Chapter 17 Uncle, I want to monopolize you

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Chu Jiao knew that this capture mission wasn’t going to be easy.

Because the two of them were blood relatives.

Because the two of them were uncle and niece.

And even more because Chu Minshen was a principled man.

He was able to silently endure Chu Jiao’s affection without exposing himself and he could do the same this time as well. He would restrain himself and might even repeat the same thing he did 10 years ago by forgetting the absurdity that happened tonight and resuming his face of being a mensao second uncle.

Needless to say.

Chu Jiao’s guess wasn’t wrong.

Chu Minshen was indeed planning to treat what happened tonight as a pipe dream. Once tomorrow came, he would seal this dream inside a small pandora box and would never open it again.

Because Chu Minshen clearly understood.

She was still young yet he was already past his prime. 

She was his niece and he was her uncle.

The both of them, had no future together.

Chu Minshen heard Chu Jiao’s argument and revealed a bitter smile. “Baby, We can’t get married.”

“You’re 15 years old, a proper lady now.

“You should already know. I’m your uncle. The both of us could never be together.”

“But we’ve been together for 10 years already! Why can’t it happen!” Chu Jiao purposely misinterpreted.

“We can be like this in the future as well. You’ll only have me and I’ll only have you

“We-we don’t even have to get married! As long as I can be together with uncle! I don’t even want to marry another person!!”

Tears spilled out of her eyes, weeping with allure.

“The neighboring Aunt Luo said that I shouldn’t monopolize you, that I should let you find me an aunt..”

“Wuuuwuuuwuuu, but I don’t want to…..I know…I’m a bad child…”

“But I don’t want…..I don’t want anybody else….I only want to monopolize you!”

“I only want….only want to be together with uncle…Wuuuwuuuu……”

There were a lot of aunties who were obsessed with acting as a go-between in the military courtyard. Aunt Luo was among them with great talent. She worried all day about her second uncle’s marriage, taking care of giving him blind dates. Because of seniority, Chu Jiao wasn’t able to say anything but inside, she was constantly worried that her own family’s second uncle’s virginity would be taken away by a blind date partner without her knowledge.

Looking at the girl’s grievous appearance, Chu Minshen was once again shocked and distressed.

He didn’t know that his little lady was actually worrying about this.

Was she, already worrying about this for a long time without him being aware of it?

Did she think that he would abandon her? Form a new family without her? Not want her anymore?

“I’m sorry, Jiao Jiao…..” Chu Minshen’s big hands wiped her tears away, his face full of apology.

“I won’t let you have an aunt, I won’t have anybody else. You already know that uncle only has you.”

It’ll be the same, in the past, in the present and in the future. 


“Uncle isn’t lying to me right?”

Chu Jiao’s hands were still hooked around his neck. She pressed her face forward. Both their nose tips were touching. Her eyes reddened as she asked for his pledge.

“Uncle, in this life, won’t ever lie to Jiao Jiao.”

Chu Minshen embraced his beloved little lady. He kissed her red eyes, and licked away the teardrops that hung from her lashes, making a solemn promise.

This was the little flower he had carefully raised for 10 years.

He slowly watched her grow up, slowly watched her absorb sunlight and bloom with her petals.

He slowly watched as her brows and eyes grew up and her body become longer. Slowly watched her become more and more beautiful with each passing day.

He couldn’t stand it when she received even a little bit of hurt.

He couldn’t stand it when she shed a single drop of tear.

Even if it was because of him, he couldn’t stand it.

Chu Minshen thought to himself. Fuck it, fuck it. Let it be then.

If Jiao Jiao wanted it to be this way, if their physical contact was able to give Jiao Jiao a sense of security and make her happy.

As long as she was happy and as long as she wished for it.

Until the day she was still willing to want him, he would be by her side and would never leave.


If there came a day….when Jiao Jiao understood their relationship…..

Understood how immoral their relationship was, how unacceptable it was….

Then, he would let her go.

He would personally, hand her over to the person who would bring happiness to her.

Chu Minshen drooped his eyes, complexity filling the depths of his pupils.

Little play:
Chu Jiao: Uncle, You think too much. It’s a sickness that needs to be cured.
Chu Minshen: (smiles) Then Jiao Jiao, come and cure Uncle’s sickness.

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