Chapter 143 [Father-In-Law’s Story 19] This Lord Only Wants You

Shen Zhen’s figure was handsome. Even though it has already been several years since he had gained independence, it didn’t leave a single trace on his attractive features. He casually sat beside Chu Jiao and together, they appeared like a match made in heaven. If it weren’t for the court gown he was wearing, Chu Dahai would’ve thought he was his brother-in-law!

“L-Lord Shen?” Chu Dahai anxiously probed, immediately standing up and cupping his hands in respect. “This young man is called Chu Dahai, I have met your lordship before!”

“We’ve already become family,” On the surface, Shen Zhen remained polite, but behind this facade, his hidden actions were telling another story. His hands that were covered by his wide sleeves were holding Chu Jiao’s soft hands, squeezing her knuckles and delicately fiddling with them. “There’s no need to stand on guard.”

Chu Jiao wanted to take her hand away, but the man’s grip was too strong. She shot him a side glare, warning him not to be too brazen, but all she received in response was a vexing smirk from Shen Zhen.

What are you trying to flirt for!

Chu Jiao rolled her eyes, completely shattering her elegant demeanor of a virtuous lady. She just couldn’t be bothered about him anymore.

It felt as though she had already gotten a grasp of this man’s true character and to sum it all up, he was someone who liked to take advantage of other people’s weaknesses.

“Lord Shen, just now, what this young man just said was actually…” Chu Dahai felt a little embarrassed. Anyone who had heard what someone was saying behind one’s back would naturally feel humiliated. Not to mention, it was all because he had a favor he wanted to ask from him.

“It is no problem.” Shen Zhen smiled softly. “Since nephew is Jiao’er’s elder brother, as long as Shen has the ability to help, I will naturally do so to the best of my abilities.”

Shen Zhen had been working in the officialdom for more than ten years. He had already gotten used to this and had learned how to remain unruffled towards anyone who had said anything about him.

What’s more, the convenient emergence of Chu Dahai made him have a breakthrough in executing the plans he originally had second thoughts on.

“Good nephew is a talented man.” Shen Zhen nonchalantly stroked Chu Jiao’s hand and playfully asked, “Tell me. Which department do you have your eye on?”

Chu Jiao always felt that Shen Zhen harbored evil intentions under his facade, but on the other hand, she also didn’t have a good impression of Chu Dahai. Coupled with the requirements of her mission, she didn’t bother interrupting Shen Zhen’s inquiry.

Chu Dahai was ecstatic because of Shen Zhen’s affable attitude and simply didn’t expect any traps from his actions, excitedly replying, “This young man only wants to be loyal to the country and serve the emperor regardless of what official position he obtains!!”

“Great! Shen really appreciates young and talented men like you!”

Chu Jiao silently watched as Chu Dahai became duped by Shen Zhen’s flattering words, her eyes only revealing a look of sympathy.

This foolish child. She reckoned he would still be busy counting his money even after Shen Zhen had betrayed him.

In the end, Chu Dahai left with a wide smile on his face.

Shen Zhen generously gave him an official position as a magistrate of the eighth rank in the capital county and instructed him to take office in a few days.

Seeing that there was no one left in the front hall, Chu Jiao finally pulled her hand away.

“Lord Shen is such a good schemer,” she said icily. “Since you gave this servant’s brother an official position as promised, our agreement is already a done deal.”

Chu Jiao abruptly stood up and planned to leave.

Shen Zhen simply followed suit and stood up, quickly seizing Chu Jiao’s delicate wrist.

“The previous deal is over, but…”

Inwardly saying sorry to Chu Dahai, who was in the dark about their marital affairs, Shen Zhen faced the fierce girl who looked strong on the outside but was weak on the inside, wanting to say something but hesitated.

The plan this time was too great that even he, himself, was not spared from its dire consequences.

Although everything was still under control, he was unsure of whether the outcome would go as he had expected.

It was precisely because of this reason that he did not want to involve the girl.

But it was impossible.

Chu Jiao was now married into the Shen Family and as such, the rise and fall of Shen’s family would surely affect her no matter what.

He was afraid of hurting her, and at the same time, he was also afraid that she would come to hate him.

Shen Zhen never imagined that there would come a day when his heart would be touched by a mere woman. However, harsh reality presented itself as such. He had unexpectedly fallen in love first and the target of his affections was his “daughter-in-law”.

Meeting Chu Dahai gave him another plan.

Although it may be a bit hard at first, he could still completely sever Chu Jiao’s ties with the Shen Family.

Of course.

This new plot could also very well change his current relationship with the girl.

Which was also the goal he wanted to achieve the most.

How could Chu Jiao know the man’s complicated plans and distant thoughts? Right now, she could only know for sure that Shen Zhen’s actions all had a reason behind them, but Shen Zhen remained quiet. Moreover, with her current identity, it wasn’t within proper decorum to ask, so she figured it was better to wait and see how these events unfolded.

“Why isn’t Father letting go of this daughter-in-law’s hand?”

She quickly tried to break free of his solid hold but was instead pulled by the man, causing her whole person to land onto the man’s robust chest.


Shen Zhen whispered in her ear with a low voice.

Because this Lord doesn’t want to make a deal anymore.

This Lord only wants you.

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