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  • Chapter 138 [Father-In-Law’s Story 14] Business Deal

    Chu Jiao was shocked when she heard this and quickly looked up, “Father, please behave yourself!”

    Shen Zhen, at this moment, no longer maintained his usual serious and upright demeanor. Instead, he smirked and drawled, “Behave?”

    “Did this Lord word it incorrectly?”

    The finger slightly dipped in medicine slowly streaked across Chu Jiao’s chest and finally reached the girl’s half-exposed crisp bosom. “This right here…” As he spoke, his finger deviously slid further down and through the thin gauze, the sticky paste seemed to have glued it to the girl’s naked skin, lightly sweeping across the girl’s slender waist and belly, “Here…” And finally stopping on her shapely rear.

    “Which parts have this Lord not laid eyes on yet, hm?”

    A smile nearly broke out on Chu Jiao’s face from the man’s outright shamelessness, but she kept in her amusement and lifted her head to look at him directly. “Father must have known that what happened back then was just a single instance of a misunderstanding. Why did Father feel the need to mention it again?”

    “Misunderstanding?” Shen Zhen’s body tensed as his arms pressed harder. “In your eyes, that was just a misunderstanding?”

    Recalling the conversation he had heard between his son and his servant girl, his eyes darkened slightly.

    After digging around, he had gotten to know how Chu Jiao came to marry into the Shen family. He also knew that her marriage to Shen Zhongxing was not one that complied with her original wishes but was an event that originated from Zhu shi’s scheming and her older brother’s devious plans.

    When Shen Zhen learned this, he rejoiced at the fact that two parties were against this marriage, but for some odd reason, he did not know why he cared about this woman so much.

    But truthfully, in Shen Zhen’s heart, he already regarded their wonderful night together as his own wedding ceremony rather than a simple misunderstanding.

    “If not a misunderstanding, what else could it be?”

    Chu Jiao sheepishly lowered her eyes and didn’t look at the man’s handsome countenance any longer. “Father, I think it’s better if we pay more attention to propriety.”

    Chu Jiao hadn’t only refused to take the initiative this time but even considered the other side’s situation.

    Shen Zhen was undeniably planning to bring the Shen family down to ruins. If their affairs were to be discovered during this time, it would certainly deal a huge blow to Shen Zhen’s plans and by extension, would even affect his career. As such, Chu Jiao thought that it would be better to keep her distance for the time being and only execute her plans of seduction once the Shen family fell.

    But Shen Zhen was ignorant of Chu Jiao’s good intentions.

    As he stared wide-eyed at Chu Jiao, it felt as though he had a terrible knot in his heart that couldn’t be undone. Thinking that the woman in front of him did not want to have the slightest involvement with him and even going so far as to avoid him as though he was a heinous person, it evoked Shen Zhen’s unbearable memories of his childhood.

    “Don’t play with him, he was born from a concubine!”

    “You also want to be a young master? You’re just a slave!”

    “With your background, you still want to achieve meritorious service? What a joke!”

    With all the alienation from his peers and the indifference he received from his family members, Shen Zhen always thought that he had never cared for these, but in truth, all these experiences felt as if he had a prickly fishbone stuck in his throat.

    From the start, he planned every step of the way and finally reached the highest position that everyone coveted, but in the end, he was still all alone.

    And now, even she wanted to draw a clear line between them. He wouldn’t allow it!

    Wearing a serious expression, Shen Zhen took a step forward and stuck close to Chu Jiao’s body.

    “Pay attention to propriety?”

    “Isn’t it a bit too late to pretend to be a chaste woman at this point?” The anger in his chest made his words incoherent. Shen Zhen forcefully parted the girl’s legs with his knees as his body squeezed between her legs, strongly pressing against the table, “Why not serve this Lord well,” He leaned towards the girl’s neck and huskily whispered in her ear, “Perhaps this Lord would be willing to consider your elder brother’s official position…..”

    Chu Jiao looked up abruptly, glaring at the man.


    This man was too temperamental. She had no idea where his wild imagination had run off to. Did he think that she deliberately offered her body to him for the sake of Chu Dahai’s future? And was now even proposing this ridiculous business deal?


    Chu Jiao smiled in anger.

    Alright, he wants to make a deal?

    She’ll take him up on his offer then.

    However, she wanted to see who’ll be the one sustaining the losses in the end.

    Her slender wrist moved away from the tabletop and slowly hooked around the man’s neck.

    “My Lord…how do you want Jiao Jiao… to serve you?”

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