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  • Chapter 18.1 Uncle, rubbing Jiao Jiao feels so good (1) (H Intercrural s*x)

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    After the two people spoke the words in their heart and Chu Jiao had gotten Chu Minshen’s guarantee, she felt a lot better.

    She knew that Chu Minshen was a man of his word. In these 10 years, he was able to fulfill all the things he had promised her before.

    The two people expunged the complaints they’ve been holding in their guts but their posture remained the same.

    Chu Minshen, at this moment, stood before Chu Jiao holding her little waist whilst Chu Jiao sat on the marble countertop with her legs wide open, stuck onto Chu Minshen’s waist. The two people faced each other in utter devotion.

    It was currently summer so the nights didn’t feel cool whilst they were naked but Chu Minshen was still worried that Chu Jiao would catch a cold so he turned the hot water on while hugging her and the two people stood at the bath tub.

    Chu Jiao was just a bean sprout. Even though she only reached the tall Chu Minshen’s shoulder, they were completely unable to recreate the same scene when she was younger as the bath tub couldn’t fit the two people’s bodies.

    The steam gradually rose into the air. Within the less than 2 square meter narrow space, two people stood facing each other.

    Chu Jiao retrieved the shower puff from the side and squeezed out some shower gel, after rubbing it on, she started smearing it on Chu Minshen’s body.

    Seeing this, Chu Minshen started to reminisce the little lady’s awkward childhood and he laughed. 

    “When you were young, you didn’t even know how this worked and even needed uncle to teach you.”

    Chu Jiao thought to herself. I was pretending during that time, alright. However, on the surface, she still blushed and poked Chu Minshen’s hard pecs.

    “I already told you. I’ve grown up already, don’t I already know everything~”

    “That’s true…” Chu Minshen peered at the girl’s white little steamed buns, his tone getting huskier, his abdomen once again experiencing another feeling.

    “Now, you even know how to eat uncle’s big member….”

    He allowed the little hands to light a fire on his body and he himself, started to reach his hands towards the girl’s snowy peaks.

    “Mmh ahh….Uncle!” The honey peaches on her chest were suddenly grabbed by the man’s big hands causing Chu Jiao let out a shout of surprise.

    Chu Minshen’s hands used a bit of strength, rubbing and fondling the two unripened honey peaches in his hands. Seeing them filling in the shape of his hands, his breathing gradually became heavier.

    Chu Jiao couldn’t stand Chu Minshen’s mensao expression the most. Seeing him quiet and not speaking, only toying with her little boobs, she straight-forwardedly threw the shower puff away and used her own soapy hands to stroke Chu Minshen’s chest.

    “Uncle….your chest…is so big!”

    White little hands covered the bronze pectoral muscles. Chu Jiao discovered in amazement that each of her hands couldn’t contain all of Chu Minshen’s pecs.

    The long year round, high intensity trained chest was aroused by her hands. She pinched and pinched, finding the elasticity ample, however, they couldn’t be rubbed and kneaded like how Chu Minshen played with hers. 

    She simply grabbed his brown little pearls then rubbed and pressed on them with her satiny fingers, seeing them slowly turn into hard little meat balls. Then, she finally successfully saw Chu Minshen’s mask of restraint break.

    “Jiao Jiao…’re playing with fire….”

    Chu Minshen’s pectorals quivered under Chu Jiao’s involuntary provoking, his spirited object underneath stood straight and was pressed against Chu Jiao’s little belly.

    Chu Jiao mischievously blinked while grinning. Her hands continued to unconsciously light up a fire everywhere, teasing her family’s second uncle.

    “Nonsense~ I’m obviously playing with you~”

    And then, in the next second, she paid the price of her teasing.

    Inside the vapor filled bathroom, two flesh bodies were closely glued together.

    The girl’s hands were slightly bent, holding on to the ice-cold ceramic tiles. Behind her, a tall burning body stuck close.

    The tub was filled to the brim with water and the shower puff floated on the surface in desolation. White bubbles dispersed everywhere, revolving around the legs of the two people.

    The two people’s lower body were closely connected. The man’s abdomen was against the girl’s buttocks and his proudly standing meat stick was stuck in between the gap of the girl’s thighs, thrusting back and forth.

    The man’s head was buried in the crook of the girl’s neck as he panted heavily. While he was pumping underneath, he also stuck his tongue out and licked and sucked on her delicate collarbones and shoulders, leaving behind a trail of red marks on the girl’s bright skin.

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