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  • Chapter 135 [Father-In-Law’s Story 11] Underestimate her

    Chu Jiao inconspicuously arrived at the kitchen, and at the same time, another group of people slowly walked over from not too far away.

    Chu Jiao revealed a small smile, politely greeting the few people.

    Within the room, the few kitchen maids were still engrossed in their little card games, their mouths still spilling juicy gossip.

    “Hey, you said that the little maid went back to tell on us, will the third mistress scold us then?”

    “What are you afraid of? It’s not as if you don’t know anything about these three households. If the Old Matriarch is not happy, even if they’re unhappy with the situation, they need to bear with it. Who knows, our actions may even be able to soothe the Old Matriarch’s heart.” 

    “That’s right. The word ‘filial piety’ is bigger than the sky! Even if the third young lord is an official, he was still born a bastard. Don’t mention that the third mistress is coming, even if the third young lord himself came here, as long as we complain in front of the Old Matriarch, we’ll be alright!”

    “Hehe you old hag, you sure have a cunning scheme there.”

    “Oh? You’re going to complain in front of me? Complain about what?

    With an expression as deep as water, Zhu shi elegantly stepped into the kitchen. Her usual amiable appearance was nowhere to be found. Instead, it was replaced with fierceness, her gaze as sharp as knives.

    “O-O-Old Matriarch?”

    “Old Matriarch, please forgive me! This slave, this slave had been insolent and w-was only speaking rubbish! Asking Old Matriarch for mercy!” 

    Several kitchen ladies quickly scrambled to their knees, kowtowing profusely and feeling extremely frantic.

    “Sigh, I don’t know what to say.” Chu Jiao tenderly held Zhu shi’s hand and spoke with a regretful tone, “At first, I was going to say that my maid is inexperienced and ignorant for ruining the second madame’s meal. I’ll even personally cook something in the kitchen to make amends for her mistake and make some special snacks from the Northwest for grandmother in passing.”

    “You deceitful lowly servants.” She scolded indirectly. “Are you not slandering the Old Matriarch for being unkind and unjust!”

    “Old Matriarch is so benevolent and considerate towards the younger generation. But in your eyes, is she someone who would only value sons of first wives rather than sons of concubines and would dare disrespect officials of the imperial court!?? Is this not an attempt to destroy our Shen Family’s hundred-year-old reputation! You should clearly know your crimes!”

    “Thi-this slave knows her crimes! This slave knows her crimes!” Interlocking their palms to their forehead, they continued to cry out desperately, tears of fear constantly flowing down their faces.

    “Drag them off and sell them away!” Zhu shi sharply instructed the housekeeper at the side and promptly turned around, holding Chu Jiao’s hands with a forced smile. “Granddaughter-in-law ah, Grandmother is truly ashamed for letting you see such an insolent scene.”

    “Du shi, what kind of household are you managing here!?” Unable to explain herself nor vent her anger at the ‘good-hearted’ Chu Jiao, Zhu shi could only cast her unrestrained fury at the first madame standing at the side.

    Du shi suffered unspeakable and bitter torment. Even though she wielded the power of the house on the surface, the housekeepers and maids were all Old Matriarch Zhu’s people. Furthermore, she was merely in charge of arranging miscellaneous work, so how could she have any authority over them?

    “It’s fine, she’s a part of our family. Let’s just forget about this trivial matter and let the servants handle it.”

    Chu Jiao ‘compassionately’ persuaded the riled up matriarch, “The weather today is great. Grandmother should head to the garden first and enjoy the smell of the fragrant flowers. Once this granddaughter-in-law has finished making the snacks, you must taste it properly! Although Northwest is far away, they have a lot of delicious delicacies.” 

    “Hahaha, alright alright. Grandmother will be waiting then!”

    On the small hidden path behind the kitchen, a young lord and a servant stood not too far away.

    “Heh, little rascal.” 

    “Third Young Lord, why did you stop?” The servant Fu Lai stood beside Shen Zhen, puzzled by his lord’s actions.

    Shen Zhen smiled from amusement before turning around and heading back.

    “I thought someone needed my help, but I underestimated her.”

    “Ah? Third Young Lord, what did you say?”

    Fu Lai didn’t understand why his young lord came here in such a hurry and simply stood there for a long while but left without doing anything. 

    “Fu Lai, look at this lord’s appearance, does it look old?”

    Once Shen Zhen arrived in his study, he repeatedly touched his chin in front of the mirror as if observing every nook and cranny of his face and asked the servant all of a sudden.

    “How could that be! Third Young Lord, you are as graceful as Yu Shu and equally accomplished and distinguished. The ladies of Harmony Spring Courtyard think about you all day and night, dreaming of the day you’ll accompany…them. Aren’t you already surrounded by thousands of beauties!?”

    Fu Lai was particularly sincere.

    “Tsk. Then why didn’t that girl not spare a single glance at this lord?”

    “Ah? Young Lord, who are you referring to?”

    “No one!”

    Shen Zhen: This lord’s charm had failed!? Very good little girl, you successfully attracted the attention of this lord!

    Chu Jiao: I’m afraid I’ve encountered a drama king 🙂

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