Chapter 2.1 The first world: ‘Soldier Uncle fucks me inside out’ (1)

Chu Jiao blinked, looking at the same fanned thick lashes, short arms and legs on the little person in the mirror. She thought to herself, so everything was actually real.

No matter if it was the matter of her being a character in a book or the matter of her transmigrating. 

She was already another “Chu Jiao”.

This Chu Jiao, was different from her. She had a pair of parents who loved her and treated her like a princess growing up.

However, because they were involved in an airplane accident, she was left alone.

According to system 419’s explanation, she was bound to a carnal desire system, so the world she transmigrated over to was a smutty one. These worlds were created under the author’s pen strokes but because of many different reasons, they were unstable.

Her mission as the supporting female was to make her counterattack a success, so she needed to kick down the female lead and capture the male lead. And the only way to capture the male lead pointed out by the system was ——by making body contact.

“419, come out! Tell me, this body is only 5 years old! How do you want me to exchange body fluids with the male lead!!”

Chu Jiao was driven nuts.

As a person who never had a boyfriend staying single since birth, although she occasionally had her lonely nights, torrented porno and secretly read some eroticas but she had never bought a single dildo and needless to mention, put her own body into practice. 

“The host doesn’t need to worry. There are many different ways of exchanging body fluid and making body contact, for example, kissing, giving oral…”

An ice cold voice continued on as Chu Jia’s face flushed even deeper and she quickly called on it to stop.

“Stop!! It’s still daytime, stop playing porno inside my head!”

Chu Jiao used her little fingers to rub her head. Let’s take things one step at a time and see how it goes. 

Since she had already made her decision, she wouldn’t regret it. 

Everything was just a mission. She slapped her own face, telling herself to get herself together. 

Receiving the synopsis of this world from the system, Chu Jiao was a bit speechless.

This world was based on a book called “Soldier Uncle fucks me inside out” and the entire story is basically a smutty piece of the female lead who was a dainty flower getting fucked in many different scenarios by the strong male lead.

Normally, she would not watch this kind of straight-up porn.

Quickly reading it over, Chu Jiao only remembered the male and female lead’s name and identity. She only wanted to know the possible scenarios she could potentially face in the future so she didn’t study the material meticulously and pretended to ignore the rest.

The female lead was called Li Menger and the male lead was Chu Minshen. The two of them met at the female lead’s senior high school military practice. A handsome military instructor, a dainty high school girl, and an accidental misfire, it was not a happy encounter at all.

Chu Jiao was the male lead’s niece according to the story. Because her parents passed away early, her uncle Chu Minshen took her in and because of that, she formed an abnormal attachment towards Chu Minshen, causing trouble for him everywhere. In the course of time, contrasting with Li Menger’s kindness and generosity, Chu Minshen grew more unhappy with Chu Jiao and fell more in love with Li Menger.

Chu Jiao’s inner heart was roasting this piece of rotten story when she heard knocks resounding outside. 

She hurriedly ran towards the door, besting her nanny in opening it.

Inheriting her character’s memories, Chu Jiao knew that yesterday was supposed to be the day her parents had come back home from abroad but she had waited for an entire night and nobody had come home.

Because, her parents had already passed away in the airplane accident.

And she, who didn’t know anything, still waited at home like a fool.

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