Chapter 20 Uncle, my boyfriend

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City One’s doors were crowded with people today and the traffic was endless. It signified another start of a school year. Many parents had personally sent their own family’s darlings to school. While Chu Minshen was focused on looking around for a place to park. Chu Jiao was leaning against the passenger seat, pretending to sleep when suddenly 419 in her head rang out.

[System reminder: Female lead is approaching, female lead is approaching.]

[Who? That something Menger?]

Having lived in this world for 10 years, Chu Jiao had almost forgotten the original story that she had read roughly years ago. She couldn’t even completely remember the female lead’s name.

[…..Li Menger.] Chu Jiao actually heard a trace of helplessness in the mechanical tone of 419. Cough, she must have heard wrong.

You couldn’t blame her for this. You could only say that this world was too realistic for her. She gradually assimilated unconsciously and had no qualms about enjoying the way Chu Minshen indulged her. She wasn’t as proactive about doing the mission as she was from the very beginning.

“System warning. If you are unable to complete the mission, the host’s spirit will not be the only thing that will be erased, all the worlds that are connected to the system will also be annihilated as well.]

“What? Why didn’t you tell me this before!] Chu Jiao said with great alarm.

[After announcing the mission, the host is required to explore the rest.] 419 repeated the words it has said before.

[Do you mean that…the smut worlds connected to the system, including all the people inside, would all disappear together?] Including this world’s Chu Minshen?

[That’s right.] 419’s cold reply caused Chu Jiao’s heart to tighten.

Although she wasn’t willing to admit it, she was definitely somewhat addicted to the warmth that Chu Minshen had given her. Everytime, she approached him with the mission in mind and provoked him. Having lived under the same roof together for 10 whole years, she wasn’t a robot. Even though her heart was ice cold before, it was eventually warmed by him.

She had no way of just watching him lose his life because of her mistake.

Even if he was only a role that was only made to satisfy lust by a person’s pen.

To her, he was a living and breathing person. He was the uncle who brought her up with his hands, who saw, listened and obeyed her. A man who indulged her to the extreme.

She decided. She will complete the mission.

Even if they both parted in the future, she wouldn’t regret it.

She was used to being alone and these 10 years were the happiest she had ever been. But the same couldn’t be said for her uncle. He was born into this world, and grew up here. Even without her, he could still live a good life.

A flash of determination swept through Chu Jiao’s eyes.

She thought that she had been too tolerant of her current situation. The female lead had already appeared yet she still hadn’t successfully eaten Chu Minshen into her belly.

At this moment, Chu Minshen had also finally found an available space and parked successfully. 

“Jiao Jiao, time to get off.”

Chu Jiao opened her clear eyes and smiled while replying. “En!”

[419, where is Li Menger?]

[50 meters behind the host diagonally.]

Chu Jiao listened to this. When she stepped off the car and turned her head to look. She saw a girl riding a bicycle approaching from afar. The girl was wearing a pair of earphones, listening to a song. Her shoulder-length hair fluttered in the wind. Her face was extraordinarily beautiful. Her upper body boasted a proud ample chest that gave off a beautiful arc through her white short-sleeved shirt. The white pleated skirt that covered her bottom swept up and down along with the circular movements of her legs. Sometimes, it would be blown upwards by the wind but before anyone could take a peek of the flesh underneath, the girl would use her hands to press down on her skirt.

What a gorgeous woman.

Chu Jiao looked down at herself. Even though she wasn’t so flat that you could gallop straight across, but compared to the real 36D outstanding buns, it was a little discouraging. As expected, not comparing will result in no harm. She was, without a doubt, the female lead. Even she herself, thought that she was stunning. She didn’t know if her second uncle would exactly act like he did in the book, falling in love at first sight.

“Jiao Jiao, what’s wrong?” Chu Minshen closed the car doors shut after taking out the luggage. He saw Chu Jiao’s brows furrowed into a light worrying expression and hurriedly strode around the car front to walk up to her.

Never would they have imagined that while he was busy worrying about his family’s little flower, he simply didn’t take notice of the incoming bicycle from the back and coincidentally blocked the road, the girl couldn’t hit the breaks on time and fell over to the side.


That girl was Li Menger. She was busy listening to music and also didn’t pay too much attention to the road. When she raised her eyes to see a meat wall, it was already too late to evade it. The front wheel of the bicycle pressed against the man’s thighs unstably, and she herself fell on the floor.

“What’s wrong with you! Don’t you know how to look before….walking…..” Li Menger’s knees were scraped by the stones on the floor. She rambled out unhappily but when she lifted her head to look at the perpetrator’s face, her voice gradually became softer.

Wow…….so…. handsome…..what a….. manly man….

Li Menger was secretly love-struck.

Even though Chu Minshen’s thighs were hit and he felt a bit of biting pain, he still retained his manners and politely apologized. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. Are you alright? Can you get up?”

He said as he was about to reach out a hand to support the girl up. He didn’t think that he would be pushed to the back by Chu Jiao.

“Little miss, are you alright?” She took a step ahead of Chu Minshen and bent down, grabbing Li Minger’s wrist and with a bout of strength, pulled Li Menger up.

Hmph, hmph, pretending to be delicate? Chu Jiao ridiculed her inside.

She completely selectively forgot to put on her stupidly delicate face in front of her family’s uncle.

It was a case of showing two faces.

“I’m so sorry, little miss. My boyfriend was just preoccupied with worrying about me so he didn’t notice you. Ai~” Chu Jiao said with a sincere face.

The bright gaze that the female lead used to look at her family’s Uncle Chu caused her to become wary and she immediately blurted out the word “boyfriend”.

At this moment, all her attention was placed on Li Menger so she wasn’t able to see Chu Minshen’s eyes suddenly becoming passionate as soon as he heard the label “boyfriend”.

Li Menger originally didn’t want to get up. She wanted to wait for the handsome brother to support her but she didn’t expect the same-aged girl’s strength to be so strong and being able to pull her up in one go.

So he was already taken.

Li Menger drooped her eyes, tucking her hair up before rushing towards the two. She mainly focused on Chu Minshen who was behind Chu Jiao as she smiled sweetly, saying magnanimously. “It’s no problem. It’s not really a big deal. I wasn’t looking at the road myself so I don’t blame you guys.”

Even if this top grade guy was already taken, so what?

When she, Li Menger, made her moves, there was never a time that she would fail…

However, Chu Minshen’s thoughts were fully occupied by the label of “boyfriend”, he simply didn’t take any notice of the girl’s beautiful and elegant eyes looking at him from the side. 


Hmph, this new label wasn’t bad at all.

He happily thought to himself.

Little play:
Chu Minshen: (reaches hand out) Jiao Jiao, without you, even if I possessed the entire world, why would it matter?
Li Menger: (tearful glistening eyes) Uncle Chu, you still have me ah. You are my whole world.
Chu Minshen: (a cold face) I’m sorry, who are you?

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