Chapter 31 Uncle, are you here to have an illicit affair (H)

(Gu chu)…….(Zi chu)…..

Wet, sticky sounds escaped from both people’s lips. Chu Jiao parted her lips further and stuck her red and soft tongue out, having it dance mid-air with the man’s big tongue. The two people’s tongues were like quick-witted little snakes, they tangled around each other closely, twining and grinding, like little beasts that were fighting for territory. They probed each other before attacking, wanting to exploit the other’s inattentiveness to invade and capture the other party’s fragrant body fluids.

“Ahngh….Mghh……Second Uncle….”

Chu Jiao’s attention was placed entirely on her lips when she felt her butt cheeks being carried by two big palms and energetically pinched around, provoking a moan out of her mouth.

“Shhhhh- Be good…..and be a little quieter….” Chu Minshen said while his lips were pressed against hers. “The sound-proofing in here is bad….If someone comes into the washroom….I won’t be happy having someone else……hear my Jiao Jiao’s beautiful voice…”

Chu Jiao glared at him “If you know there’s going to be people…..mmmmahhh ……and you still called me over……’re having an illicit love affair……” She said while still trying to suppress her voice.

“Illicit love affair? ……. Hmmm……Not bad……Uncle does want to have an illicit love affair with you…” Chu Minshen’s one hand continued to rub Chu Jiao’s perky bottom, the other hand slipped under her shirt that wasn’t tucked in. “It can’t be helped…..When Uncle sees you….. Uncle can’t hold back….”

When Chu Jiao felt her milk pearl being suddenly grabbed, she almost let out a moan before keeping it at her throat. “Hnnnnaaahhh….ca-…..can’t hold what?……”

“Naturally it’s…” Chu Minshen lowered his voice and murmured beside her ear while using the head of his cr*tch to rub against her soft abdomen. “Can’t hold back the urge……to do you…..”

When he said this, Chu Minshen carried Chu Jiao up and turned the light in the changing room, before going over to the only long bench inside the changing room.

He spread his legs and sat on the bench, placing Chu Jiao on top of him. The two people’s lips were still linked together, their tongues twisting and winding around each other. Chu Jiao reached her hand out and started to undo his buttons.

Chu Minshen was still wearing the camouflage clothing he wore during the day yet he didn’t seem as upright and proper like his orthodox military uniform appeared. Instead, there was an indescribably handsome taste to it. He allowed Chu Jiao’s hands to wander around his body, even though she was kissed until all her energy was sapped and undoing his buttons took a really long time.

While Chu Minshen french-kissed her, his hand slipped inside Chu Jiao’s camouflage T-shirt, grabbing the ample bosom and tormenting it with strength.

“Huff….Jiao Jiao…..whew……Why does uncle think….that you’ve grown bigger……”

“Hahh…..Nnnnyaah……I was originally still…..growing….” Chu Jiao became weak from being carressed. Her hands still continued to fight against Chu Minshen’s buttons. “Who…..Who knows….maybe…if you continue rubbing it, then maybe in the next month……ahnn……you won’t be able to hold it in your hands….nghh……”

“Oh? Uncle can’t wait until next month then…..” Chu Minshen was deeply puzzled by the fullness and soft feeling on his palm and couldn’t help but rub it even stronger. “Besides…..why does uncle think….that your this part….became big because of uncle’s rubbing?”

“Mmhhhhh hngg……” Chu Jiao’s eyes were blurred, nodding to acknowledge him and even thrusting her chest out to him. “Then uncle…..give Jiao Jiao…..more rubbing…..Jiao Jiao…wants to become bigger…..”

“Why do you want to become bigger…” Chu Minshen cooed.

“Because…” Chu Jiao nibbled and tugged on Chu Minshen’s lower lip ambiguously. “Because…I want to… to give it to uncle to eat…..I wanted to make uncle happy….”

The girl’s thoughts of devoting herself wholeheartedly to him stirred a fire in Chu Minshen’s heart. He couldn’t help but rip the buttons of his shirt apart and pulled Chu Jiao’s hands, leading it down further. “Be good and help uncle achieve release. Little uncle sorely misses you….”

