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  • Chapter 28 Uncle, what are you laughing about

    The scorching hot sun roasted the ground.

    On the playground of a training base located on the outskirts of suburban city M, several hundred camouflaged clothed high school students stood in a square formation, their backs straight and silent.

    Today was the first day of military training. All the new students were going through a dull and tormenting training of standing on attention.

    This high school had 10 classes in total and every class was separated in their own square formation with an assigned military instructor. Chu Jiao was in Class 1 and Li Menger was in Class 2.

    After standing for an hour getting roasted under the sun, the majority of the students on the playground was already drenched in sweat and couldn’t bear to suffer anymore. If they weren’t secretly relaxing at times then they would be exploiting the instructor’s inattention to loosen their legs with a face of struggling to endure. Under these kind of circumstances, Chu Jiao whose face hadn’t changed and her posture still remained tall and straight, attracted everyone’s attention. She held her head high and her chest out, her entire person akin to a pine tree, completely full of spirit.

    That’s right. Chu Jiao didn’t feel any exhaustion at all.

    To entangle herself more with Chu Minshen, before she reached high school, she would always join him in his morning trainings. Later on, Chu Minshen also taught her a few years of self-defense skills for the sake of her safety. Even though these self-defense skills had no actual combat results, her physical strength and endurance, on the contrary, could be considered the best among her peers.

    If it weren’t for the nightly activities last Friday, she wouldn’t be feeling a little sore down there today and would definitely be more energized.

    Thinking up to here, Chu Jiao’s little face flushed again. She thought herself similar to those foolish girls she disdained for falling in love because when she thought about Chu Minshen, a sweetness couldn’t help but surge in her heart.

    And on the other side, Chu Minshen who was being blamed silently, was walking towards the playground when he inexplicably sneezed.

    He filled in the vacancy for Xi Tian and became the head military instructor for the entire military training. Usually, he would only be in charge of supervising, patrolling and unifying the personnel so he didn’t need to work as hard as ordinary instructors.

    However, the soldiers under him, on the contrary, were happy to suffer. It was rare for them to be able to get out of their Buddhist monk temple of a barrack and even come into contact with many young and cute high school girls everyday. Even if it was only a feast for the eyes, they endured the hardship gladly. Moreover, they were only training the students for 20 days so their own training quantity was reduced by a lot, it was similar to as if they were taking a long break.

    Chu Minshen was also too lazy to care about these new recruits’ cunning plot. The only reason why he took this post up was to come into close contact to his family’s little flower.

    From a very far distance, he was able to see the eye-catching Chu Jiao amongst the group of people.

    The girl was slender and elegant with her head high and chest up. Her usual long hair that was let down was tied up into a high ponytail. Her palm-sized face was calm and composed. Unswerving determination filled her eyes, unlike the charming fragility the day before. She looked magnificently valiant and formidable-looking. Even if she was only wearing the same standard camouflage clothing, it was still unable to hide her beauty.

    Chu Minshen’s heart was full of pride.

    This was the little rose he had personally raised. She could be dainty like a flower and could be tough and durable like grass.

    With the sound of a whistle, they finally welcomed the time of rest.

    The high school girls’ favorite after school activities were all one and the same. Gossiping about random things and gossiping about guys. In the military environments where you were practically surrounded with male testosterone soldiers, the girls’ topics were naturally revolved around the instructors.

    “I think Class 8’s instructor is the most handsome!”

    “Haaah? It’s obviously Class 5’s instructor who’s more manly. Look at how tall and strong he looks~ Whew~”

    “God, you love-struck fool!”

    “I think our class instructor isn’t that bad ah. His character was really warm~ He’s only just a bit too white. Being whiter than me is simply too unfair!”

    “That’s right~~ that’s why I still prefer the dark and cool ones, hehe!”

    Chu Jiao sat in a circle together with them and occasionally participated in the discussion, however, inside, she was still completely calm without any change.

    Her eyesight wasn’t lacking so she was able to catch a look at all 10 instructors. However, not one was able to compare with Chu Minshen.

    Although she felt a bit regretful she wasn’t able to see Chu Minshen during the practice, she looked at the love-struck girls in the circle who were like wolves and tigers and felt a bit glad. If Chu Minshen appeared, she guessed that the majority of the girls here would fall for him.

    It can’t be helped.

    Her uncle was just  THAT good-looking.

    After a while, she heard the surrounding girls’ whispers filled with excited alarm.

    “Oh my god! Guys, look!! Over there! On the viewing platform!”

    “Damnnnn……..he’s so hooot!”

    “Which class’s military instructor is he, how come I haven’t seen him?”

    “Hey, he’s looking over here. Ahh how cool, he looks so manly!”

    Several females buzzed. Chu Jiao carelessly followed the direction of their gazes and in the next second, widened her eyes.

    Speak of the devil and he appears, if it wasn’t for Chu Minshen, who else could it be?

    Chu Minshen saw Chu Jiao look over and smiled at her. He didn’t know whether the little lady would be accidentally surprised to see him appear.

    “Ahhhhhhh, he smiled at me!”

    “Nonsense, he was obviously smiling at me!”

    “You’re all wrong, he was obviously looking towards my direction~”

    Chu Jiao was originally a bit surprised but when she heard the words coming from beside her, her little face deflated. She pursed her lips, looking extremely sullen. She also didn’t look towards Chu Minshen’s direction any longer.

    Hmph. What a tempter.

    What are you smiling about, can’t you keep your usual strict and cold face!

    Chu Minshen’s face turned befuddled. He didn’t know why Chu Jiao didn’t pay attention to him when she obviously saw him.

    An adolescent girl’s thoughts were really hard to understand.

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