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  • Chapter 29.1 Uncle, you dead mensao (1)

    Li Menger also saw Chu Minshen at this moment.

    The man wore dark brown camouflage clothing, his cap carelessly tucked under his epaulets. He wore dashing Martin boots with the hem of his pants tucked inside. One hand was stuffed in his pocket while he spoke to another colleague. He looked handsome and serious.

    Even though she had only met him once, she had firmly remembered him in her heart.

    She didn’t think they would have the chance to meet again and he actually turned out to be a soldier! It was really in line with her imagination of an ideal boyfriend in her heart.

    Li Menger carelessly shot a glance to the neighboring group and saw Chu Jiao’s unhappy and silent demeanor. She currently looked engrossed in staring at the grass. This caused Li Menger to feel delighted at once. Seeing her gloomy appearance, didn’t this mean the two had probably broken up?

    At this time, a whistling sound once again resounded. It was the end of their break. Their dry and dull training of standing at attention continued.

    Chu Minshen advanced forward with the instructor wearing a serious face and made a series of rounds. He saw some students swaying from side to side still showing earnest endurance in standing.

    He started patrolling from the class 10 and when he walked to class 2, Li Menger stood at the very first row. Her big eyes stayed glued to him as she stuck her chest out, wanting to attract his attention.

    However, Chu Minshen simply did not see this. His eyes had already shifted towards the class 1 in front.

    Chu Jiao was currently standing as the head of the squad. Her gaze was fixed forward, looking especially strict and upright.

    Chu Minshen caught sight of her straight face and although he showed no expression, a smile flashed through his eyes.

    As he prepared to walk towards her, a shadow unexpectedly fell towards him.

    Chu Minshen hands were incredibly agile as he turned his body to the side and bent his right leg back, evading the person who fell. Afterwards, the person’s figure fell straight to the ground with a “putong” sound.

    “Hiss——” The surrounding girls couldn’t help but suck in a breath after seeing what had just happened.

    Falling straight down like that must have REALLY hurt.

    “Little Zhao” Zhao Minshen waved to an instructor at the side. “Bring this student to the infirmary for a look.”

    Needless to say, Chu Minshen had a lot of self-awareness. His little flower was at the side so how could he just casually come into contact with any women.


    But I’m class one’s instructor ah…. Why are you ordering me to bring a student of class 2? The instructor’s face at the side was dumbfounded.

    However, Chu Minshen didn’t give him an opportunity to be suspicious, he waved his hand to stop him from dawdling. “What are you waiting for, do it quick.”

    “Yes, sir!” Chu Minshen took advantage of the soldier’s conditional reflex of following orders who then bent down to carry the unconscious girl who had fallen to the ground.

    That’s right. That girl was Li Menger.

    She looked for the right opportunity and the right place, to fall over just as Chu Minshen was walking near her. She originally thought that Chu Minshen would definitely catch her and didn’t think he would be this cold-hearted without even reaching out a hand.

    Li Menger shut her eyes as she laid in the arms of the instructor who carried her to the infirmary. She gnashed her teeth in silence.

    On the other side, after the instructor walked off. Class 1 didn’t have supervisor so Chu Minshen naturally took over the role. He calmly inspected the stance of everyone in class 1.

    “Stand with your legs straight.”

    “Spread your shoulders and lift your heads up.”

    “Eyes only at the front!”

    He correct each and every one before finally arriving in front of Chu Jiao.

    “En. An accurate stance.” He praised, staring without the slightest hint of selfishness. The little lady was taught by him so how could she be less than perfect.

    However, seeing the girl’s gaze unfazed and still staring straight fixatedly, he suddenly had an urge to tease her.

    “Cough.” He reached out a hand to pat the girl’s waist. “Straightening the waist would be a lot better.” When he dropped his hands, he carelessly streaked across her butt and even took advantage of his tall height to block other people’s line of sight and pinched the girl’s soft butt cheeks.


    Chu Jiao finally couldn’t control her face any longer.

    This dead mensao!!

    Her head did not tilt but her beautiful eyes glanced at the side, like she was denouncing Chu Minshen for his brazen move in front of a large number of people.

    A streak of laughter crossed Chu Minshen’s eyes. This little girl was finally paying attention to him.

    As he finally reached his motive, he didn’t linger on any longer in front of Chu Jiao and coincidentally, the instructor had also just come back. As Chu Minshen left, he even shot a deep meaningful gaze to Chu Jiao before walking off.

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