Chapter 3.1 Uncle, give me your down there to eat(1)

Chu Jiao was brought by Chu Minshen back to the military district compound.

Chu Minshen was in charge of the southwest military district. Previously, he was only a Company Commander and had his own allocated apartment building.

Chu Jiao carried a little bunny backpack. Her one hand holding Second Uncle’s and the other holding a lollipop. The tall sturdy Chu Minshen, on the other hand, carried a big backpack and a 30 inch luggage on his other hand.

Chu Jiao was doted on every since she was born so there was all kinds of clothes and toys bought for her. Chu Minshen felt distress that the little lady lost her parents and wanted to give her the best life so without thinking much, he brought everything over.

“Yo, Old Chu, I see you kidnapped a child bride home today after just being out for a walk.”

A colleague from the compound, Wan Canmou saw Chu Minshen’s expression and laughed, making fun of him.

“Go away and stop spouting nonsense. This is my precious niece.” Chu Minshen scolded him jokingly.

“Hi Uncle!” Chu Jiao sweetly came up to him and said.

“Hi little friend. How are you!” Wan Canmou smiled rubbing Chu Jiao’s head. Looking at the white and tender little lady before his eyes, a loving feeling involuntarily arose from deep within. He sighed in his heart, daughters really were better. Look at how behaved this one is. If his family’s stinky little brat had a half of this girl’s behavedness, he would’ve burned incense already.

“Jiao Jiao, from now on, this will be your new home.” Chu Minshen opened the compound doors and led Chu Jiao around in a circle.

“It’s OUR home!” Chu Jiao corrected him. Although her age was young but thinking about the capture made her grasp at the opportunity.

Chu Minshen’s heart warmed. That’s right. He was not living alone anymore. The house will have another little girl.

“Haha! That’s right, our home.”

Chu Minshen smiled, holding Chu Jiao up. He planted a kiss on her smooth little face and turned around a few times, making Chu Jiao cry out in fear repeatedly.

“Alright. Let’s start cleaning up the house.”

To settle this matter, Chu Minshen applied for a few days of leave so he currently still had time.

The army’s welfare wasn’t bad. Chu Minshen’s allocated building was about a hundred something square meters. Previously, he even thought it was quite spacious so he often stayed at the dormitory that was nearer. Now he rejoiced that there was enough space to live in.

Should he build Jiao Jiao a toy room? Or maybe a closet? Should he buy more clothes and dresses for her? After all, girls liked to be dolled up pretty and sparkling. 

Chu Minshen pondered with a grave face.

If his fellow soldiers knew that their usually strict senior officer’s head was full of stay-at-home dad’s household topics, their jaws would drop off from their face.

After separating Chu Jiao’s clothes, shoes and even toys, the sun gradually set in the west.

Chu Minshen opened the fridge and found only a few eggs and some vegetables left over and felt a bit embarrassed. He and the guys usually ate very roughly and would always deal with it in the dining hall, rarely every cooking at home so his cooking skills were very bad.

“Jiao Jiao, why don’t we call for takeaway today and tomorrow, uncle will bring you to the dining hall to eat.”

In reality, the meals at the dining hall weren’t really much to speak about, the little lady probably won’t be able to get used to it too.

Chu Minshen felt that he had already encountered a challenge on the first day of bringing home a child.

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