Chapter 22.1 Uncle, Jiao Jiao is afraid of pain (1)

Chu Jiao didn’t think there would come a day where her guardian would have to be called.

The reason was actually because she was unable to break her habit of falling asleep in class.

This was inevitable. She was already an adult so she had no interest in reliving another time  of high school. Moreover, she was fixated on thinking up ways on how to capture her family’s second uncle so every night she was wrapped in her own quilt catching up on ‘remedial classes’ about sex. Naturally, this made her unable to muster any spirit for class in the morning.

Chu Minshen received the teacher’s phone call and was originally frightened, thinking that something had happened to Chu Jiao at school but he came to realize that she was only sleeping in class and had even been scolded by the teacher. 

Chu Jiao had never let him worry about her academics before. Her academics had been a smooth ride all along, flowing with the current, causing him to feel a sense of accomplishment he never felt before. It appeared that even without him, Jiao Jiao was able to still take good care of herself growing up. This time, when he was invited to the school by the teacher for a talk, it was actually a fresh and amusing experience.

“……Mister Chu ah. Although I know your child’s junior school results weren’t bad, you need to understand that high school isn’t the same.”

“Yes. Teacher said it right.”

“And with her falling asleep in class like this, the influence on other classmates isn’t good at all!”

“Yes. You’re not wrong. I will properly teach her.”

“You don’t need to be harsh with your child. Just give her a good saying. It’s alright for her to work diligently at night, but there’s no need to be too excessive as daytime classes are more important.

“Alright. My child hasn’t been away from me since she was young so it could possibly be due to her being unable to adapt to the environment yet. Sorry to trouble you.”

“It’s not a problem.”

Chu Jiao carried her backpack to the teacher’s office doors and stared blankly in boredom. Listening to the conversation inside made her feel anxious.

Wuu, how humiliating. She was already such a big girl yet she actually had to have her guardian called.

Second uncle wouldn’t be too mad, would he?~

She had rarely seen her second uncle get angry. He had always been warm to her even though he wore a cold face speaking to outsiders.

However, judging from today’s tone….It didn’t seem too reassuring…..

Wuuuu, it’s going to be difficult from now on~

Chu Minshen bid his farewell to the teacher. When he stepped out, he saw Chu Jiao with her head lowered, seeming like she was thinking of something.

He initially thought to give the little lady a lecture and put on a rare cold face.


Chu Jiao raised her head and looked up to see him tugging his sleeves back. She blinked her big eyes, restlessness appearing in them.

Chu Minshen turned his hand over to grab Chu Jiao’s little palm. Without speaking, they directly headed off campus.

Today was a friday. There were many students who lived in school who had already left for home. When Chu Minshen was conversing with the teacher, school had already ended for a long time. The sky had also already turned dark.

After getting on the car, Chu Jiao sat on the passenger’s seat. Without even waiting for Chu Minshen to start the car, she tilted her body and moved closer to Chu Minshen. With a “chuuu” sound, she planted a kiss on his lips.

“Uncle, don’t ignore Jiao Jiao~” She shamelessly acted cute.

Chu Minshen wasn’t really angry but after being kissed by her, the week long thoughts of not having seen her started to sprout and the solemn face he had on nearly broke down.

But he still resisted and pulled a long face. He tried to show strength when in actuality, he was really weak inside. “There’s no use acting spoiled. Didn’t uncle say it before, what should we do if we made a mistake?”

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