Chapter 15.2 Uncle, I want to eat your big meat stick (2) (H)

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This time, he buried even deeper. The big tongue tickled the tender lips of the little flower and grinded against her nub in interchanging gentle and heavy motions, before making a big suction, drinking up the flower juices flowing out of her flower hole. Dribbling sounds were heard as they soaked his entire lips and tongue.

“It’s so sweet…”

Chu Minshen murmured while being buried between her legs.

Chu Jiao didn’t know she had such a lewd constitution. It was only just being licked yet her entire lower half had flooded. More-Moreover, she was being eaten by someone!

She blushed and tried her best to ignore the wet itch she felt below. She thought that she was too incompetent at her own mission. It was obviously her who should be absorbing the male lead’s body fluids, why was the opposite happening now? 

This couldn’t continue. She-She needed to take initiative.

Chu Jiao struggled to prop her weak body up and push away the shaggy head below her aside. “Uncle….”

“Uhm…Hah…. Get up… Ah.. Get up first…Nnn…”

In the end, her stirring cause Chu Minshen’s tongue to delve in deeper making her unable to hold in a loud moan.

Chu Minshen had always acceded to Chu Jiao’s every plea. He raised his head and constrained his lust to ask.

“What do you want to do, Jiao Jiao… Hmm?”

“Uncle is eating Jiao Jiao’s little sister, Jiao Jia… mhmmm Jiao Jiao also wants to eat.. Wants to eat Uncle’s big meat stick… I haven’t… I haven’t absorbed uncle’s antidote yet.”

The little lady was still harping about the random setting of antidote in the film, making Chu Minshen’s self-control taut.

She bent her body, her hands holding onto Chu Minshen’s legs. In between them, a valiantly spirited manhood stood erected. 

“Uncle even lied to Jiao Jiao saying this is a “little brother… when the tv obviously called this a big meat stick….”

Chu Jiao completely didn’t know how stimulating it was for a guy to hear the words ‘big meat stick’ come out of her little mouth.

“Then help uncle take off his pants. My big meat stick hurts from being restrained right now…” 

Chu Minshen panted heavily. He didn’t help himself and just guided her patiently.

Chu Jiao did as he instructed and reached her hands out.

When Chu Minshen was in deep slumber a while ago, she had already secretly undid his pants. At this moment, Chu Minshen’s rock hard member was standing straight towards the sky, pulling back the seams of his black underwear to their limit.. 

Chu Jiao originally wanted to stuff his rod back in his brief and then take his underwear off. But when both hands touched the spirited object, and tried to bend it back inside, she couldn’t do so because he was too hard. She held it again after it swayed back in place and felt helpless when she heard Chu Minshen suck in a cold breath.

Oops, she wouldn’t have hurt Uncle right?

She hurriedly blew on it just like she did when she was younger. “I’m sorry, big meat stick. I hurt you. Fuuuu~ Fuuuu, blowing on it will make the pain fly away~”

She worriedly knit her brows, simply not daring to press on it again. It was so hard and so thick, what would she do if she broke it.

Chu Minshen looked at Chu Jiao’s innocent worried face. His cock threatening to burst at any moment.

But he held it in. He saw Chu Jiao slowly use both hands to pull on the brief’s elastic band and slowly pull them down.

“Uncle, please raise your butt~”

Chu Minshen was sitting on the sofa at this moment. His brief was naturally obstructed by his buttocks.

He did as he was told and let the little lady’s hands smoothly bring down his underwear, streaking across his waist.

His member was still stuck in-between the opening of his underwear so Chu Jiao had to use one hand to push the member out of the clothing that wrapped it.

The rubbing of the cloth and flesh had hardened the rod a bit more. In the end, she was finally able to remove his underwear.

Chu Jiao had yet to heave a sigh of relief when the next second, she felt herself being carried and spun around 180 degrees.

The quilt that she had covered Chu Minshen with before had already slid off earlier due to the two people’s movement and she seemed to have replaced the position of the quilt. Her entire person covered Chu Minshen who laid on his back. 

But it wasn’t face to face. Instead, it was face to feet. It was a complete 69 position.

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