Chapter 27.2 Uncle, even if it hurts, it’s all right (2)

Chu Jiao held her head deep in thought. The male and female lead was supposed to have met during the military training right? Her appearance seemed to have pushed their first meeting forwards and she didn’t know if the military training this time would also receive butterfly effects. Chu Minshen also never mentioned the matter of taking on the military instructor role to her.

Speaking about it, Chu Minshen previously always led a special group of military soldiers. Even though his position gradually rose in the past two years, on the contrary, he slowly withdrew from the front lines but still lead troops, albeit in a more leisurely manner. He had just sent Chu Jiao to school and answered a fellow brother, Xi Tian’s call, asking him to help fill in a vacancy.

“Hm? Act as a military instructor?” Chu Minshen clamped the phone beside his ear, without paying too much attention to it.

“That’s right. Your squad’s pretty idle these days yet our squad’s busy peeing their pants. We even had to hold training sessions. Now they even want us to teach wimpy kids. This daddy needs to use one hand to busy himself with three things while looking for a wife. Where will I find the time!” Xi Tian poured out his grievances.

“How are we that idle. It’s your group that isn’t too bright….” Chu Minshen raised a brow. “We’ve just finished an armament race, stop labeling us unfairly.”

“Aiyo, fine fine fine….I was wrong I was wrong!” My Brother Chu, please help out a fellow bro….” Xi Tian promptly sold his grievances. “I’m sure you can’t bear to see me live a solitary bachelor life!”

“Haha, how does that concern me?” Chu Minshen finally ate the little lady he had been tenderly raising so his mood was quite good. There was simply this invigorating feeling of looking down on other people like him since this grandson usually wouldn’t spare any ridicule and always called him an old virgin man.

“Aiyo, what kind of adult doesn’t forget about petty grudges ah…..” Xi Tian evidently appeared to remember the nonsense his own mouth had spouted before. He was always taunting Chu Minshen for being an old virgin who was off the market and was even raising a child. “Besides, if you help me fill in as the military instructor, with so many lovely ladies inside City One High School, who knows if you might be able to encounter true love?”  Xi Tian didn’t know about the recent developments with Chu Jiao so he didn’t know that she was also studying at City One High School. Chu Minshen safeguarded Chu Jiao extremely protectively, afraid the little lady would be corrupted by the military hooligans.

“Hm? Where did you say it was? City One High School?” Chu Minshen caught this important point.

“That’s right ah. Don’t all these schools need to have military training every year? They’re looking for important people from the garrison but our political commissar is too old and there simply isn’t enough manpower.” 

“Hmm, it’s not like it’s impossible….” Chu Minshen pondered. It was rare to have the opportunity to see his family’s Jiao Jiao’s appearance in school at such close range so taking on the responsibility didn’t seem too bad.

“Haha Brother Chu! I just knew you were my brother from another mother!”

“Fuck off and send the program place and time over. You better send the report to our Regiment Commander!” Chu Minshen scolded him while smiling.

Little play:
Chu Jiao (curious): Oh? So Uncle also holds the title of being….the southwest military area’s number one grass?
Xi Tian (puts hands on hips and laughs): Wahaha, of course, That guy was extremely good-looking that time. Many female soldiers and military doctors had to squeeze their heads in and break their necks trying to sneak a glance of our Major Chu.
Chu Jiao (grits her teeth): Haha, looks my second uncle is quite popular huh~
Xi Tian (continues to spout reckless words): That’s right. He was even considered the face of the group. It’s a pity that his expressions are too cold, scaring people away……
Chu Jiao (smiles slightly): Wah, then who is willing to take this overbearing guy in ah?
Xi Tian (immensely proud): That of course, would be the clever and resourceful me, Hahaha! To let our fellow Buddhist monks have more opportunities to see beautiful ladies, I can easily sacrifice myself ma!~
Chu Minshen (cracks his fists): Xi Tian, come over here. Let’s exchange some tips. 
Xi Tian (collapses): Ahhhh it was an accident!! Chu Minshen, your niece dug a hole for me to jump into! Owww, please stop hitting, Ouch ow, not the face!

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