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  • Chapter 29.2 Uncle, you sick mensao (2)

    How could Chu Jiao care about the meaning behind this. She only felt that this second uncle was emitting a sexy smell of self-restraint all over, causing her to desire locking him up at home, preventing anyone from ever seeing him. 

    It wasn’t easy to endure until it was time to eat. Several hundred students flocked to the canteen because there was a bitter lesson right after noon ——If you were late, don’t even think about having any side dishes because there wouldn’t even be any left over rice.

    Chu Jiao went together with several dorm mates. They were currently discussing about Li Menger’s matter of fainting today.

    “Aii, what do you guys think about Li Menger? Did she faint for real or is it just for show?” A girl who rejoiced in other people’s misfortune threw out this topic.

    “Do you even need to ask, it’s obviously for show la.” Another girl pursed her lips.

    “Isn’t she the best at acting, Haha, I can see she’s still not lacking at all.” The girl who voiced this topic was called Ah Fei. She had straight short hair and her mouth was ruthless.

    To claim that Li Menger’s relations with other people were bad wasn’t without basis. She had a coquettish and charming face so as soon as she entered school, she and Chu Jiao held the two front leads in the vote of being named the school flowers.

    Her family background didn’t seem to be good as she usually wore ordinary clothes. City One High School was a place filled with rich people yet she depended on her pretty face and talking skills to be worshipped by numerous guys as a goddess. Among them was a guy that Ah Fei liked.

    Unlike Chu Jiao’s reserved and cold attitude towards the opposite sex, Li Menger could be said to be extremely close to the guys. In fact, she could easily handle socializing with every guy, manipulating them to be able to spend money on her while still maintaining a peaceful relationship.

    Naturally, Li Menger was not as patient towards the girls.

    Maybe she felt that if she depended on a guy, she could live a better life. That’s why she didn’t seem to have any girl friends and was always together with the guys. Ah Fei couldn’t stand Li Menger’s behaviour of playing with guys at the palm of her hand and had paid somebody to help trap her in the bathroom for a good warning but she didn’t think she would actually be played by Li Menger, causing the guy she secretly liked to have caught sight of what had happened on the spot. The guy’s impression of her worsened and felt even more pity towards Li Menger.

    Being forced to eat pent-up unspoken grievances, Ah Fei started to abhor Li Mengher from that point forward.

    This kind of matter didn’t apparently happen to her alone. Hence, many girls didn’t like Li Menger.

    Even though Chu Jiao was also really pretty and attracted a lot of guys, she never cared for them. She carried a cold attitude and only slept or played on her phone at school but whenever someone asks her for help or for a little favor, she would always gladly do so. She would usually eat and chat with her dorm mates, simply never looking to trouble anyone. A girl who was this cold yet warm to friends, even if you couldn’t be best friends with her, it was hard to have feelings of resentment towards her.

    Needless to say, their thoughts were slightly prejudiced.

    Chu Jiao only cared about Chu Minshen in this world so she treated school like how she would play a mobile phone game. She didn’t invite trouble nor did she want trouble to come to her so she usually imitated her second uncle’s cold face. And to her surprise, it was really effective to ward off and reject the lascivious men, keeping them a thousand miles away from her.

    Chu Jiao listened to the girls’ ridicule and couldn’t help but heave a sigh inside. The original story was full of smut so it didn’t describe any of the interpersonal relationships the female lead had at school. Could it be that the female lead was also originally this kind of person?

    If that really was the case then rather than seeing Chu Minshen fall in love with this kind of female lead, she would rather blind herself.

    She didn’t know if this kind of thinking carried a bit of subjective thoughts. After all, just thinking about the possibility that she didn’t come to this world and that Chu Minshen and Li Menger would be all over each other, caused her to feel nauseous all over.

    At this moment, Chu Jiao didn’t know that the man who loved her and cared for her, only had her in his heart from the beginning until the end. She didn’t know how important she was. She also didn’t know that because she came here, this world became alive, and Chu Minshen, also, became alive. 

    Little play:
    Chu Jiao: Uncle, what are we going to do tonight?
    Chu Minshen: Umm…we’re going to make love….
    Chu Jiao: How hateful! We’re finally stepping into the new year, can’t we do something more meaningful?
    Chu Minshen: something more meaningful ah… We can do it from 2017….until 2018….. Doing “it” for an entire year….
    Chu Jiao: ……..Stop it! Be serious, come on. Greet the little angels!  
    Chu Minshen: Cough, Happy New Year Everyone.
    Chu Jiao: Happy New Year everybody~ Please continue supporting me and my uncle into the new year as well~ hugs and kisses~

    T/N: Technically not New Years yet when this is posted but Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!! ^o^ I thank everybody who comes and read the novel and even moreso liked and left a comment~ Thank you also for clicking on the ads and supporting me~

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