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  • Chapter 23 Uncle, why are you hitting me

    Chu Minshen threw the wanderer off to another corner in one throw. Fist after fist came straight towards his face and body, pounding him to a pulp. His hits carried all his strength, causing that person to repeatedly beg for forgiveness.

    Chu Jiao propped herself up and walked over to lightly tug on Chu Minshen’s sleeve. “Uncle…that’s enough….” Don’t beat the person to death….this kind of person isn’t worth it…..

    Chu Minshen finally stopped and turned around, both hands grabbing Chu Jiao’s arms. His eyes were flushed red with nervousness and worry as he carefully observed the girl from head to toe. When he saw that her clothing was still in place and that only her hair was slightly messy, he finally let go of the breath he was holding onto for a long time.

    He hugged Chu Jiao tightly, like he had just recovered a lost treasure. “Jiao Jiao….Jiao Jiao…. You scared uncle to death….”

    Chu Jiao allowed Chu Minshen to squeeze her in his embrace. Even though she felt a bit of pain from the constriction, she still acted as sweet as syrup[efn_note]As sweet as syrup (taken from the Book of Songs): to endure hardship gladly; a glutton for punishment[/efn_note]

    She comfortingly used her little hand to embrace Chu Minshen’s thin waist, placing her head on his chest. “Second uncle….second uncle….”

    When Chu Jiao was brought home by Chu Minshen, she immediately went to take a good long bath. Following that, she laid on the bed, waiting for Chu Minshen to apply ointment on her.

    Her long legs had a few scrapes cut by stones, causing Chu Minshen to feel distressed endlessly. He took some alcohol and iodophor to help her disinfect the wounds.

    He lifted Chu Jiao up, placing her across his own legs. Then, he lifted her nightgown up and revealed the wounds.

    He applied the ointment, the lingering fear in his heart gradually surging. He imagined scenarios where he was late for just a few minutes, imagined scenarios where he couldn’t find her and thought about the calamities that this little flower would have experienced, causing him to be incessantly worried. 

    The more he thought about this, the more he got angry. He was angry at his own light attitude leading to his baby encountering danger and was also angry at Chu Jiao’s carelessness and revealing clothes which incited the lust of bad people.

    After he finished applying the ointment, seeing Chu Jiao’s smooth and round little butt, he couldn’t resist and smacked it with a “Pa” sound.

    “Ow! Second Uncle! Why are you hitting me!” Chu Jiao’s bum hurt. She looked like a fish wiggling herself out of his grasp.

    “The next time you are out so late. Don’t walk on the road all by yourself, do you understand!” Chu Minshen lectured.

    “I…. I thought it wasn’t too far anyway…” Chu Jiao thought it wasn’t too big of a deal.

    “Wearing something like that…. Don’t you know it’s easier for you to encounter danger!”

    “Wearing something like that? What kind of thing did I wear?!” Chu Jiao listened to his words and furrowed her brows. Girls dressing up to look pretty and wearing more refreshing clothes was a sign of their inattentiveness? “I’ll wear whatever I want that makes me happy!”

    “You dare talk back!”

    Chu Minshen wasn’t a male chauvinist in reality but he was stimulated by Chu Jiao almost coming into danger at this moment so he wasn’t able to speak rationally.

    Listening to Chu Jiao’s retort, he thought that the little tender flower needed some lecturing so he raised his hand and smacked Chu Jiao’s tender bottom heavily.




    Chu Jiao didn’t think Chu Minshen was going to do it for real. The sharp pain coming from her butt caused her to feel grief and shame.


    “Second Uncle!….OW!”


    “Owww ahhh… why are you hitting m-….OW!”


    “Wuuuu… Second uncle is so hateful!”


    Chu Minshen spanked Chu Jiao’s little butt. Originally, he only wanted for her to learn her lesson but seeing the butt turn bright red from the spanking before his very eyes and hearing Chu Jiao’s painfully shameful moans, the motive behind his actions gradually changed. 

    In reality, Chu Minshen didn’t want to deal a heavy hand. However, Chu Jiao’s skin was just too tender, turning red with just a bit of strength.

    Chu Jiao’s body was bound to Chu Minshen’s embrace. Her silk gown was hiked up to her waist, revealing her little panties that covered her important place that was rubbing against his abdomen, lighting up another layer of fire in Chu Minshen.

    After that day, the two people’s debate regarding clothing was dropped, ending with Chu Minshen’s apology. Chu Jiao’s red bottom was also properly comforted for the next while and Chu Minshen’s engorged place was also appeased by Chu Jiao’s little mouth.

    When Chu Jiao mentioned the matter of “hitting her butt”, it made Chu Minshen remember this experience of “punishment.”

    Chu Jiao was on tenterhooks as she followed Chu Minshen home, acting cute all the way back and Chu Minshen endured his best to not respond. Inside, he was secretly thinking whether it was because he didn’t have the imposingness of a guardian that lead to Chu Jiao not being afraid of him.

    Chu Jiao was definitely not afraid of him at all. In her eyes, Chu Minshen was a rigid and serious family man. At this moment, the only thought that was going inside her little brain was how to eat this family man into her belly.

    The two people harbored different thoughts during dinner. While Chu Minshen went to the guest room to wash the dishes, Chu Jiao ran to take a bath first.

    After taking a bath, she didn’t change into her night clothes and donned her school outfit once more.

    City One Middle School was M City’s best private high school. Their uniform was specially custom-made, which appeared to be brimming with youth. The top half was a deep blue sailor blouse with thin white stripes adorning the shoulders and cuffs. The collar even had a lovely little bow. Her pleated skirt was the same shade of white which reached knee-length and because Chu Jiao was on the taller side, the skirt looked like a miniskirt instead.

    Chu Jiao also wore knee high black socks, exposing the white flesh of her upper thighs. It was extremely attractive. 

    She quietly slipped in the bedroom and twirled before a full body mirror beside the closet. Looking at the fresh and pure appearance of a young lady and her blossoming bust that grew each day, she felt quite pleased with herself. Compared to the appearance of her original body, this body’s appearance could be said to have an innocent allure.

    She threw her slippers off and climbed up the bed. 

    She leaned forward, propping her shoulders and knees on the soft bed and raising her butt up high. Then with both hands behind her back, she randomly used the school uniform ribbon to tie a loose knot on her wrists. Hearing the gradually approaching footsteps, she smiled with her face buried on the quilt. 

    Author’s note: Little Jiao Jiao is about to seduce him, Uncle Chu won’t be able to resist.
    T/N: Things about to get wiiiiiillllddd XD 

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