Chapter 16.1 Uncle, it doesn’t taste good at all (1) (H)

The night was dark.

Voices of military training shouting out “One two three, one two three” would occasionally be heard from the playground outside. 

And in this warmly lit house, in the middle of the living room, you could hear two people’s breathing amidst the silence.

On the black sofa, you could see two people’s naked figures entangled together.

Lying atop the sofa was a lean and strong honey colored body. His skin showed a healthy bronze color, his muscles bulged, brimming with strength.

And atop him was a slim and delicate body. The girl’s skin was bright and clean, her butt was quite round, and her body was as white as pearl, it was extremely alluring.

At this moment, the girl was laying on the man’s body, her tender cheeks was just across the man’s extremely spirited crotch. Her little dark red lips slightly parted, sipping the smooth and round glans of the meat stick.

The little hole in the glans secreted a transparent liquid and rubbed off on the girl’s lips along with the motions of her tongue. It looked translucent and glossy, very much lascivious.

The girl’s white buttocks were held by two big hands. The slender waist sunk down flexibly further along with the strength pressed by the big hands as her voluptuous butt stuck up, her privates exposed in front of the man’s heroic face.

The man was like gluttonous beast. He lapped up her secret place, his rough tongue going from front to back, from the surface to the deep end, stirring up and slurping the girl’s honeypot, like he was sampling a rare delicacy, smacking his lips and delighting in the taste.

“Hmmm…Uhhh… Ahnnnn…..”

Chu Jiao’s waist turned soft. The wet itch on her lower half caused her to get distracted. Her mouth’s movements became a bit sluggish and only contained the member inside. She couldn’t suppress the saliva inside her mouth as she lost her senses getting licked by the man.

Saliva soaked his manhood. Chu Minshen could feel his own cock being neglected and and his big palm landed on Chu Jiao’s meaty smooth butt with a “pa” sound. His lips left the girl’s privates for a bit as he blew onto it, saying.

“Jiao Jiao…focus…..and properly lick uncle’s big cock…”

Chu Jiao was stimulated by that breath of air that she tightened her hole, clamping on Chu Minshen’s tall nose. Chu Minshen held the girl’s labia in his mouth and gently pulled on it in a punishing way.


Chu Jiao didn’t dare to stimulate the man further. She struggled to concentrate while panting and  opened her throat up, wanting to take in further Chu Minshen’s big object.

However, how could Chu Minshen’s nearly 20cm long thick stick be that easy to accommodate. She widened her mouth and felt the gland pressing against her throat yet she realized that she had only taken in half of his member.

The male sex’s strong musky scent filled her mouth. His humongous meat stick was forced into a small mouth, leaving no place for her tongue to settle. She struggled to breathe on one side and continuously swallowed the secreted saliva. The throat’s squirm was coincidentally rubbing against the glans that was penetrating deeper in. Chu Minshen couldn’t control himself and started moving his robust waist, thrusting into the girl’s mouth.

“Hahh…. Hahh…. Jiao Jiao.. you little hussy….”

Chu Minshen’s waist used strength as his hands pressed against the soft and smooth butt, continuously kneading it with his hands. His lower body continued to move in upward motions in deep and shallow thrusts.

The huge dragon underneath him was completely awakened and pumped into the little girl’s mouth over and over again. Soft and warm walls gripped the huge dragon’s sturdy body, causing Chu Minshen to be deeply intoxicated. 

Chu Jiao was forced to endure the assault of his big member. She obediently spared no effort in parting her lips wider to better allow a smooth entrance and exit for his big dragon.

“Ngghhh…Mmmm..Hahh…” Along with Chu Minshen’s deep ramming, her throat emitted bits of shattering moans.

Again and again.

Chu Minshen kept moving like this without knowing exhaustion.

He didn’t want to think about anything at all. He didn’t want to care about human morals nor did he want to care about age and generation.

He just wanted to be a normal man and shoot his love fluid into the girl he loved the most.


He let out a low growl and shot the rich essence into Chu Jiao’s mouth.

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