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  • Chapter 24 Uncle, use your big rod to love me (Slightly H)

    Chu Minshen could never bear to treat Chu Jiao ruthlessly.

    While he was washing the dishes, he was reflecting on himself. Did he frighten the little flower today? When she was acting all shy towards him, it almost made him unable to swallow the rice he was eating.

    After finishing up in the kitchen, he was contemplating whether or not he should yield to her, however, he couldn’t do this without properly educating the little minx so this time he decided to  properly explain it to her.

    Yet, this thought of “properly explaining things” soon went out the window the next second he opened the bedroom as he saw the little hussy pretending to tempt him on the bed.

    What surged instead was the desire to ruthlessly do her inside out.

    Seeing the girl face him backwards and wearing a cute sailor uniform, she was quietly crouching on the bed with her two legs bent and spread. Both hands were behind her back and her honey butt was raised up high. That short white pleated skirt bloomed like morning glories before him, exposing a beautiful scenery ——white lace covering the privates faced towards his direction, noiselessly luring him and tempting him to pick the flower juice, coercing him into ramming straight into that tender flower hole.

    He closed the doors and step by step, walked forward towards the enticing Aphrodite.

    The first step, “Pa ta”, He unbuckled the belt around his waist.

    The second step, “Ssss”, He pulled the zipper of his pants down.

    The third step, “Clang”, He threw his upper clothes to the side.

    The next moment, he arrived by the bedside.

    He saw the tied-up girl tilting her face to look at him with her watery eyes.

    “Uncle…” The crouched posture made it hard for the girl to speak, as she panted the words out. “Jiao Jiao was wrong….please…properly…..pu-…..punish Jiao Jiao……”

    He listened to the innocent yet seductive voice coming out of her throat.

    “Use uncle’s….hnghh…uncle’s big rod ……to properly……teach Jiao Jiao…..”

    “(Gu dong).”

    His adam’s apple bobbed.

    Chu Minshen took off his trousers and kneeled on the bed.

    He positioned himself behind the girl. The two heavy masses caused the mattress to sink into a soft arc, bringing the two people inadvertently closer together.

    He slowly lifted her short skirt up and extended his fingers to hook around her slim waist. After a moment of groping, the body in his hands trembled. Finally, he touched the girdles on both sides and without a hint of hesitation, he pulled them down. 

    He was already incredibly familiar with the small nub. In the past year, he had seen it so many times.  He had licked it, sucked on it, and even dabbled and dipped into it yet he endured never going past the “doors” silently.

    Because he couldn’t bear to.

    He couldn’t bear to pick the little flower while she hadn’t bloomed, couldn’t bear to see her in pain, see her in distress, nor see her with perhaps an expression of regret.

    However, now, he suddenly didn’t want to restrain himself any longer.

    Because this little hussy would never understand his worries. She would only rely on his deep emotions to seduce, tease and provoke him, causing him to be unable to resist his feelings and unable to endure his thirst, turning him into a crazy devil.

    “Alright. Uncle will properly scold and lecture you.” I’ll discipline this wantonly beguiling person.

    He took off the very last layer of clothing, releasing the solid and spirited object that awakened in that short period of time.

    “Jiao Jiao, you were naughty.”

    “So…..Uncle will have to use this big whip… properly…….and carefully…..educate you…..”

    He used one hand to grab onto the loose ribbon tied around Chu Jiao’s hands and pulled her upper body up. The other hand held his own meat stick and smacked it on Chu Jiao’s little tender butt.


    “Pa ta!”

    The thick and hard member landed heavily on the smooth and supple bottom. The scorching distinct sensation stimulated Chu Jiao’s flower hole to tighten. Her body also unconsciously moved forwards to evade it but was pulled back from the force on her wrists as the man behind her stuck closer. That sensation wasn’t pain, instead, after the member struck the bottom and slid off, it brought her a hint of numbness and itch.

    “Ahhhnnn…….Ngghhh Hummm……Uncle’s…… Uncle’s whip is so long….and so hard…..Nnnnnnnn~~”

    Chu Jiao’s voice quivered, sounding very sweet and unctuous.

    Chu Minshen’s glans gradually started to spill liquid. With every spasm of of his member repeatedly against Chu Jiao’s butt, that lascivious liquid also started to coat Chu Jiao’s butt looking sparkling and translucent.

    “Ahh……Uncle…..your big whip is so hot….its burning….Chu Jiao’s butt…’s going to be deformed…..Ahnn….”

    “Jiao Jiao’s butt is so supple.“ Chu Minshen said while confirming it by ruthlessly using his hands to smack it, leaving behind a red handprint on her right butt cheek. “This elasticity and this meat, how could my big whip…..possibly beat it…..until it deforms…..” 

    “Mmm…Hnnghh… Uncle.. Stop hitting….Jiao Jiao…..Jiao Jiao’s in painnn~~~” Chu Jiao was hit until her her bum was quivering, her knees were already slightly unstable in supporting her.


    “Say that you aren’t a little hussy!”


    “Were you born just to tempt your second uncle!”


    “Did you already want to get done by your second uncle from the start! Hmm?”


    “Huff…..Seducing your second uncle everyday…..huff……making your second uncle’s member about to explode already!”

    Hearing Chu Minshen’s hoarse timbre laced with lust, Chu Jiao felt wetness coming from her behind. She tried hard to clamp her little hole, not wanting Chu Minshen to realize her excitement.

    “Hyaaa…….Yesss Mmmm….Jiao Jiao’s a little hussy… Jiao Jiao was born to seduce..huff.. ..seduce uncle…Jiao Jiao… Jiao Jiao really wants… really wants to get done…..get done by second uncle’s big rod…..

    Chu Jiao lifted her head and answered the male panting, looking obedient and lovely.

    “Huff….. Jiao Jiao… little slut……second uncle….second uncle can’t hold it back anymore….”

    Chu Minshen was so stimulated by Chu Jiao repeating his words so adorably that his manhood was swelling in pain. He undid the bind on Chu Jiao’s hands and turned her over, facing her. His eyes flushed red as he stared at the girl, doing his best to endure and restrain himself as he gently yet sinisterly asked.

    “Jiao Jiao, can I? Can Uncle……do you?

    Chu Jiao smiled. That smile was as brilliant and dazzling as the sun’s rays.

    She hooked her arms around Chu Minshen’s neck and slowly spread her legs.

    “Second Uncle….love me…..use your big rod…..and ruthlessly love me….”

    T/N: (brain explodes)

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