Chapter 25 Uncle, Jiao Jiao is about to break (H)

“Second Uncle….Love me…use your big cock… ruthlessly love me….”

Chu Minshen felt like a prepubescent kid. Just hearing the little lady who was underneath him confess so innocently yet charmingly, his heart started pounding hard, like it was about to jump right out of his chest. He held Chu Jiao’s small hand and placed it on his own chest, letting her feel his own erratic and violent heartbeat.

“Jiao Jiao…..”

Even though his lower part was under tormenting pain, he didn’t pay much mind to it and gazed deeply at Chu Jiao, acting like he wanted to imprint her into his heart.

“Jiao Jiao…..can you feel it….”

“Uncle loves you…” The thumping of his heart was transmitted from his body to her ear. Ba-thump. Ba-thump.

Chu Jiao bewitchingly looked at that face that was tinted with lust yet still hadn’t lost the elegance and upright character. She felt her own heart beating at the same rhythm as his, gradually speeding up in a deafening manner.


“Jiao Jiao also loves you….”

Chu Minshen leaned forward, exchanging a kiss full of love with Chu Jiao. Chu. The two people pressed forehead against forehead, nose rubbing against nose, lips and tongue interchanging. He earnestly and seriously spoke, making a promise.

“Jiao Jiao….whatever you want….Uncle is willing to give it to you…..”

“Uncle’s body…..”

“Uncle’s heart…..”

“Uncle’s everything…..”

“Including….Uncle’s….big cock…..”

“As long as you want it…….and as long as I have it…..”

He said while gently prying apart Chu Jiao’s legs. One hand captured the base of her legs, the other, held his own erect object, positioning it to the entrance of the hole.

His glans was unable to hold back. When it came into contact with that soft place, it smoothly drilled into the surface layer of the petal, entering a much tighter place. The glans was wrapped up tightly and he could also feel that wetness of that place..

“Hehe…..” He happily chuckled, teasing the little flower underneath him.

“Jiao Jiao is so naughty….Uncle hasn’t even touched you……yet why are you already wet……hmm?”

Chu Jiao bit her lips and didn’t utter a word. Only her hole tightened a bit, sucking in the intruding tip of the manhood, engaging in a seemingly silent rivalry. 

“Hiss……” Chu Minshen could feel the tender wrapping contraction. He sucked in a breath then, exerted more effort in a punitive manner. He used a bit of strength, holding his thick and long cock in place,  and inserted half of it into the flower cave.

“Ahh!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!~~~~~”

Chu Jiao’s tender hole had never received such an enormous object before. Previously, it was only played with by tongues and fingers. This time, the sharp like pistol, caused her to suddenly feel pain.

“Oohhhh mmmmmhh…….It hurts!”

The thick and long penis entered the flower hole’s honey seams, widening the narrow passage of the girl’s privates. The hard-to-ignore foreign object ripping in caused Chu Jiao to cry out in pain over and over again.

At this moment, Chu Minshen’s cock was being squeezed so tight by her little hole that it was turning soft from pain. He panted heavily and endured the desire to stick it straight in. He reached out a hand to hold Chu Jiao’s nub, slowly kneading it and stirring her two little cherry dots, dispersing her attention away from her lower part.

“Ummm…..Ahh….Uncle…” As expected, Chu Jiao attention was diverted by the man’s continuous caress on her breasts.

She didn’t know if her own boobs were too sensitive. The more Chu Minshen rubbed, the more her chest had felt an itch that was hard to resist. Chu Minshen played like he was holding an instrument. His fourth other fingers supported the fullness of her bosoms and one index finger reached out to play the protruding nub, pushing it up, down and in circles, stirring Chu Jiao’s faint breathing repeatedly.

“Ahh uhm… Uncle, stop….. Don’t …. It’s so itchy….”

Chu Jiao raised her hand wanting to stop Chu Minshen’s stroking. Her body had already turned soft from being teased. Her hands could only lay on Chu Minshen’s arms, rising along with his movements, without any bit of strength. 

Chu Jiao gradually got excited. Her little hole that was sucking on Chu Minshen, started to loosen a bit. Seeing this situation, Chu Minshen started to get erect again. He was like an explorer who had excavated a treasure, once again restarting his “drill”. Bit by bit, slowly but surely, he slowly penetrated the soft hole.

“Ahhhhhh……Uncle…..It’s too big…. I can’t……Jiao Jiao’s about to break…..”

Chu Jiao felt the scorching hot cock in her secret place. That cock was still continuing to probe deeper and deeper in. It was so thick that her body felt like it was about to rip apart. She couldn’t help but be scared. “It’s too big, uncle….don’t….Jiao Jiao can’t take it…..uhnn………”

Chu Minshen at this moment, was restraining himself from impulsively and ruthlessly thrusting into that tender little hole. He advanced forward inch by inch and wasn’t planning by any means, to stop at all. While he continued to probe deeper, he softly planted kisses on Chu Jiao’s mouth and eyes, gently comforting her. “Be good, Jiao Jiao, just hold it in a bit more…..”

At this moment, he was also suffering without being able to move. “Just a bit more…Huff…..It’s going….It’s going to feel good soon…..”

Chu Minshen now simply felt like he was the big bad wolf tempting little red riding hood to open her doors. He felt like he had been starved for a very long time and could only think of eating up the little red riding hood to fill his belly. 

He hardened his heart and held Chu Jiao’s waist pulling it down to him with strength. He moved his waist, his cock going forward directly and ruthlessly invading the flower hole, burying it entirely inside. 


Chu Jiao couldn’t help but shriek when she was being plunged into at that split second. She thought his cock was in so deep it was touching her cervix. 

“Huff…Huff…..” Chu Minshen had finally invaded the little meat hole he had lusted after for so long. That place was just as he imagined, tight, soft and intoxicating.

The ecstasy almost caused him to lose his senses and just as he was about to shoot his essence inside this little hussy, his strong self-control sobered him up. His self-respect as a man wouldn’t allow him to release this early.

He held Chu Jiao’s waist and started pumping. 

“Huff….does it feel good… ah… ngh… Jiao Jiao …….is Uncle’s cock…..big?

He held back a smile, thrusting completely all the way in while asking the little person who was moving rhythmically along with his movements. 

“Ahhh Ahnn….Ah…..Big….It’s so bigg….. Uncle’s cock is too big… Jiao Jiao… so full… uhhh……It’s going so deep in meee……”

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