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  • Chapter 13.1 Uncle, you’re poking me (1) (Slightly H)

    “Uncle, what are you carrying in your pocket? It’s poking me.”

    Chu Minshen heard his little flower ask this.

    His spirited object was currently pressed against the little flower’s perky butt, twitchingly raising its head.

    He looked at the little flower’s curious blinking eyes as she struggled to get out of his arms and kneeled on the sofa, reaching her hands out to search his lower body.

    He raised the little flower to be naive of the affairs of the world. To avoid arousing suspicion, he had purposely avoided talking about general physiology knowledge. He was afraid that he was going to misfire while polishing his gun like he did when she was young.

    Besides, the school will teach them about it sooner or later on, he thought to himself as he gave up.

    At this time, the little flower had already pulled down the zippers of his pants and was looking through the inside, searching for the stick that was pressed against her butt. 

    “So it’s uncle’s little brother ah.”

    She blinked while reaching her hand out and poking the stiff straight member.

    “Wow, it’s so hard.”

    “Hehe, uncle’s little brother looks just like a big-sized lollipop.”

    Chu Minshen heard the little flower’s analogy and for some reason, his cock hardened even more.

    “Wahhh, it can even become bigger!”

    The little flower had a face of astonishment, both hands grabbing it. “I almost can’t hold it with both hands.”

    Chu Minshen thought he was about to go crazy.

    He was about to be driven mad by this innocent hussy.

    His eyes turned red and his voice became hoarse as he said. “Jiao Jiao, do you want to try tasting uncle’s big lollipop?”

    He heard the sound of his inner demon breaking out from the depths of his heart.

    This kind of lascivious words wouldn’t ever come out of his mouth if he was sober.

    But right now, he had blurted these words out.

    He saw the little flower raise her head and pull back the corners of her mouth to smile at him. “Alright. I’m gonna try this big lollipop and see what it tastes like!”

    Then he saw the little flower lower her head.

    Curly long hair swept naughtily across his lower abdomen, bring him a momentary shudder.

    He saw the little flower parting her tender lips. Her breathing sprayed on the top of his glans, coming closer and closer. 

    In the next moment.

    A turbulent pleasure assaulted his senses.

    “Ahhh, Zhou Jun, your big cock became hard.”

    In the TV, the film was still playing.

    The man on the hospital bed shut his eyes in shame.

    “It’s so big and thick.” The villain female lead used both hands to grip the member and slowly bent down, parting her deep peach lips and using them to wrap around it.

    “Mmm… Ah……”

    The man’s body was trapped in place. His lower body had been contained in such pleasure, he couldn’t think of anything else and moved his waist instinctively along her movements.

    Chu Minshen could feel his own cock being enveloped in a warm flesh feeling. In his dreams, the picture of Chu Jiao giving him oral sex was something that utterly defeated the self-control he had been proud of for many years and he could only move his waist along with his desires. 

    This is a dream. He told himself.

    This was an illusion, a delusion, a devil that was concealed in the depths of his mind.

    However, when the realistic warm feeling came from his lower half, it roused him gradually from his deep dreams.

    He opened his eyes and felt a genuine envelopment on his lower body. He looked straight at the TV, not daring to believe.

    He also didn’t dare to lower his head.

    On the TV, the female lead was crouching down beside the hospital bed, lowering her head taking in and out the huge member of the male lead. Her throat leaked the sloshing sounds of saliva and shattering moans.

    And under him, a little girl cutely leaned on the sofa, like licking a lollipop, she occasionally sucked his cock whole and occasionally licked it up and down.

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