Chapter 30 Uncle, you’re here to seduce people

A girl’s speed was naturally slower than a boy’s. Moreover, several of them were also chatting at the same time. When they finally arrived at the canteen, all the tables were pretty much filled. Some people were hurrying to line up for additional rice and dishes. They didn’t think that every single dish would only be left with a bit of soupy water, it was a very miserable sight.

Chu Minshen sat with several instructors together in one table and had been placing his attention on the doorways. When he hadn’t seen Chu Jiao come in yet, he was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to eat anything so he lined up once again to add more dishes and placed it on the table. He didn’t even let anybody’s chopsticks get near it, provoking a side glance from the other party.

He was calm and unperturbed as he finished his meal with the other men when he finally saw Chu Jiao’s group walk into the canteen.

Several girls frowned seeing the tiny portion of vegetables didn’t even reach half of the bowl. Even though the military’s food wasn’t tasty by any means, it wasn’t enough to sustain the residual effects of their strenuous training ——hunger. When you were hungry, anything would smell delicious, so in the end, many people wanted to order more food. In their case, it appeared that they were only able to eat white rice this time.

Chu Jiao also saw Chu Minshen at this moment.

Amidst the middle of pre-pubescent guys, Chu Minshen and the others were soldiers brimming with testosterone so they were extremely eye-catching. Even if you wanted to ignore them, it was difficult to do so.

She caught Chu Minshen’s gaze and saw him signal to the untouched food on the table before hinting that he would be pulling his friends away and leaving the table.

When they walked closer, several girls were nervous and felt strange.

“Ai, Jiao Jiao, where are you going, there’s no available seats there.”

“That’s right. Those instructors are looking at us too, aiiii, I think I’m blushing.”

“Don’t tell me you’re planning to make us steal their seats, what if they shoulder-throw us? I’m not like Li Menger, I can’t lift them up.”

Chu Jiao listened to their imaginative heads blow up and couldn’t help but giggle. What nonsense were they thinking about.

Chu Minshen saw Chu Jiao’s smile and his heart itched for this little flower as she gradually became more and more beautiful.

He saw the group of ladies coming over and patted the instructors who were currently sleeping after having finished their meal, signalling them to quickly get off.

“Have the seat, we’ve just finished eating.”

He didn’t act especially close, acting like he was just giving his seat to the next group of people. The only strange thing was that after the men finished cleaning up their own trays, they left them with a table full of piping hot dishes.

“My god. I’m not imagining things right….Did these instructors just.. Especially leave some food for us?” The person who loved being smitten the most, Xiao Mei, cupped her hands with a touched face.

“You think too much. I’m guessing the instructors must’ve ordered too much and seeing how pitiful we are, they decided to leave it for us.” Ah Fei coldly destroyed Xiao Mei’s delusions.

Chu Jiao pursed her lips and laughed in secret. Actually, there were times that Xiao Mei had hit the nail on the head.

After being boiling under the sun for several days, the students gradually adapted to the high-intensity training.

However, instructors were always thinking of new ways to torment people——In the dead of the night, whilst the girls were in deep sleep after a hard day, a sharp whistle suddenly rang, rousing everyone who was fast asleep.

Chu Jiao opened her eyes at the first moment. Today, she had heard the instructors mention about an emergency gathering during the day so she remembered this by heart. Who would’ve thought it would coincidentally be held tonight.

She got up and roused several of her dormmates as well. The group of girls moved fast, putting their clothes on and rushing downstairs. They all heard the instructor mention this midnight emergency gathering during the day. If they weren’t able to gather downstairs within 3 minutes, what would welcome them was an exhausting drill in the latter half of the night.

By mutually supporting each other, the girls were able to arrive at the appointed place 10 seconds before the 3 minute mark. After reporting to the instructor and returning to their station, behind them, a big group of confused students took their time to slowly arrive, entirely forgetting about the matter of gathering.

And so, all the people, who were rubbing their eyes, were sentenced to a long and loud 30 minute admonishment administered by several instructors.

Following that, the people who were able to arrive within 3 minutes were allowed to go back to their rooms and resume their sleeping. The other students who were unable to gather in time, also had to accept getting pulled into training in the middle of the night.

The girls who had made it in time made eye contact with each other, rejoice filling their eyes. The drowsiness they suppressed once again rushed forth as they started swaying from side to side. They held onto each other as they returned back to the dorms and prepared to hit the beds and go back to dreamland.

Chu Jiao reached a half of the stairs when she suddenly paused in place.

“Yi, what’s wrong Jiao Jiao?” Xiao Mei saw her suddenly stop and asked in confusion.

“It’s nothing. You guys go back to sleep first. I’m going to the bathroom.” Chu Jiao patted Xiao Mei’s meaty little face and explained.

“Oh, ok….then quickly come back ah~” Xiao Mei also didn’t think too much and loosened the hand that held Chu Jiao’s. She was extremely tired and really wanted to meet the God of Dreams so she continued to sleepily walk back to the dorms.

Chu Jiao then walked to the deepest parts of the hallway where a public washroom was located, it both had the toilets and public bathing room.

She had just walked in when an arm suddenly reached out from the changing room, hooking around her waist. The next second, she immediately disappeared from the hallway.

In a pitch-black changing room, Chu Jiao was pressed against the door and was madly kissed. 

“Mmmmnnn….Hah….Second Uncle…..”

“Jiao Jiao….(chu)…..Jiao Jiao…..”

The man inside the changing room was Chu Minshen.

Tonight’s emergency gathering was originally set up by him. He knew that Chu Jiao would definitely be able to arrive on time and she did. Hence, she also was able to come back earlier. The reason why he did this….hehe, well, ever since he started eating meat, it was a bit hard to restrain his own desires now.

Seeing Chu Jiao’s outstanding appearance of wearing the military uniform, God knows how many days he had been holding himself back from getting hard on the spot.

Chu Minshen pressed Chu Jiao against the door of the changing room and impetuously sucked on Chu Jiao’s tender lips. He licked and sucked on them before burying his head onto the crook of her neck and punitively biting a piece of her tender flesh. This little lass didn’t give him any good face at all these past few days. Although the two people saw each other everyday, they did it under the guise of an unacquainted instructor and student.

“Did you miss second uncle….hm?”

Chu Jiao lifted her head and allowed Chu Minshen to wreak havoc. “Ahnnn……..Second uncle didn’t tell me….hng…..that you were coming as an instructor… I didn’t miss you at all….” 

“Tsk…. didn’t second uncle just want to give you a surprise?” Chu Minshen’s lips found their way onto Chu Jiao’s face again as he planted small kisses and smiled while saying.

“Heng!” Chu Jiao reached her little hands out and kneaded the half-hard object that was pressed against her abdomen. “I think you’re here to seduce people!” Seducing girls and moving their hearts.

Chu Minshen held Chu Jiao’s hands and slightly swung his waist, letting his meat stick be stroked by Chu Jiao’s hands, separated only by a piece of cloth. “Seduce who? Second uncle only wants to seduce you…”

He once again ruthlessly kissed Chu Jiao, warmly and passionately.

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