Chu Minshen’s camouflage clothing was a little more loose. Chu Jiao didn’t even need to take a second to pull down the zipper and release the member that had been restrained inside for many days.

His manhood was throbbing so much, blue veins popped on the surface as it stood spiritedly in salute. The tip was even dribbling some liquid out. Chu Jiao’s fingers comforted the little hole, rubbing the liquid down and smearing it onto the shaft. 

(gu chi)……..(gu chi)…..

She wrapped both hands around the huge object and pumped up and down. Meanwhile, Chu Minshen’s hands were slowly pulling her clothes up, bit by bit, until they reached her chest. Then, her black little bra was tugged downwards. He didn’t unclasp them and only pulled them down her jade bunnies.

As such, Chu Jiao’s perky little round t*ts were sandwiched between the bra, exposed in its bare form in the air.

Chu Minshen leaned down and firmly took a big whiff of the girl’s scent. Then while his hand continued to toy with the left t*t, his face was tilted against the right one, containing half of the whole bun into his mouth.

“(Chu)…..(Slurp)…..So sweet….”

Chu Minshen acted like he was eating a gelatin dessert, using a big mouth to suck and gnaw on Chu Jiao’s spotlessly white bunny. His tongue would also occasionally streak across the erect tip, luring out Chu Jiao’s low moans.

“Oohhhh….Ahh….Uncle….Mmmm….it’ s so itchy….uncle…” Her n*pple was coarsely caressed by his tongue, causing it to feel itchy and sore so Chu Jiao couldn’t help but speak up.

Chu Minshen ate this part for a while. When the girl’s right bosom was filled with red marks, he then switched to the other direction, continuing to sample the delicious taste.

Chu Jiao was played with until she was weak. Her hands had already loosened around his member and were intertwined within Chu Minshen’s thick hair, pressing his head closer to her own chest as her face was filled with allure. 

“Jiao Jiao’s little pearls are so delicious…” Chu Minshen contained the girl’s nubs in his mouth, sucking on it nonstop.

“Hnghhh…..Hahh..ahh..” Chu Jiao felt that her lower part was already drenched. The new underwear she had worn yesterday was already soaked through. She didn’t want to get this camouflage shorts to get wet so she hurriedly pushed Chu Minshen away and stood up panting. She removed her own pants along with her underwear altogether in one motion.

Under the sunset yellow lights, the girl turned her back against him as she bent down. Her long pants that were suspended on her waist slowly slid down guided by her actions, revealing two long and straight legs. And along with the girl’s bent waist and raised legs, between her thighs, the secret place was also gradually revealed, pointed towards the man’s direction, revealing the extremely wet appearance.

Chu Minshen stood up from his position and fished up the girl who stood with his back against him and had her maintain her bent posture. He used his hands to spread her honey buttocks and buried his face deeply in between.

His thick tongue swept across her flower hole, lapping clean the flowing fluid dribbling out of it. Then, he took a deep breath of the scent in, taking in the aroma of the lascivious and heavy musk of flowers, he drilled through the girl’s wet petals with his tongue and parted them to find the little nub, he grinded and circled around the twitching bud, making Chu Jiao scream out again and again.

“Ahhhhhh.. Don’tttt… Uncle don’t lick there….Hannggghh….Ohhhhhh…“

”It’s so itchy……haaa…..oh my god….it feels so good..ahh.. Uncle’s tongue feels so hot….hnnn…..ahhh..”

Chu Jiao’s butt was stuck up high at this moment, both hands propped against her knees. Chu Minshen licked her so good she continued shouting out wantonly, her charming eyes like silk.

Chu Minshen heard her coquettish lascivious shouts and his lower abdomen was already swollen to a painful point. He turned the girl around and once again carried her atop of him, placing her little hole against his spirited object.

“Huff….Jiao Jiao….can you go on top today?”His eyes were red from excitement and desire but his heart still placed the little flower as a priority. “It’s not very clean here.. Sit on top of uncle and move… alright….”


Chu Jiao’s lower body felt extremely hollow as well. She urgently need something to be crammed inside so she pushed Chu Minshen down, laying him down on the bench.

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