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  • Chapter 32 Uncle, it’s hitting my cervix (H Changing Room Play)

    Chu Jiao pushed Chu Minshen down on the bench with her bottom half still bare. She stuck her butt out as she climbed on top of the bench and sat on Chu Minshen’s legs.

    The bench was placed inside the changing room in order to provide convenience to military students while changing their shoes and clothes. It was a strip type that was half a meter long. When Chu Minsheng laid down, the remaining width only had a palm size’s worth.

    Chu Minshen’s upper clothes were spread wide open. His pants were also slipped off until his knees, revealing beautiful abdominal muscles as well as a deep mermaid line.

    Chu Jiao parted her legs to sit down on him. Her knees were wedged beside Chu Minshen’s skinny waist, bordering on the edge of the bench. She placed one hand on Chu Minshen’s abs and used her knees to prop herself up before slowly lowering herself down. The other hand was placed behind her, fumbling and turning around to hold the big member that poked her butt.

    She gripped the pillar’s shaft and looked down, watching her privates reposition to the direction of the member and bit by bit, slowly sat down.

    Chu Minshen raised his head to watch this decadent and raptive scene.  

    He liked seeing Chu Jiao take initiative. Every time she made the first move, the unease in his heart would lessen a bit more. He liked hearing Chu Jiao’s moans and innocent wanton words. Because every time she moaned, it was like she was telling him “I love you.”

    He placed his big hand against Chu Jiao’s waist to prevent her from carelessly falling over and watched her pained yet charmingly lewd expression. His adam’s apple bobbed slightly.

    Chu Jiao held Chu Minshen’s big object and slowly lowered herself. Her tender meat lips first came into contact with Chu Minshen’s manhood tip. Then, the scorching hot wet shaft parted her two lips and slipped inside her flower cave.

    “Ahhhh…..” The stinging warmth made Chu Jiao’s knees so weak that she almost fell on top of Chu Minshen. Fortunately, she still had some strength in her hands as she propped herself against Chu Minshen’s half hard abs, supporting her upper body.

    “Do you need uncle to help you….Jiao Jiao….” Chu Minshen’s voice was raspy. Even though he said this, he didn’t reach a helping hand out at all in the next instant. He liked seeing the little Jiao Jiao’s appearance of solely relying on her own efforts.

    “N-…..No need….” As expected, Chu Jiao rejected her second uncle’s help. She didn’t believe that being on the top position would be difficult for her.

    She gasped for breath and held Chu Minshen’s dick as she continued going down further. She felt Chu Minshen’s mushroom head valliantly spreading her lips, streaking across her nub. The thick crown head stuck close to the inner walls of her flower cave. Every time she went down an inch, the crown head would also rub against the passage with an inch.

    The slow and distinct feeling of invasion was felt even more deeply than compared to when she was laying down. She felt full and itchy again. At this time, Chu Minshen actually suddenly exerted strength into his glutes and thrusted upwards, pushing in half of the object that was still outside straight into Chu Jiao’s tight hole in one go.


    The thick rod brought in a hard to ignore penetration, causing Chu Jiao’s originally empty passage to be filled to the brim. Chu Jiao lost her senses in that split moment of thrust that all the strength in her knees and hands that supported her was sapped out of her body. Her upper body sank down under gravity causing her butt to land at the base of Chu Minshen’s thighs. Her privates also landed heavily on Chu Minshen’s meat stick, causing that already deep inside member to go even deeper.

    “Ahhhhnnnnnn…..It’s deep….It’s too deeppp…..I can’t…… it’s hitting my cervix….”

    Chu Minshen saw Chu Jiao completely drained of strength and finally provided mercy. He let go of this little treasure who wanted to use her own efforts.

    He sat up and used a hand to capture Chu Jiao’s slender waist and started to move his robust waist, thrusting upwards strongly.

    “How come you’ve lost the strength…hm?….wasn’t our little Jiao Jiao’s physical strength……so good during the day….”

    Chu Minshen pumped upwards while smiling as he bantered.

    “Ahn…..Hng…..During the day…I was.. I was dead tired….” Chu Jiao continued to accept the huge dragon’s unceasing invasion while she pretended to scold him. “And now, at night…you….you continue to…..torment me….”

    Chu Minshen hooked his lips up. “Why is this called…… torment…..” His thick thighs were now spread wide open as he continued to penetrate upwards and would even grind against the deepest parts of the cave. “Uncle is…..simply training you…..and helping you… increase your strength…..”

    “Mmm……Haa……then are you ……fulfulling…..the role of an instructor….haaa..haaa…..Instructor Chu?” Chu Jiao remembered Chu Minshen’s role and couldn’t help but switch up the way she addressed him. She then felt the member in her hole grow bigger as a result.

    “Huff…..hehe…..that’s right…” Chu Minshen heard this address and actually felt another kind of excitement. “Instructor Chu….is going to give the good performing Jiao Jiao…..  A small reward…..”

    “Enn……what reward….” Chu Jiao swayed up and down along Chu Minshen’s thrusts. The little nubs on her breasts also rocked along, making Chu Minshen’s heart itch as he once again held them in his mouth and nipped and sucked on it.

    “Of course, the reward is the instructor’s most prized…..cum….” Chu Minshen said in dead earnest.

    “Ahhhh……Ohh……Instructor Chu’s cum… so precious…….” Chu Jiao’s coquettish eyes were like silk, her fingers traced circles on Chu Minshen’s chest. “….Then Jiao Jiao should……thank you…..hmmmm…….Instructor Chu….”

    Instructor Chu only felt that his own soul wasn’t being spared by this girl’s seduction at this moment. He ruthlessly slapped Chu Jiao’s butt as his pupils deepened. “Then what has Chu Jiao prepared to use…….to thank the instructor……”

    “Naturally, it’s….” Chu Jiao retrieved a thread of soberity from her desires. She tightened her little hole down there, suddenly tightening around the scorching member to the point where it felt like it was about to snap off of his body. “Naturally, it’s…..using this place ah…..Hnggh….hah…hahh…ahhhh”

    She was responded with Chu Minshens’s passionate and ruthless deep kiss as well the pace of his pounding becoming faster and stronger. Chu Jiao felt like she was sitting atop a wild beast who didn’t know exhaustion. She was swept along with Chu Minshen’s actions and floated along the ocean of lust.

    The two people’s urgent gasps and slapping flesh echoed in the empty changing room, bringing a bewitching rhythm that was licentious and stimulating to listen to.

    T/N: A slightly funny story when I was translating this. I had to look up online whether hitting the cervix felt good because I’ve never heard/read such a thing before then I had to ask my brother for ‘research purposes’ whether core of the flower is really translated as cervix or not.

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