Chapter 129 [Father-In-Law’s Story 5] Leaking Water So Quickly (H)

Chu Jiao was utterly shocked.

W-Why was this male lead so immoral?!

Could it be….that he liked taboo?

When Chu Jiao recalled that the original heroine was considered to be his daughter-in-law, her mental state nearly fell apart. 

While her mind traveled off somewhere, Shen Zhen’s hands had already smoothly taken off her lower undergarments, entering her deep secret area…


Chu Jiao instinctively tightened her legs but still couldn’t resist the man’s nimble fingers, her lower body undoubtedly feeling the man’s slender fingers.

“Heh… already leaking water…so quickly?”

Shen Zhen joined his two fingers slightly. He hadn’t explored the hidden passage yet and was currently making circles around the girl’s flower slits, unexpectedly feeling a sticky and wet sensation.

He also had his fun before and had even spent the night in a brothel, so whatever he should know and whatever he shouldn’t know, he was very clear about.

The girl’s waist was slim and her chest was soft; her flower was graceful and her body was this sensitive. With such a reputation, ecstasy nibbled on the bones, making her extremely rare to find.

“You…” Chu Jiao reluctantly bit her lip, staring at the familiar handsome face in front of her. She really couldn’t muster any anger. “Mmm… do you know… what you are doing?”

She asked once again.

Father-in-law, are you really that thirsty? So much so that you couldn’t even let go of your daughter-in-law?

At this moment, Shen Zhen completely misunderstood Chu Jiao’s meaning.

“Of course I know…” He slowly inserted his finger into the girl’s cave and said somewhat happily, “I’m consummating my marriage with my wife1BIG LMAO here because the word 媳婦兒 (Xi fu’er) can both mean wife AND daughter-in-law depending on the context, so while Shen Zhen means the word wife, Chu Jiao isn’t hearing it the same way, she’s hearing it as daughter-in-law., aren’t you?”

He was no longer the boy who was easily trampled on back then. Now, he was a fourth-grade high official who was both young and promising, carrying heavy responsibilities on his shoulders. He has to turn his hands to produce clouds and cover his hands to produce rain2翻手为云覆手为雨 Turn hands to produce clouds, cover hands to produce rain refers to a person who is fickle or shifty with his play in politics.. Even this dirty Shen Manor was soon going to disappear under his schemes. 

In recent years, Matriarch Zhu kept making small movements behind his back, and he treated them as though he hadn’t noticed. As if shoving a sickly first wife to him wasn’t enough, she even pushed a convenient son. Furthermore, without stopping there, she even used the same trick for the third time.

If he didn’t obediently go along with her, wouldn’t he be wasting her efforts?

Shen Zhen spread the girl’s legs apart.

Holding his massive root, he ruthlessly plunged into her delicate flower cave.

He’ll wholeheartedly accept…. this little wife.

If she was tactful, then they would become a good couple, who shared a mutual respect for one another. If she courted death, then he will send her to keep Matriarch Zhu company. Thinking this, he firmly grabbed the girl’s slim waist and started moving roughly.

His thick c*ck grinded inside her tight and narrow cave as Shen Zhen panted heavily, feeling the pleasure seep into his bones. But it was still the first time for Chu Jiao’s new body to experience lovemaking, and to have not felt such laceration for such a long time, she couldn’t help but miserably whimper.

“It hurts…wuuu…it hurts…”

Even though the man’s constant teasing had just made this sensitive body overflow with lascivious liquid, the unexplored passage still couldn’t bear to accept the man’s full girth and sudden motions. Chu Jiao struggled strongly, “Take it out wuuuu it hurts——take it out quick…..“

Shen Zhen had never truly experienced it in practice, but most of what he had seen in brothels were women enjoying the intercourse. The emperor also constantly told him that this was the most blissful feeling in the world and so, he thought that Chu Jiao was only pretending to refuse him. 

He smacked the girl’s bottom saying, “Tsk, can’t you behave a bit!” He didn’t like the type that played hard-to-get!

Chu Jiao stared at the man on top of her, completely stunned…

The face that was so gentle and sweet the day before suddenly became unfamiliar and impatient at this moment, making her feel a huge sense of remorse.


“You’re so mean to me…”

She didn’t know how she became so arrogant. Wasn’t it just a mission? Wouldn’t it be good enough to absorb body fluids? But the man who had this face in the last world, was docile and obedient to her, had now become so indifferent at this moment. Chu Jiao couldn’t help but feel aggrieved. 

“Wuu…it really hurts… You’re so mean to me…Wuu…”

Shen Zhen looked at the girl’s teary eyes and for some reason, tender distress immediately surged into his cold heart.

“Why…are you crying?”

He raised his hand, his thumb brushing under her pair of amber eyes, gently wiping away the tears that leaked out from the girl’s eyes.

The pair of eyes were bright and filled with life, carrying mixed feelings towards him, familiarity, attachment, and accusation. It was as if they had known each other for a long time, as though they had already been this intimate before.

No. This was clearly their first meeting.

While Shen Zhen kept denying this on the inside, he softly cupped the girl’s face and pressed his lips against hers.

“Sorry…I was too impulsive…”

He held her close, seeming to have returned to the moment of peace and quiet during his childhood when his mother was still by his side.

He continued to peck and kiss her gently until Chu Jiao’s sobs gradually came to a stop.

“However, little girl, don’t be afraid…okay?”

“This is the night of our marriage… Accept me… and I will make you…feel good…”

Shen Zhen: What? This is not my wife!? It’s my daughter-in-law! ? No…I don’t believe it. This must be a lie…

T/N: HAHAHAH Male Lead has already f*ked up in the beginning XD

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