and she flooded below.

    Hearing the footsteps become louder, Chu Minshen could only give up his original thought of bringing Chu Jiao into the shower room. He held Chu Jiao and hid inside the one of the stalls in the girl’s toilet.

    In the next second, they heard the doors being kicked open yet the sound was a bit faint, sounding like it came from the neighboring room.

    They realized the two people actually walked into the boy’s toilet which was separated by a wall.

    Even though the training base had completed building the facilities, the soundproofing effect was still completely insufficient. The man and woman entered inside and quickly started to flirt. The two people’s exchange was frank and licentious.

    “Ahhhnn….Hng….Instructor gege……good gege…..quick….Menger wants you….”

    “You little slut… say, were you unable to hold back during today’s training?”

    “Ahhhnnnnn…..Yesss ahh….Menger stood there…..and watching Instructor gege….made my legs weak……my down there is also wet too…..”

    “F*ck…..little slut, you’re so young yet you’re already so lewd…..alright……see how gege is going to put you in order today….”

    “Ohhhh….ahh… come.. little slut wants to be done by Instructor gege…..ahhh… I feel so itchy down there….“

    Then, the sounds of thrusting and flesh slapping was heard, making people who heard it blush and get excited. “Pa pa” sounds continued to resound, clearly seeping into the next door where two people had hidden.

    Chu Jiao had already gone down from Chu Minshen’s body at this moment and was propped against the stall door. She heard the lewd moans coming from the other side of the wall and was slightly moved. Hence, she hooked her arm around Chu Minshen’s head and licked and sucked on the man’s ear. “Instructor….gege…..does gege want to do Jiao Jiao…..”

    Chu Minshen who was originally unhappy about the illicit lover’s ill-timed intrusion and licentious words, was stirred by Chu Jiao’s call of “instructor gege”. His eyes turned red and all his attention shifted away from the sounds coming from the next door.

    He lifted one of Chu Jiao’s legs and coiled it around his waist. One hand against the wall, and one hand holding his manhood as he ruthlessly pounded it into Chu Jiao’s gaping little hole and released a satisfied sigh. The warmth and tight passage was still filled with the liquid he had left and was extremely slippery. It went in without expending the least bit of effort and threw him into intoxication once again.

    “Ahhh…ahnn…..yes gege….it feels so good….your member feels so good doing my little hole….”

    “You little slut…’re so soft here….say…. Were you already done by many people before huh!!…Huff…being so thirsty like this…..”

    “If little slut doesn’t eat meat once a day, she’ll starve….hngg… instructor gege…..give me your big meat stick….”

    The neighboring two people’s wanton words continued to flow but Chu Minshen turned a deaf ear to it. He was hugging Chu Jiao’s little waist and was focused on plowing his lower body diligently. His eyes and heart was filled with his family’s little flower. Seeing the little flower blossom in his hands was his greatest aphrodisiac.

    Yet Chu Jiao was influenced by the unending stream of provocations flowing into her ears. She couldn’t help but blurt out shameful words that she had normally kept to herself  which transmitted into Chu Minshen’s ears.

    She repressed her moans and softly breathed out beside Chu Minshen’s ear, saying.

    “Ennn….Instructor gege….gege’s big member feels so good doing little sister….”

    “If Jiao Jiao…..misses one day of eating gege’s big meat stick..Jiao Jiao will starve…..Hnggg…. Instrucor gege…..does Jiao Jiao soo goood…..”

    Chu Jiao’s open and lewd teasing brought out an unprecedented excitement and itch from within Chu Minshen’s heart. He crazily kissed Chu Jiao’s lips, neck and breasts. “Jiao Jiao…you little torturing hussy….uncle really wants….to do you to death…..”

    “Hnggg…hahh…ahhnnnn…haaa”  Chu Jiao allowed him to light up a fire on her body and she softly absent-mindedly said. “Ahnnnnn…..then do Jiao Jiao to death…..make Jiao Jiao.. die by Uncle’s body….Haa…..”

    ”Huff….but uncle doesn’t want to…..” Chu Minshen kissed Chu Jiao’s wet eyes. “Uncle wants to….do Jiao Jiao forever……”

    “Mmgghh…..Ha..uhnn……” Chu Jiao raised her hands and carressed Chu Minshen’s cheeks, smiling like a flower. The red mole on the corner of her eyes made her little face all the more seductive. “Ha…..then uncle….can do Jiao Jiao…..for… eternity…..”

    Chu Minshen gazed at the girl with deep love and couldn’t help but lean forward again, madly kissing her lips, her eyes and her mole as his lower body promptly rammed in faster, burying ruthlessly deep into the core of her flower.

    T/N: Hmm I sense dissonance between my logic and feelings. The reader in me is like ‘aww how cute’ but the realist in me is like ‘fucking for an eternity isn’t even humanly possible Jiao Jiao XD’

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