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  • Chapter 148 [Father-In-Law’s Story 24] Suck it (H)

    T/N: Extra chapter dedicated to Vyvy P. for ko-fi. Thank you for your kind support \(^O^)/

    At this very moment, Chu Jiao was lying on Shen Zhen’s lap.

    The man’s hands quickly slipped under her thin ruqun and teasingly went in circles around her smooth back. 

    “Hehe.” In front of Chu Jiao proudly stood an erect tent. “Your desire is showing.” 

    “This is something I just can’t help,” Shen Zhen justified, “Once it saw you, it couldn’t hold back from getting excited.” 

    Amidst his jesting words, as though it wanted to prove something to her, his thing immediately stood more erect than before, standing proudly right in front of Chu Jiao’s eyes. Her eyes and his member separated by just a piece of cloth. 

    “Oh?“ By this time, Chu Jiao was finally out of that suffocating house from the capital, and as such, was a bit more spirited. Naturally, her attitude towards Shen Zhen had also changed. With her seductive big dark eyes, she slowly lifted a hand and playfully poked the bulging thing in front of her. “Couldn’t hold back what?”

    “Couldn’t hold back wanting to f**k your cute little mouth.”

    ”Couldn’t hold back….from wanting you to kiss it.”

    Chu Jiao’s lips hooked up into a sultry smile but she didn’t believe this man’s false sincerity.

    She took her time as she lowered her head, her thick lashes partially covering her lids as her cherry red lips lightly touched the man’s crotch that kept expanding hastily.

    And just as she gave a light peck on the mount, her lips left just as quickly.

    “I kissed it, is it enough?”

    Chu Jiao guiltlessly blinked, looking especially innocent under his gaze. 

    Of course it wasn’t!

    Shen Zhen hated that he couldn’t simply press this alluring girl underneath him and ruthlessly f**k her because of their environmental constraints. Moreover, he couldn’t bear to use unneeded force on the little girl, so he could only go about it slowly.

    “Cough, touch it again.”

    He gently rubbed the girl’s nape, cooing at her.

    She knew it!

    Chu Jiao simply drew her head closer and used her little hand to slightly hold ‘that’ place.

    “It’s still daylight you know~” Chu Jiao teased him, “Father-In-Law, please learn some restraint~”

    “No,” Shen Zhen’s big palm suddenly covered Chu Jiao’s hand as his fingers easily crossed through the seams of her fingers.

    “‘It’ can’t be restrained. ‘It’ only wants to act wantonly towards you.”

    Chu Jiao’s heart quivered. The man’s deep yet frank words were so familiar and so moving, just like the genuine confessions she had received in the previous worlds.

    The big palm on her back was like a guide. Exerting a little force, it swiftly brought her soft hand down to hold the thick meat stick that could barely be concealed and started to move it up and down.

    Chu Jiao didn’t even need to think twice about how to move in this situation because the man had already found the most comfortable way of having her grasp his big member. The instant pleasure brought by the two hands was much better than one, but after rubbing a few strokes, Shen Zhen was not satisfied using this method any longer.

    His voice became hoarse, “Jiao’er, suck it…”

    Chu Jiao had gained a newfound understanding of a certain man’s shamelessness of winning an inch and wanting a foot. 

    But, she was certainly not an unreasonable person. Moreover, she was also a bit… thirsty.

    The inside of the carriage was a little dark.

    Rays of light outside the window timidly leaked inside from time to time, intermittently shifting their sights from bright to dim and carrying the daybreak’s distinctive dense moisture. 

    Chu Jiao nimbly undid the man’s obscene trousers with her elbow propped against the bedding. Her silky hair draped down little by little and her head wedged perfectly between the man’s thick legs. Her smooth and round fingertips streaked across the meat pillar that revealed its bulging blue veins. Hearing the man’s heavy breaths echo inside the carriage, Chu Jiao parted her cherry lips slightly before proceeding to contain Shen Zhen’s imposing c**k.

    Her warm oral cavity wrapped around the massive gl*ns. Chu Jiao’s tongue pressed down on her jaw as she was merely able to swallow it in, sucking the meat stick even further down her throat.

    “Oh…” The soft oral cavity walls elicited a sigh of satisfaction out of Shen Zhen. He gently combed his fingers into the young girl’s dark beautiful hair and covered her head, allowing the young girl to bury her head much much deeper.

    “So tight…Oh…Jiao’er….Open your mouth a bit more…”

    Chu Jiao’s little tongue mischievously swirled around the shaft as her head skillfully bobbed up and down. The little mouth sealed the c*ck so airtight that the immense pleasure and stimulation brought about by the friction was something that was unprecedented for Shen Zhen. 

    He could no longer afford to show gentle restraint, exerting a little more strength in his palm and energetically thrusting his body upwards. His gl*ns deeply penetrated into a tight and narrow place that appeared to have no end.

    Chu Jiao felt suffocated as she failed to breathe properly. The man’s gl*ns went so deep into her throat, she couldn’t help but swallow, the constant squirm of her throat causing the meat stick in her mouth to swell bigger. She simply had no way of containing everything inside, only using her little hand to hold the base of the root and rubbing it while the front half of it occupied her mouth.

    Shen Zhen couldn’t hold back his desire from spurting out as the iron gates of his essence slammed open. Before he could even take his little brother out of the young girl’s mouth, s*men abruptly spewed out from Chu Jiao’s gentle sucking, shooting straight into the girl’s throat and mouth. 

    Little author’s note:

    I realized that if my plot isn’t the one getting cliffhangers, it’s the meat getting cliffhangers…

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    4th and 5th world Completed
    6th world Ongoing

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