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  • Chapter 18.2 Uncle, rubbing Jiao Jiao feels so good (2) (H Intercrural s*x)

    The girl’s head was raised up high, her eyes blurry and her mouth unconsciously spilling out waves of moans.

    “Uhhh…….Uhmm…Ahhh..Ahnnnn…Second Uncle….HahhhMmm..”

    Chu Minshen’s one hand was propped against the ceramic tiles above Chu Jiao’s head and the other hand seized her waist letting Chu Jiao’s lower body stick close to his body without any gaps. Chu Jiao was still small so he couldn’t bear getting her hurt and could only rely on this method to relieve his desire.

    “Hooo…Hahh……Jiao Jiao……clamp tighter……close them a bit tighter……”

    Chu Minshen’s lips neared Chu Jiao’s earlobes, gasping for air. He nibbled on Chu Jiao’s little earlobe while he said things ambiguously.

    His thick member was currently ramming against Chu Jiao’s soft thighs, going all the way in to the base and pulling back entirely. The girl’s straight legs squeezed together tightly without revealing any gaps, clamping on Chu Minshen’s member densely. The soft smooth skin continuously came into contact with the engorged veiny rod, letting Chu Minshen experience a pleasure that masturbation had never brought him.

    “Hahhh.. Jiao Jiao…’re so tight……..Huff Huff.. Hahh….Jiao Jiao… you feel good, Jiao Jiao?”

    Chu Minshen thrusted his manhood and fondled Chu Jiao’s chest at the same time, kneading her tender nipples. His lips left light kisses everywhere on her back.

    He wasn’t a person who indulged on lust. Because his little beloved person was in his arms, while he was feeling pleasure, he also wanted her little flower to feel good.

    “Ahhh……Ahnnnn uhmm…..feel good…..uncle….”

    “Uncle rubbing Jiao Jiao……feels so gooodd………uhhnn mmmm…..”

    Chu Jiao’s body swayed along with Chu Minshen’s attacks. Her breasts were being softly pinched and kneaded and her pearl underneath would sometimes be rubbed against by the incoming root, a weird surging pleasure arose.

    “Uncle’s big meat stick………Hahnnn….ahhh……be gentler…..Hahh…Hahh……Jiao Jiao can’t take it…..”

    Every time Chu Minshen rubbed against the girl’s secret part. He could always feel a suction coming from that area, seducing him, and tempting his meat stick.

    “Huff…..Little hussy……you really want to eat uncle’s big meat stick huh…..”He gently repositioned upwards, his bulb head coming into contact with the girl’s scorching lips, the softness breaking down his self-control.

    “Haaaaa……..Uncle really wants to do you….”

    “Uncle really wants…. Really wants…. Your little mouth down there to eat……to eat uncle’s big meat stick…..”

    “Jiao Jiao…..Quickly grow up……huff…….Uncle can’t wait any longer.”

    Chu Minshen’s voice carried his desire and hope. He murmured beside Chu Jiao’s ear while increasing the pace of his rubbing, shooting his love fluids on Chu Jiao’s legs.

    In the end, Chu Jiao was carried back to the bedroom by Chu Minshen.

    She had expended a great amount of energy tonight. After Chu Minshen came, the two people had to wash the stickiness away once again and by that time, she had already become drowsy. She let Chu Minshen wash and turn her over several times.

    Chu Minshen carried the rosy-cheeked little flower out and placed her softly on the bed.

    The two people were supposed to have slept in separate beds long ago but everytime Chu Minshen mentioned this matter, Chu Jiao would make an unreasonable scene about it, leaving it unsettled in the end.  As a result, the two people still slept in the same bed up until this point.

    The things that happened tonight went completely beyond his expectations, blowing away any of the drowsiness Chu Minshen had at this moment.

    He didn’t know if the decision he had made was correct. 

    He suspected whether his own selfishness got in the way that let Chu Jiao made trouble without stopping.

    He worried that there would come a day his immoral relationship with Jiao Jiao would be exposed and Jiao Jiao would be overwhelmed by the different gazes and opinions.

    He worried that when Chu Jiao grew up, she would learn the meaning behind his behavior today and would look at him with a loathing gaze that he couldn’t bear to see.

    However, when he looked down and saw the little flower’s peaceful sleeping face beside him, he suddenly felt calm.

    All the thoughts that popped into his heads disappeared completely.

    He recalled the story that he had known by heart from long ago, The fox’s words to the little prince.

    The fox said. “To me, you are still just a little boy. You’re aren’t any different to any of the countless little boys out there. I don’t need you and similarly, you don’t need me as well. To you, I am only a little fox, same as all the other foxes. But, if you tamed me, we would become indispensable to each other. To me, you would be the only one in the world. And I to you, would be the only one in your world.

    “I kind of understand it.” The little prince said.

    “There’s a flower….that I think… has already tamed me….”

    That’s right. Chu Minshen thought to himself.

    I raised a little rose. My whole world only has that one rose.

    And she, had already tamed me long ago.

    Chu Minshen bent down and printed a sincere kiss on Chu Jiao’s lips. 

    Little play:
    After the passionate scene.
    Chu Jiao: flipped over belly side up, sleeping deeply.
    Uncle Chu: looks at little Jiao Jiao, his heart turning into mush.
    Fellow readers: Yi? Shouldn’t your roles be reversed here?

    T/N: (Me after reading little prince moment) Awww. so wholesomeeee

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