Chapter 130 [Father-in-law’s Story 6] I can’t bear it anymore (H)

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Wedding night?

Hearing this, Chu Jiao couldn’t help but break into a chuckle, her tears of pain quickly turning into tears of laughter. 

Looks like the one who was misunderstanding the current situation wasn’t her, but a certain father.

At this moment, the physical pain was replaced by the abrupt amusement that came into the situation.

She couldn’t help but look forward to seeing the man’s expression the moment he learned the truth.

If he knew that the person he had slept with was not his wife, but his daughter-in-law, what kind of expression would her father-in-law make?  

Ahhhhhh, she was looking forward to seeing it.

Having gradually calmed down from the pain, with a sliver of revenge in her heart, Chu Jiao did not correct the man’s misunderstanding. Instead, she leaned forward and hooked her arms around the man’s neck. “Really——”

“But… I don’t …feel the slightest bit good at all right now….”

She twisted her body, the tears in her eyes threatening to fall over, making her appear pitiful yet lovely at the same time.

With half of his little brother stuck in the middle of the passage motionlessly, Shen Zhen’s anger nearly burst out from all of Chu Jiao’s twisting around. However, seeing her appearance underneath him, his desires surged forth again, but he couldn’t simply enjoy himself without feeling any qualms…

Recalling the erotic pictures he had accidentally seen earlier, he simply turned the girl around and asked her to kneel on the bed, positioning the slender waist against his own crotch while his two palms kneaded the two full bosoms with a steady strength. His lips trailed from the girl’s neck down her spine, planting small kisses along the way and leaving behind a string of wet marks. 

The appeasing touches gradually elicited something out of Chu Jiao as she raised her head and started moaning.

“Ummm..ahhhh…” The itch on her back reached the end of her tailbone, causing her to clamp her little hole tightly, biting on the stiff big object still sitting inside her passage. 

Shen Zhen sucked in a cold breath and couldn’t help but grind his teeth against the girl’s shoulder blades.

“Little girl, you are almost going to nip your husband’s treasure off…”

Chu Jiao turned her head to the side and gave him a vague smile.


She twisted her slender and supple waist, teasing him ever so slightly, “Then… why is ‘husband’s’ treasure… penetrating Jiao Jiao’s tummy…” 

The girl’s ignorant use of obscenity caused Shen Zhen to move forward subconsciously. As he started to move his waist slowly, he patiently explained, “Not penetrating the stomach…”

“But… penetrating your sl*tty hole…”

“Huff… It’s really tight…” He patted Chu Jiao’s buttocks, “Relax a bit, baby…”

“Properly feel… Your husband’s big c*ck…”

This was also the first time for Shen Zhen to act so unrestrained in bed. The pleasure that his body felt, allowed him to easily tear off his usual serious facade. He grabbed a hold of the girl’s slim waist and began to pump from shallow to deep ends.

Chu Jiao’s elbows were propped up on the bed, her fingers strongly clutching the bright red quilt. Her body swayed back and forth, causing the bed to produce creaking sounds…

“Enn.. ahhhnnn… ‘husband’…slower…your c*ck is so big…my sl*tty hole can’t bear it anymore…”

“Little Sl*t…..” Shen Zhen felt that this little girl was naturally made for him. Otherwise, how could her every word light a powerful fire within him? If he didn’t have any matters to take care of tonight, she surely wouldn’t be able to get out of bed the next morning!

“I’ll forgive you once, just for tonight…”

He speeded up the pace of his thrusting, “The next time…I’ll let you know how powerful your husband is!”

Chu Jiao laid on the bed exhaustedly as Shen Zhen once again redressed her in her nightgown.

He glanced at his wounded arm where the ribbon bound on it had already turned crooked and stretched his arm in front of Chu Jiao in a good mood.

“Tie it again.”

Chu Jiao glared at him fiercely. This man… Give him an inch and he’ll want a mile1Greed knows no bounds..

In Shen Zhen’s eyes, the little girl’s appearance was indeed young, but even when she viciously glared at him, she still looked adorable and seductive in his eyes.

He couldn’t help but bury his mouth deep to take in her bright red lips, kissing and biting them as if punishing them, “Stop seducing me again, this daddy still has things to do!”

Chu Jiao was simply rendered speechless by this man’s overactive imagination. She propped herself up in resignation and retied the ribbon lazily. With her chest half-exposed, the man started to rear its head again from seeing this beautiful sight, but he still held himself back and pinched the girl’s face before turning away and leaving quietly.

Chu Jiao laid for a while with her back sore from the exercise, and before the sun had even risen, she got up and started to clean up the mess.

A storm was about to come, so she needed to tidy things up.

On the other side, Shen Zhen rushed towards the place that had the heaviest defense in the entire capital.

Presenting his pass located on his waist, he breezily went through the layers of guards and stood respectfully in front of a person, reporting the capture reports for the last few days.

“En, zhen2Only one person uses the word ‘zhen’ in Ancient China which also means ‘we’ and he is the emperor. understands.”

The man on the couch had an imposing air to him as he nodded to digest the message brought by his most important and trusted aide and minister.

He sharply glanced at the wound on Shen Zhen’s arm and at the weird-looking bandage wrapped around it, raising a curious brow.

Before the emperor could even ask, Shen Zhen lifted his hand, flaunting it like a peacock who showed off his tail. “It looks good right?”

The emperor said nothing and only rolled his eyes in response.

Shen Zhen: Looks good right? My wife tied it for me~

Emperor: Showoff. Let’s see how long you can show it off for.. Do you know what comes after making a public display of affection? Hehe~3Translator’s explanation: The emperor is referring to a common expression 秀恩愛分得快, which means ‘those who put on a public display of affection will soon break up’. It’s what people often say to those who put on cringey affectionate posts on the internet, as a joke. 

T/N: Love the cute dynamic between the Emperor and Shen Zhen XD

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