Chapter 13.2 Uncle, you’re poking me (2) (Slightly H)

“Mm!” Chu Jiao felt the member in her mouth swell again. She yelled secretly on the inside.

How could it become bigger!! It’s too thick! This-This is simply too unscientific!

“Jiao Jiao…what….are you doing?”

She heard a low, hoarse and deep man’s voice from above.

The male lead had finally awakened. She let out a breath of relief.

She was getting tired anyways.

Chu Jiao raised her head. When her lips left the meat stick, she evilly “carelessly” sucked the glans, making Chu Minshen’s big object unable to help but throb.

Chu Jiao stuck her tongue out, licking the corner of her lips.

“I’m eating medicine ah.”

She pointed to the television.

Inside, the female lead also raised her head and told the male lead. “Eating your semen can also detoxify the poison inside me. I don’t want to part with your big cock. Haha~ Wait til I restore my adulthood, by then, let’s slowly take our time to pay off our bills~”

After she finished, she once again buried her head, enveloping his member with her lips and taking everything in and bobbing her head up and down.

Chu Minshen finally knew where the problem laid.

Wretched little animals! Actually talking about pornos in schools, even letting his little flower hear this!

She even downloaded it without any knowledge! And even imitated it!

It could only be said that Uncle Chu’s imagination was amazing.

He wishfully thought that he had raised a naive little rose but he didn’t know that he actually raised a cunning little fox instead.

The little fox turned her eyes at this moment, continuously adding to the fire.

“Second Uncle. Jiao Jiao’s tired. Why isn’t your big cock shooting any medicine out?”

“Jiao Jiao also wants to quickly grow up. After I grow up, then I can marry second uncle and become his bride!”

After she finished, she bent her body again and strived her best to use her little mouth to contain the thick meat stick. She somewhat shakily copied the scene inside the TV, taking the whole thing in and bobbing her head up and down.

Chu Minshen stared at the little person before him, turmoil occurring endlessly inside him.

At the start, he just wanted to be a competent uncle.

But he didn’t know when the way he felt towards this little flower slowly started to degenerate.

Perhaps it was the first time she personally cooked him a table of food and adorably sat in front of the table, waiting for him to come home?

Or perhaps it was when he had gotten home really late and he saw her turning on the lights, holding the quilt, and welcoming him with sleepy eyes on the sofa?

Perhaps it was when she hid herself inside the quilt because she didn’t want to wake up and rushed to coquettishly give him a kiss?

The moment he had realized it, he couldn’t go back already.

Her smell had already filled every part of his life, wrapping him in an air-tight container.

Growing up to marry second uncle and become his bride?

Jiao Jiao, do you even know what a “bride” is?

Astonished by Chu Jiao’s naively immature yet genuine words, Chu Minshen was distracted for a moment as he couldn’t differentiate dreams from reality.

He reached out a hand and gently stroked the head before him.

His dick was about to burst. The moans the came from the TV overlapped with the sucking sounds under him. Chu Jiao’s slurping sounds were natural aphrodisiacs, they made him unable to restrain his own desire.

Let go of it.

And ruthlessly love her.

He heard the devil in his heart whisper in a low voice.

Little play:
Chu Minshen: Jiao Jiao, do you want to try uncle’s big lollipop?
Chu Jiao: I don’t want to.
Chu Minshen: Why? Uncle’s lollipop is really big and really sweet. If you don’t believe me, why don’t you give it a lick and see?
Chu Jiao: I don’t want to. Didn’t you restrict my diet?
Chu Minshen: … I really lifted a rock and crushed my own foot with it.

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