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  • Chapter 19 Uncle, little brother is so pitiful

    Another bright morning.

    The summer’s early sun peeked through the glass windows and into the room, casting a bright color on a small bulge in the quilt atop the bed.

    The alarm clock on the bedside started to ring, causing the thing inside the quilt to shuffle for a bit. A clean white hand poked out of it and pressed down on the alarm before it shrank back into the quilt once more.

    Chu Minshen pinched her, having just returned from training at the playground. He had already prepared breakfast and had walked into the bedroom, playing the role of someone else’s alarm clock.

    “Little slob, time to get up.”

    Chu Jiao could hazily feel her nose being pinched, causing breathing to become difficult for her.

    “Nooo, doonnn’t, let me sleep a little longer~ just a little longer~”

    She familiarly fished for the hand that was misbehaving on her face, puckering her lips and planting a kiss on the person’s palm as she said in a pampered tone.

    Chu Minshen was already immune to this little slob’s spoiled means after having lived with her for 10 years. He unfeelingly tore the quilt away exposing the girl who hid underneath to the rays of the sun.

    The girl’s goose yellow strappy nightgown had turned disorganized due to her unruly sleeping posture during the night. The originally short skirt had hiked up from all the constant moving until it reached her hips, revealing the white naked legs and little panties covering the triangular area underneath.

    And the straps of her clothes were now currently hanging loosely on her shoulders. The two protrusions on her chest was fully exposed atop of her silk nightgown.

    Chu Minshen’s pupils deepened from seeing this image before him. He bent his waist and kneeled on the spring mattress. One hand propped on the bed, the other rubbing the little soft hills on the girl’s chest.

    He leaned down and captured the little lips that acted spoiled to him.


    Her mouth was invaded by the man’s overbearing taste. Chu Jiao could only foggily dance along with his tongue, allowing Chu Minshen to wantonly stir the insides of her mouth.

    “Enn……Little Slob…..Huff…..”

    “Ha…..(guchu)….. If you don’t get up now…. You’ll be late for the first day of high school….”

    Chu Minshen reminded while licking and kissing her.


    Being reminded made Chu Jiao remember that today was the first day of high school.

    Even though he saw the little slob open her eyes, Chu Minshen didn’t immediately stop and continued to kiss the girl until she was out of breath. When her eyes turned into watery gems, he then finally let go of her.

    “Bad second uncle. You know I need to go to school yet you still kissed me for such a long time. Look, my lips are all red. How can I face people like this!”

    After Chu Jiao washed up, she ate sandwiches and drank milk, plopping down on the side of the  table, side-eyeing and grumbling about Chu Minshen who was reading a newspaper on the other end.

    Chu Minshen set the newspapers down and saw Chu Jiao’s little mouth stained with white milk, he raised half an eyebrow. “What kind of lazy pig that’s already so big still dawdles around in bed and has to get her second uncle to come kiss her just to wake up?”

    Chu Jiao looked left and right, pretending to be dumb.

    “Who are you talking about? I can only see a little fairy and a big grey wolf. Where did the little lazy pig come from?~”

    Chu Minshen laughed and lifted Chu Jiao up, getting her to straddle on his legs. “Big grey wolf, hmm?”

    He stuck his tongue out and licked the leftover milk on the girl’s lips. “The big grey wolf is hungry right now, will the little fairy feed him?”

    Chu Jiao could feel a hard object poking her in the butt and she purposely used her soft butt to rub against it before jumping off of him. 

    “Uncle, quickly get up! You still have to send me to the dorms~ I’m going to be late for school!~”

    Ever since he started eating meat, this second uncle simply became another person. Previously he wouldn’t bend and would only be rigid-faced under her provocations. But now, he started to dally with her, his methods of teasing becoming more and more proficient, making her unable to resist.

    Chu Jiao could deeply feel that her position in the family was in a precarious position.

    If Chu Minshen got to know of Chu Jiao’s inner ridicule, he would definitely cry out in grievance. He was an old virgin who had suppressed his lust for more than 30 years. It wasn’t easy for him to like somebody. Moreover, he also had to worry about his beloved person’s age being too young so he couldn’t dare make a move. Now, was he wrong for eating to his heart’s content and saying carnivorous words?

    Furthermore, he was always tempted by this little hussy to the point where his self-control was unstable. You couldn’t completely blame him for not being proper.

    It could only be said that Chu Jiao was too naive. She had always thought that the big grey wolf would always be an herbivore and forgot that he was an animal who ate meat by nature. Little did she know that once he had tasted meat, the big grey wolf would never be able to forget it again.

    Today was the first day of Chu Jiao’s high school life. Although City One High School was good, it was far from the military courtyard that was located in the suburbs. Chu Minshen couldn’t promise that he could send her to school everyday and worried that it wouldn’t be safe if she were to come home late due to revisions so without considering her requests, he insisted on arranging for her to live in school. Seeing Chu Minshen being so resolute, Chu Jiao couldn’t do anything else but comply. 

    As long as Uncle Chu encountered a matter that was concerned with her safety, he was especially resolutely principles, never budging an inch. This made Chu Jiao be at her wits’ end.

    Chu Minshen sat on the big chair and took a few deep breaths, successfully pressing down the throbbing that came from below.

    This annoying little hussy exploited the fact that he couldn’t bear to tease her and would always change her tactics from being innocent to being slutty.

    Chu Minshen stood up and gnashed his teeth while lifting up the luggage he had already 

    However, when he thought of it again, he smiled.

    He wouldn’t mind if he suffered more of this sweet torture.

    Chu Jiao stood by the doors, watching her second uncle’s complexion change from a face that regretted courting death to a face that was full of complacency. 

    “Hmph, who told you to let me live in school~”

    “If I didn’t live in school, I would always help you reduce the swelling every night. But now..” She put on a face of distress, looking at Chu Minshen’s calm face yet his lower part was still bulging. “Such a pity, only little brother can help la~” She ridiculed while slowly reaching her little hand out to rub the silent big object. 

    “!!!” Chu Minshen quickly caught Chu Jia’s naughty hands and stopped her reckless enticement. He held her hand and took her to the parking lot.

    He silently grit his teeth. There will come a day where he will have to give this little hussy who kept igniting fires but didn’t feed them, an eternally unforgettable lesson.

    Little play:
    Little Fairy Chu Jiao: Pretend to be dead, pretend to be dead
    Big Grey Wolf Uncle: Endure, Endure, Endure
    Little Fairy Chu Jiao: Continue to pretend, continue to pretend, continue to pretend
    Big Grey Wolf Uncle: (reveals fangs) I can’t endure it any longer! I’ll eat you up in one go!

    T/N: I love how the power dynamic in this couple is basically Chu Jiao teasing Chu Minshen all the time~ It’s so cute <3

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