Chapter 141 [Father-In-Law’s Story 17] Idiot, I was referring to you (H)

Unable to hold himself back any longer, Shen Zhen abruptly picked the girl up and quickly strode to the bed.

Chu Jiao’s clothes were already in a disarray, so while Shen Zhen was walking forward, he ripped the torn ruqun off and threw the remaining pieces to the ground. 

Putting the practically naked girl on the rarely used study couch, Shen Zhen covered her body with his, only to remember that his clothes were still neatly intact. Seeing that Chu Jiao was leaning close to him and giving him a coquettish look, he bobbed his throat and hoarsely said, “Unrobe this Lord.”

His thick fingers inserted in her small hole had yet to be retracted, so Chu Jiao’s mind was currently fixated on her lower body. Hearing his direct order, she could only fumble around the man’s sash indiscriminately. After half-heartedly trying to tug on it for a long while, she finally managed to pull his robe off with much effort.

“Tsk.” Shen Zhen slowly lowered his head and playfully bit on the young girl’s thin fingers. “Why are you so stupid?”

Chu Jiao tightened her lower hole in revenge, gripping the man’s fingers firmly inside her body. “Who are you referring to?”

Shen Zhen replied impulsively, “Little fool, I’m referring to you…”

But, he instantly changed his expression and smirked, burying himself in between the girl’s slender neck and dainty shoulders, “He…hehe…you…”

“Such a temperamental character…” His mind was brimming with such indulgence that he, himself, did not notice what Chu Jiao had just said. 

Chu Jiao cleared her throat loudly, her hands delving inside the man’s open collar and igniting a raging fire everywhere she touched.

“Father-in-law~ Shen Zhen~ Third Young Lord~”

“You can ask this Servant to call you anything you want~ But…”

She seductively wrapped her arms around the man, much like a water snake, and softly whispered in his ear, “By then, you have to hurry up….you keep being indecisive, could you possibly be…”

Possibly be what?

Shen Zhen unhappily gritted his teeth.

This bold little girl. He still remembered how he carelessly bore his desires the last time. He was nothing but reckless, yet she remained cheeky, even daring to make up this bogus accusation.

Pulling his fingers out, a few strands of crystal-clear mucus slowly stretched out from her moist cave.

“Want this Lord to be quicker?”

He held his already malevolent giant in his hand and teasingly pressed it against the entrance of the girl’s honey cave.

“This Lord will satisfy you.”

After he finished talking, he lifted his thick root and inserted it into her hole. The head smoothly separated the two lumps of meat, passing slowly through the tight and dark tunnel. The friction between the crowned groove and the tender meat walls brought inexplicable pleasure to both of them. Shen Zhen panted heavily, thoroughly burying his member into the deepest parts of her flower cave.

“Was this little minx starving?” Shen Zhen began to rock his lower body.

“Besides this Lord, who else can completely satisfy you, eh?” He held the girl’s slender waist and looked at her peachy-pink face. And once again, the yearning of having this little girl bear his intense desires rose forth from his stone-cold heart, “What about your husband? Or the person in your heart?”

He couldn’t restrain the green-eyed monster within him and for the first time in his life, he was unwilling to accept the fact that they were like the poem, ‘When you were born, I had already turned old’1This is a reverse use of the poem‘君生我未生,我生君已老’ Translated, it means: ‘When you were born, I had yet to be born. By the time I was born, you had already turned old.’ A summary of what this poem means according to Baidu is that ‘When you were talking about love, I was still naive. By the time I was learned, you had already left me. I hated that I couldn’t learn about love the same time as you did, I wanted to be by your side every day and rely on each other every passing day.’ This poem was written by a female poet who was in love with a man much older than she was. .

Chu Jiao relaxed herself a bit to adapt to the man’s thick length, but when she suddenly heard his last statement, she felt a little funny and a little odd.

What ‘person in her heart’?

Shen Zhen saw that the girl was distracted and immediately assumed that she was still thinking of another man amidst their heated moment. As a result, he exerted more force in his palms placed on her waist. The muscles of his thighs tightened, and the impact of his pounding increased sharply. “Since you want to serve this Lord, then you better give me all your attention!!”

“Hmm…ahhhh…” Chu Jiao quickly grabbed the silk quilt underneath her and withstood the man’s vigorous thrusting, “Shen Zhen…you…”

“Ah… gentler…father…Third Young Lord…slower…”

“Tell me what you really want…You wanted me to go quicker earlier, but now you want me to go slower.” Although Shen Zhen’s mouth kept spitting out words of rebuke, his lower body still slowed down, following the little girl’s request. Instead of just wildly ramming into her, he began to carefully grind the sensitive parts of her warm inner walls. Listening to the girl’s muddled and delicate moaning, he leaned down to kiss the smooth and attractive skin in front of him.

Even though Shen Zhen had slowed down, his endurance and explosive power were still hidden in his body brimming with desire. He tossed and turned Chu Jiao, again and again, eating her cleanly. In the end, Chu Jiao was done to the point of exhaustion and had fallen into a deep slumber.

Shen Zhen propped himself up and slowly traced his fingertips over the delicate features of the girl’s face.

Seeing Chu Jiao’s peacefully sleeping countenance, Shen Zhen couldn’t help but pinch her nose.

“You should be thankful that this Lord is nice to you, hmph.”

Shen Zhen: You are not allowed to think about others!

Chu Jiao: ??? Shen Zhen… You… (You’re not sick, are you? What kind of nonsense are you stuffing your head with every day!?)

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