Chapter 140 [Father-In-Law’s Story 16] Call my name (H)

Chu Jiao was casually sitting on the man’s thigh at this moment and could feel the rock-hard object slyly pressing against the side of her leg.

She suddenly felt a sweltering heat and twisted her body accordingly, but this slight movement only made a certain someone’s muscles turn taut underneath her.

Her other hand was still holding onto a small bowl, the smoothie inside nearly turning into iced water on this hot summer night. Before Chu Jiao could even put the bowl down, her voluptuous figure was easily picked up by the man and changed to another position. They were now sitting face-to-face.

But without realizing it, the bowl’s cool liquid was already trickling down onto her body.

“Ah!” Feeling the chilliness pierce her skin, Chu Jiao instinctively hammered her fist on the man’s solid chest, “Can’t you be a little bit more careful!”

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She looked down at her moist clothing and pouted in frustration, “This is the most fashionable ice-silk forging this year. It wasn’t easy to snatch a bolt of this…” And it was carelessly ruined by a scoundrel like you.

Shen Zhen stared at the thin soaked fabric that looked almost transparent. His eyes quickly turned dark and his voice became husky.

“It’s alright…”

He lowered his head and fervently suckled the girl’s wet and tender br**st. With an ambiguous tone, he added, “I’ll buy you a better one next time…”

After that, Shen Zhen acted as though he had magically turned into a wild beast. Separated by the mere delicate ice-silk, he hungrily gnawed at the young girl’s neck, accentuated collarbone, and flaky chest. After fumbling around and finally removing the complicated hezi, the full sight of the young girl’s alluring bunnies directly entered his view.

The two bright red milk beads stood erect, stimulated by the chilly water that had splashed onto her and clinging tightly onto the thin upper jacket. He forcefully buried his head deep into her chest to devour as much of her tit into his mouth, while his big hand traveled down further south, wanting to caress the satiny skin he had long coveted for.

There were so many irksome layers under the ruqun that even after undoing them for a long time, Shen Zhen was still unable to find the entrance to heaven. In addition to that, the girl had inconveniently sat on top of him. Growing impatient, he simply put his firm hands on her clothes and ripped through it straight away, and just like this, the ice-silk, which was worth a thousand pieces of gold, was torn into worthless shreds. 

“Ah…Shen Zhen…You…” Chu Jiao bore the itch on her chest. Hearing the sound of cloth tearing, she ruthlessly pinched the man’s ears. You rascal. Do you even know how much silver she had spent on these rare pieces of clothing!

Shen Zhen’s eyes flickered due to the girl’s outcry.

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“Baby…what did you call me?” His lewd hand finally reached into the girl’s lower body without a hitch and as he slowly unraveled her wet lower undergarments, he quietly asked, “Can you repeat that again?”

Chu Jiao refused, “Father, your servant called out wrongly~”

Shen Zhen’s fingers smoothly crossed through the dense bushes and eventually arrived at the spring garden he had craved for so long.

He pressed two fingers softly on her sensitive mussels in a teasing manner, interchanging in sudden light and heavy pressures, akin to a child who found a novel toy, playing with it intently and curiously exploring its features.

As the insatiable itch traveled from the bottom to the top, Chu Jiao could not help but moan loudly.

“You didn’t call out wrongly…” Shen Zhen slowly inserted his fingers, “Jiao’er, call my name…” The man’s order carried intolerance yet gentleness.

“Mmmnn…” Chu Jiao involuntarily bit her plump lips and endured the itch that billowed from her little hole, “Shen…Shen Zhen…”

Little theater:

Shen Zhen: Didn’t Emperor ask this servant what he wanted as a reward a few days ago?

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Emperor: En, didn’t Qing1Qing is a term used by the emperor to refer to his subjects say that you didn’t need anything. You claimed that doing things for Zhen2Zhen is a term only the emperor uses to refer to himself. and striving to your utmost capabilities until the day you die is enough for you, right?

Shen Zhen: Cough, this servant merely wishes for something of little value.

Emperor: Say it then, it is rare to see something Qing has to ask for.

Shen Zhen: Before when Xixia paid their tribute, there were several pieces of fabric in their offerings. I heard that Empress Rong made a Hundred Fold Moonlight Skirt3 that possesses multiple bright colors, just like the magnificence of the illuminating moon. This servant….also wants to curry for a bolt. 

Emperor: Oh? For your wife?

Shen Zhen: No…

Emperor: Alright. You don’t need to explain. Zhen understands. Conferred!

Shen Zhen: (silently swallows a mouth of blood) Thank you, Your Majesty.

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