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  • Chapter 149 [Father-In-Law Story 25] I didn’t feed you full (HH)

    T/N: Another extra chapter dedicated to Vyvy P. for her ko-fi. Thank you for your kind support \(^O^)/

    The male essence that had been safely stored inside his body for a long time was fully stuffed into Chu Jiao’s mouth. 

    Shen Zhen was so immersed in the pleasure of his ej*culation that by the time he laid his eyes back on Chu Jiao, it was already too late to stop her when she had swallowed the white murky liquid encased in her mouth.

    “Why didn’t you spit it out?” His thumb quickly wiped away the turbid liquid leaking out of the corner of the girl’s mouth, only to feel that his desire, which had just recently calmed down, had begun to rear its carnal head again.

    “I was thirsty~” Chu Jiao said naturally as she slowly stuck her small tongue out to lick her lips, appearing seductive and making the man’s blood boil. “There’s no tea here, so I could only make do with what was available.” 

    Shen Zhen’s throat bobbed slightly, feeling himself become thirsty as well. 

    He swiftly took out a pot of tea from the side cabinet, poured some into his cup, and drank it completely.

    Shen Zhen quickly leaned down, lifting Chu Jiao’s dainty chin with his free hand and exchanging a deep kiss with her in one fell swoop.

    His big and lively tongue gently pried open the girl’s slightly closed lips. The flowery fragrance of the morning tea rapidly mixed with musk that pervaded their mouths. Chu Jiao only felt that it was like any ordinary and warm morning where she was enjoying the loving embrace of her beau.

    Chu Jiao was passionately kissed until she had completely lost her senses. The tip of the man’s tongue swirled gently on the upper cavity of her mouth, creating an itching sensation. She finally hooked around the misbehaving tongue inside her mouth and suddenly remembered that back in the previous worlds, she had also been kissed like this.

    But before she could even think about it more carefully, her attention was taken away by the man’s actions, rendering her unable to focus on the familiar kiss at the moment.

    Shen Zhen raised his powerful arm, easily picking her up at once and lifting the complicated skirt with the other hand, reaching for the inside.

    Chu Jiao’s delicate flower core was already a little moist at the moment, so Shen Zhen extended two rough fingers to gently rub on the girl’s sensitive flower lips.

    “Jiao’er, let’s use another mouth.” He said huskily.

    At this moment, Chu Jiao was propped on top of the man’s shoulders while her soft lips were still pressing against his lips. She lightly bit the corner of the man’s lower lip with her canine, playfully responding, “Someone’s driving outside~” And this man didn’t even feel an ounce of shame.

    Shen Zhen chuckled and hoarsely said, “Then let’s speak softly…”

    After saying his piece, without even giving Chu Jiao a chance to refuse, he quickly aimed his rejuvenated giant towards her wet cave and slowly laid Chu Jiao down on the cushioned seats.


    Chu Jiao promptly lowered her voice. Her sensitive flower cave that had been left untouched for a long time bit tightly on the front end of the c*ck just as it entered. This straightforward method caused Chu Jiao to clench her cave, yet she was unable to do anything about the pressure of gravity forcing herself down.  

    “………… It’s too big…….” She hung atop of Shen Zhen. Her buttocks uncomfortably raised as though she wanted to evade the malevolent giant. But the more she ate him, the deeper she went. “I’m..I’m going to be torn…ahhh….ahhh…” 

    Shen Zhen was finally once again wrapped in warmth and firmness as his whole body exuded satisfaction and bliss.

    Although their carriage was driving on the official road, it was still a gravel road, and so the differing sizes of stones on the path drove the carriage to sway and vibrate constantly.

    Shen Zhen simply loosened his hold of the girl’s waist, causing Chu Jiao to land heavily on top of him. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhnnn…”

    The great meat stick plunged straight into the deepest depths of the girl’s flower cave. Chu Jiao was even pierced to the point where she had lost her voice, “It…It’s too’s poking on my uterus…”

    The carriage shook incessantly, conveniently eliminating the need for Shen Zhen to actually move. The c*ck he had easily buried inside the girl’s body would shift slightly from every jolt of the carriage, roughly grinding inside the girl’s tight passage and bringing an unceasing stimulation to both parties. 

    “Does it feel good to be f*cked by Father-In-Law?” Shen Zhen forcefully grabbed the swaying round br*ast in front of him, ruthlessly kneading it into different shapes while he whispered obscenities into Chu Jiao’s ear, “My dear daughter-in-law, why are you so tight?…Did your husband not feed you until you are full?”

    Chu Jiao slumped at Shen Zhen’s side. Her upper body bore howling wind and torrential rain as she gradually started to adapt to being the one on top and even started to rock her honey-filled derriere to find the most enjoyable position. 

    “En… I met a father-in-law, who lusted after his own daughter-in-law… Ahhh… so my husband….is about to be replaced….”

    “…When father-in-law was busy all day long…ennn..who was this servant going to look for….to fill me ahh.”’

    “Heh, looks like it was all this lord’s fault…” Shen Zhen was fond of Chu Jiao’s cheeky little appearance and pushed upwards while his mouth continued to speak, “Then, this lord will work harder in the future…to feed our little Jiao Jiao until she’s full….” 

    “Ah…” Chu Jiao’s perky br*asts kept shaking up and down from the man’s movements, and Shen Zhen kept rocking til his mouth became parched, so he naughtily placed a jade bunny into his mouth and sucked on it hard.

    “Ahnnn…Don’t…Don’t suck…”

    The man’s teeth gently nipped the pure milk bud and the feeling of being sucked coming from her bosoms caused Chu Jiao’s body to turn numb. 

    “Ssp…” Shen Zhen continued to suck and play for a long time, causing the girl’s snowy-white tender br*asts to turn to a shade of blushing red and turning swollen before he released them with some regret. “If only Jiao’er had some milk…it would definitely…taste very sweet…”

    Chu Jiao firmly clutched the unscrupulous man and replied, “I haven’t even given birth to a baby… ah… where… where would the milk come from…”

    “Then…” Shen Zhen heavily pounded upwards, “Then…you can birth one for this lord……”

    “Uhnnnnn …… “Chu Jiao let out a fool’s smile, saying, “If I truly…mmhh…give birth to one… What should I call you then?” 

    Did she still have to call him lord? Or…?

    Shen Zhen had also reacted.

    He pretended to ruthlessly bite the girl’s neck, “Hmph, naturally you’d have to call me your ‘Lord!’” 

    “From today onwards, this lord is your husband, understood!?”

    Little Theater: (Assuming that the Little Treasure Chu was born)

    Chu Jiao: Father-In-Law~

    Shen Zhen: En, my baby girl.

    Little Treasure Chu: Daddy~

    Shen Zhen: Go and play at the side, don’t disturb Daddy and Mommy!

    T/N: LMAO. Shen Zhen doesn’t let his guard down even around his own children.

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